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LB's Award Winning Sports

Feb 20, 2014|

A lil recap on the latest from Sochi, spoilers on the Finland vs Russia hockey game, and the Sox are in Fort Myers on the Sports Minute.

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Not for nothing symbol 48 and -- Seahawks riding -- like a rented mule bracelet say enjoy the sports minute. It was laser show. The Sox -- their first full squad workouts today down. At jetBlue park in Fort Myers Sox northeastern Sox BC an exhibition to Mark -- -- twinkies from Minnesota Friday. 38 year old reliever Francisco Cordero agreed to a minor -- a gig with the Red Sox yesterday. Jonny Gomes -- their camp but his beard is not clean shaven well. Hold no woman no beard affect the 2014 the red sock sales not. Not really you know as far as -- you know really -- all the hard work you know going into it you know. They I mean I mean freedom beard yeah I mean an instant -- guy who you know and we're we're going to be all right. The beard being hit or throw out all year you know. I like the guys I hate I hate spring training reported because there's not. There is not going on -- thing going on and off till our -- 345. Exhibition games left in the exhibition season well -- exhibited some big Major League Baseball is here that's good news poppy just popped up a little -- yeah I guy I was trying to find out -- -- -- -- -- losing his mind on the media in the parking lot -- the other. And that basically said you know youths I wanna news I want you deal and I play well and you remind me -- -- my new deal isn't if it's just amazing to me yeah. How people do not like big poppy in the media world and LA -- some fans -- The guy. They they're Red -- never won a World Series -- what was -- 87 years 6086. Years -- since big poppy came to this team. How many they want. Three or if in his career he's basically single handedly. During those two World Series -- put the fourteen team on his background and played his balls off the team. How this has doubled in in profitability for the ownership. Heard from 600 million to one point four billion dollars in his ten year. And people don't think he's worth fifteen million dollars or record and how do you make part owner at my insistence that people are spoiled on this time. -- to Sox give big poppy whatever he wants. All -- yeah yes Paul what does it. That we don't want people they. Poppy that was about all your DH they. Would then publicity but the -- -- Money. It's -- that much more quality that it includes that what if he admitted it. Let's let's -- With training. And everything like that. Venture and it doesn't and -- you know why why why you wanna bench and what do you think that. And the dog Jim wooten out you get rid of them. -- it that at the -- the -- and I'm not I'm not up. I just it just it it's amazing to me that the Red Sox Nation is on their knees and just a beloved this guy I what you I think talk -- most people -- -- benching him trading animated since I carry homework today one -- do for a an organization nobody has more clutch hit -- boom. More won't lock box to win it doesn't matter pick the year -- to pick the year 04072009. And thirteen. The guy was he was larger than life okay let's go to Sochi and the Olympics David why he's won the first ever gold US. Half pipe skiing yesterday Vermont's Alex -- -- boulder Diebold. To call bronze in snowboard cross and kudos big time to McHale -- -- -- front the eighteen year old. Finished fifth just out of the out of the medals in the giant slalom not Bode Miller I think -- goes to damage our -- good luck to him there to block letters lauryn Williams only a Myers in USA one lead -- Through the two women Saudi event USA two is a half second back in. Load Jones or Julio Jones Shia and -- grandmother. Are sitting in now eleventh place so that experiment failing miserably quarterfinal hockey over associate US and checks to battle. -- USA network at noon today also at noon on MSNBC candidate takes arm up yep. The fins and rust he's get after it at 7:30 this morning on NBC SN. And -- American now for TJ -- pretty cool. I touch of a play for gold and giving it tweaked after that shoot out extravaganza Saturday from. None other than the president of the United States. I have been let it wander too much at all. Bird. Really trying to focus especially me I'm under the connecting with other -- on. We we come home even earlier we don't get that they've developed -- client hadn't even really got my phone yet -- rush right in Q and interviews so I actually don't know a lot of community here after the game I was shocked -- didn't really know exactly how to respond to a putt. -- -- -- special thing. Now for a pretty it's pretty amazing -- thirty dismissed the first -- Slovenia this morning early. Your medal count US and the Netherlands are tied atop the medal count packed morning. Well you know the president loves the US Olympic hockey team and now. Elects the Russians still search for a very veteran got very good like small. You know as anybody who plays outside a TJ good -- -- able -- collar tackle. -- when I just before uniting of the Celtics are in Phoenix tonight they get back after the second half tipoff is at 9 o'clock PM BA trade deadline. Is that tomorrow will be any change. -- host a host -- the squad is Rondo gone. I guess you -- regard to Sacramento -- would have brought a couple players some draft -- yourself. That's a wait and see NFL's gonna come by begins today in Indianapolis -- Daytona twenty here it's -- more Daytona 500 Sunday for race fans -- Like my -- Jack Edwards likes to say -- -- a Dali Lama sportsman. You know -- 545 when WA AF.