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Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins

Feb 20, 2014|

Bruins goalie and goalie for the Finland Olympic team called in from Sochi Russia to talk about the big win over the Russians in the Quaterfinal round.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule -- WA AF dot. I got I LB out of anything I have been throughout the year because. We have a a very dramatic guest joining us right now. And and I'll tell you what we're we're gonna have to extend here a little bit later than -- -- normally because he's joining us from. From Sochi. Yeah hang that on up so I can pick up and speak with -- -- grass Kate who got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to have for yourself here -- off. This is more and more interesting to me clearly than the hockey is is the food itself he got the free McDonald's and free everything over there. Yeah they have that at best and good network -- -- For that you could get in the general also not a problem -- How is the and and now do you guys in the Olympic village are are you guys. Separated. Based on country. Yeah from every country in the house. And they were would doubt here. The what was the biggest worry that. -- -- Like that's. -- want the very end and that couple -- building up in the mountains or small little. It took -- LB have you had a chance to try and read the Canadian beer beer vending machine. And I learned about. Show your Olympic credential Nadia yeah you sure you're Canadian -- might -- -- -- your password you're Canadian passport and opens up bail out beer cooler for the Canadians. Remember it. Listen I'm here right now. And that's -- it. Unbelievable game yesterday a great job. Thank you want to. The -- What was it like afterwards those Russian guys in the united you know they've they've they had the way to their country on their shoulders I assume. Yeah and actually. The pressure on them acerbic she's watching the understated. Not so much money than the Olympics and the presser Obama and a lot of men that are pretty quiet we wouldn't want to. Let them and that's that's louder aren't too happy about women and so it will be a little worried about it and so -- -- -- -- -- here. 617 tests text that says. Tuukka Rask is thousands of miles away and it's on sounds better than authorities when he's on 93 north champ car. I'm still a big east now and I'm I'm not really I'm not kidding about this the you know Russia and that Communist nation and they did that -- did it make you nervous at all that you guys beat the Russian hockey team. And -- -- blog really you know course. Security here and then then bounce that we ever look at our web. Everybody let's let's let's put insert here at all and since then that's their war and let the bad -- -- let's say you beat Russia and let president isn't bad looking like Jen what suggesting that -- -- -- -- -- hate to go how how does he experienced -- because I had to -- male employee Olympics in. During the Olympics the report so we get back here is that you know they show the picture of people get trapped in their bathroom and hammer to break through the door people. Having toilets and it don't work there and all you know good kind of a bunch of propaganda does it bin. A great experience jurors have been -- trying experience. To stay prepared and be ready for every game. -- it's great I said the secretary Saint -- their reluctance. That they pictures. Which -- small change. That sure that they can I -- without any problems not by my teammates another -- let them than those. -- -- let SF would you grade and chat situation room who have bikes there wouldn't as well. -- -- that Olympic doesn't want to play it shouldn't really medical -- and ensure that the new. Negative but I guess and say that that's in Russia that's. Sometimes. While the thought process lies and mud on the sidewalk. This -- send. Americans that's sad -- -- and then I think it would lead by example. OK if we had to dump out of you if you're gonna -- could you do it and finish. -- -- -- We are certain. And they so let's -- and I'm I'm -- more pressure playing you're trying to get to the gold medal game. They're in the Stanley Cup finals. Same pressure boards. No all I know I don't think I don't think small -- process and the I should that different. Different situation. Overall you know you play -- -- -- I don't let them that this sort tournament and then there are welcomed on the one game. Saw we're just here in New York it's a different atmosphere -- -- though and so I would say. Anybody that Syria at least try in the lead to different wouldn't Russians Fatah forces you out on the night on the -- that just wouldn't insult. There are certain words. Are you are you -- have you gone to many here you can go to any other events. -- I extreme. We are seeing that US Russia did that there would based -- we can't get -- -- and engaged. Buy tickets -- trying to fight to get fired and saw -- we. Let's let it actually justice that's and that's brought some -- -- -- -- your -- -- -- wouldn't go to. From them and that it's extreme -- which they called what they absorb more than a year. It was amazing. Now are all all we ever hear is that you know there's a lot of hooking up going on in the Olympic villages that is that accurate is that accurate -- I say probably up there it -- about here. I just can't imagine a lot of other problems that they play somewhere I guess the question Purdue and I don't know I read some reporters that he ever give up there with the Edwards stepped out -- at all. And there are no no no free condoms for -- Yeah well and I'm. Very sad on the war path through will be -- -- and would be that it's like liberal but for the best. Yes I've got some guys that would be something to bring you bring you medal home and bring back some bring that back sometime knobs. And I -- -- and whoever did look at the sim body added to -- -- but so -- it. -- the guys. The guys that -- garage we got your back man I guess I want I can't wait malware were behind a 100% that would love to see in the gold medal game body. Thank you very much -- there -- Would be great would be great for you and great for the Bruins in game and great -- -- would be great but we don't we don't wanna drink some things did you. Take to get did you get a legit pillow or did you have a pillow that was taken from Russian person's home. Certain. Day they they forced to Russian people to give their pillows to the to the Olympic villages to -- Yeah. Yeah these are all but I -- and bottom. Well -- What about charge you make fun of his -- and the united easy it was really got like 55. Extra feet sticking out over the and of his -- the. Yeah I wouldn't say yeah. That's bedroom and that. It's just and then he just got a -- problem at the end of the -- -- -- and so title for the ball as well I think he'd -- -- hadn't walked. It also can tell that -- Well listen I appreciate you taking time and hours this morning really really like -- -- And maybe you'll we'll check in with the again Sumner. Toward towards the end of the week with them. -- -- to go right to god is man. It is to us from Sochi. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Just yet to be teammate to get did he get to teach it because they know and I can't protect some of ought to from -- parents and let them and disagree that the I acknowledge --