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Hill-Mail 2-19-14

Feb 19, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours, topics include Greg being old, and how LB relates to the 30 for 30 series.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. And on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk bears the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may not. 11 with your emergency so much water pollution can can -- -- Etiquette there. Character -- -- director of record at all. On WAA. All right today still mail messages presented by Cadillac of Norway at the dealership you deserve to visit them on route one. The auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood did dot com. To -- certain precincts he. There are happy you're in a picnic -- but there weren't tired and -- got deeper into the but someone net -- -- -- wondering. Wouldn't I wouldn't know what happened. And now -- Six and one of the islands and grace the elbow -- is a great trip 38 gauge your ordinary man all. Have some fun times listed on the donkey was it Mexico got to keep Greece whose brother John -- the donkey. I heard you tell that story could've sworn that Mexico now on camera that I've never been to Mexico but oh well I -- -- except -- T wanna now I mean I've never really gone on a vacation. When I was playing yeah -- do when I was player for the San Diego -- they're picking up to ought to reduce practice -- and only played like 78 games. In my. Six weeks are -- you actually. As well I had I was injured how to -- but I used to go to -- wanted to sports -- enter in Tokyo on game but you have memory with -- very beautiful young and took us what -- -- the government. The backpack there hello -- sell Coca-Cola was a great little spot training camp classic kid is just crazy you'll it was a gradual hotel -- only heavily maybe forty rooms hotel motel on -- -- at a sports book in the basement restaurant and -- -- there cock fight. A lot of cut prices on down to another just another reason why I am firmly convinced that LB is owed money. From Kenny powers. You know that's like a race clearly based on your life entirely content and 0:9. AM. Oh port -- weather road go to like it and -- track that storm telling. Yeah I think -- -- went -- -- take. A -- hit between Democrats aren't quite packed and gone. Why wouldn't you think when it went on report picked up describe what what I can only. -- portable hard and I don't want my children -- and put them you'll now -- port act quickly and not what I. -- -- Interconnected and -- the does the weather people are all saying they got Iran not north and -- there was more snow I -- think I think that that would have eight inches December or have they ever hit the -- yesterday heading into Boston and it was a complete many America two miles an hour. And MBG zero well I guess we misjudged this one. Not mean I like obviously be probably LH a man announced. An eight -- Eight at least yeah yeah we did -- in all suited to I didn't say hey you know proof positive just. No weatherman anymore just talk -- that's all you want us Jessica don't worry about it if you went AMD -- you don't need to get it Rachel rose from two people 128. He. Arrow graduate -- -- university. The volume venture out into that they'd comparable world. Please welcome my commandment. Speak who graduated magna now not a welcome. -- -- it's. Britain and -- it. -- noon that day. And reference to the clown shortage in amend our sponsors American -- you need to climb my buddy of Colin yeah it's good yeah I know everybody men and everybody anywhere in any turn -- I will every cabin. The other is a clown shortage no no young people would like to be clowns anymore. Because is not a lot of work. So when you're labeled a -- -- While I'm aiming even hit the previously and one on unfairly our yeah yeah it's -- their own. Diller the plans are lower deck which are decade 24 years old -- decline around. I at -- 8 AM. I didn't throw that in fact all markets and the parent. Interconnected. We're gonna grandchild said to be ready next year -- seven and only -- apple is what is is twenty here. I'm Michelle he will lie you'll created new shell intra yes. And yes I debuted mind this morning I was phenomenal it's pretty DC actually a little more elaborate the accolades rolling in. I'm glad I waited I mean no piece of art should. Be presented to the public until it's ready and I'm glad I waited until the -- -- -- was absolutely. Masterpiece like -- you say there should be more view and I've tried to find more of you the problem is were always talking over each other. I always like dirty comments in only calling Cairo -- and talked at the same time. -- Hello hello Greg. Gilbert what's happening. -- -- -- -- Go to our. In a cloned a call yesterday I mean I was pretty good kid grew eight Indian. I won't be out of bed with more complete break in Dayton between my mailbox -- all of -- car won't start the had that walk again that you know -- LB that -- it's going to be you could end up. And you're not rule out all of a little worried might united guy hit the -- just in that massive track traffic -- -- snowstorm -- -- four by four and a four wheel drive went south -- -- really was into real all the way all the way and yeah meant that -- -- -- second driver to be inclined which amusing to teach water skiing yeah. I could not -- you know navigate that I'm going to and then and then there was almost snowplow rich I took Danny's shocked to go get -- you can get. Salt in San from the town yeah Austin I pull in all a gigantic Karen Paulson trucks and -- of our guys don't I get out -- -- like -- Three -- buckets of sand and salt and they guys are all -- yeah. Ottawa and what do you know I. Well and yeah she have you know like hey listen dude I gonna get to work more -- -- my tires are new in my drive. The way tenors it's hard we we talked about yesterday and hey it's hard who did the eight storm in a row I have a little bit. I near I had to do your advice yesterday and count to ten and ten -- and breathe deep because that I drove home from here. And it was that traffic -- -- about -- it was ridiculous it was like two hours getting home. And then I get home tonight. But you know mrs. hill parks in the garage of an ethic that's actionable -- thing that -- That I I hear now heard that access to -- -- I don't think you have a choice -- -- so that I get up in life. Slide into the driveway and its fullest now on I'm ready to get out and I get. Call for parents and. -- car out of the drive white junior park some house. Apparently -- in American history get department Lawrence. Is it possible for me just poll but no. Sierra health problems we are part park and Maynard. Where you wanna -- wanna ensure that your car its claim. 21. Well how locker back. -- I played her. And that message that -- -- that -- supercollider in New York this is doing the kind of and Adams splitting singer dancing and a lot of scientists. Are saying that this could cause the end of the world but we're gonna how -- -- slug it out I mean it's in the name of science at zealots allowed. It's science like -- -- science. But it's -- so what is this thing going on is it like now is now it's happening. So it's a super collider up and New York yup and their own could splitting an atom or whatever not that they're doing. It's rapid fire particle acceleration expansion which hit the large had wrinkle utterance in Geneva in Switzerland works almost just like that was like that -- they rely on it take to get -- -- beyond that for the they've been in milliseconds that things. It's just like he hit the button and oh yeah. Like you in the -- milliseconds -- please carry out these church rectory period trying to. I don't doubt on meaning. Hamas some inner rapper a fluke didn't need them. It can't happen at all -- Packers are one popular radio show you relevant ignorant gold ball. And the ball back. And diplomats it's. Never seemed to -- if they're going to confidence anything around and hide from his sweaters no not grand now. And it wanna. Wanted being yells lady friends one time hooked up with -- about it and older and supported -- America. I -- just -- the body parts were a look told him it was disturbing now. All the balls that come up that come up with we were talking about Dallas action next you're talking about testicular early -- content wherever I ran to where. If you don't Wear underwear. Does your us grow it -- you're screwed them. Drop your -- -- -- -- or its crew of I don't like I don't reminded you know I'm kind of they're not really ambivalent they just don't care of him. But it. And a I mean sometimes you say that word and it just hangs there that's -- execute computer there's really. And it's around its -- -- -- for a good but the fact that you didn't do one and then. And the second 33 thirty is one you have to warn that -- won't. Did you talk about these long birdie there Edmund include an important. -- -- -- I'd be great for their own. Is that it would be so long. There's the Texas says Gregg who is parking in the other three parking bays at the and breaking bad and other crap in the other things you have a two car jurors. And needs the speaker wires but you do so much anywhere around I count on your way where was your reaction now to shock I got my tool bench and there yeah -- welding thing televised -- right now and he can move us. Sir I jigsaw and shouting yeah thanks a hot -- to circular saw the -- Bob Hope. Hope you're using your goggles half I get odd stuff out the other songs that -- Almost lost a bigger in the -- scenario -- -- -- there. Although I that was ugly cars move on my home improvement stuff trap him -- and -- other -- and -- and achieved shaped bands artists can keep them -- -- -- older. Hill Man Morning Show -- both Greg you know talking about overwhelm all all -- old rap group. So we're going to get hot spots already well I'm gonna crank the -- -- -- quite a little laughed when your way to the garage. Do you won't believe good -- Interconnected Moscow. Obscure reference Bosco was Georgia's ATM in in signs analyze this they'll make Bosco. I think we use and no they've it's probably been replaced at the ready made like Yahoo! -- what cities that -- out. I mean they still makes directs so that they do rallies they'd probably be my future kids on the list Oscar is going bust and in fact I've seen in a Wal-Mart and a clear and now that I look like some of your reference Charlie's Angels it was a Bosco in charge of the angels now that was done. A apologist. Should this and -- -- I bottling the bottle violently. But I thought -- possibly -- girls with Moscow while. Hey Bosco. Are going -- angels. It's been a Wal-Mart today I noticed that rush I knew I was trying to. Electronic huge issue out of his -- should respond to me last night but he doesn't let. Rush sold out there there when they're signs is that working man is in a Wal-Mart commercial which SI during the -- -- genius now. Seven crude -- we can't. -- it out. About -- what do. I couldn't put it -- and Owen didn't thought. Our money can't expect a couple. I don't apply it or all but when it. And the allied -- finger and I know capital -- and her group is now going to come to your home and try to collect. On your credit cards that you have. A bad idea work also -- the end and that that's in their agreement. So those who have the cards will sign in they'll be allowed to do it. We -- yes that that update they sent out that mailer that you shredded and throughout -- like -- don't need this and then to my agreement and Gatorade. For Tony fourteen -- them when you continue using your card that you authorize that young that's that's -- agreed to. Congratulations.