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First Date and Check Spilting

Feb 19, 2014|

Do you as a man pick up the check on the first date or do you go Dutch.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- And on your schedule. Today asked does -- good is for ladies out there. According to a new university study out of California. 4% of men are still paying for the first date and rightfully so unfair and why is that on -- you guys make more than -- beltway as my with a new -- to the Dutch and the first day. You -- and you can never pay for her use you assume that a man is gonna pay for the first -- every time back in the day I would do the old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I give you some money and I hate my aggressive line and score early and look away look away and it's not content and that we could read it for selfish reasons we paid for the if they're the first -- -- if you wanted to put out exactly what your credit -- exactly but it -- is so really so still three quarters of -- even in this. Economy again and even in that we you know what Lou please don't do men and women who are struggling men and women are out of work -- Even in an even -- our men are still expected to pay for the first day and why is that do you think that's. Now there are some women I bet there are some listening right now. And feel free to Colin and and share your opinion but on there are some women who don't want a guy to pay for the first thing I always love that if. My and a nice split everything I had a chance to -- you know what I work I earned my noting come I don't need nobody to provide for me -- -- -- in my own. Oh here's the tax that says that the -- offers to pay that means you've already been friend zone -- really you could call he'll have them right off the bat you bet. -- -- and many people to go with The Who invited whom the ill you know like all US and you shouldn't now that I enigmatic and you're asking. Hello again -- by the way did -- dream chips. Did dream checked divinity in the end of the relationship brand new EP and you stick together and she wants to pay your own way life is -- like Dario. -- -- -- -- They would subject without the -- -- yet. It's if we were ordered that Titanic yeah that's who gets in the right so that's about you say there are there every now and that. Now that mr. amount right. Are built on what happened with the Costa Concordia the captain that should jump in the forum reveal that gets a little lifeboat nice try now. It chivalry is now. -- -- On trip and or Bart he pays for the first date though she doesn't she's getting hit with tax nonsense that the president's you know -- oiler breaks charitable donations don't count on it. -- you today if you listen and they didn't know to any guy that you're blue collar guy like me it ends up on a date with a super rich CEO type -- yeah you pay for that first day -- she's impressed you your drivers -- Ferrari in standard Condo downtown Boston. The guy doesn't hold door few walking into a place. First sign that the -- gone -- really yup so if you if -- -- restaurant even if it's casual thing with a Buddy Guy opens the door and walks in first and then holds an open behind and see who. That's the big brown no huge out huge for you you really -- don't like you -- and they spoiled prince right he has solved untreatable healthier that Texas says look see none of these women. Are willing to call up and say that they pay that they would pay for the first state. Many believe listeners of female listeners of our so called open their you know they have no problem -- but I've -- first state. I think it's basically I've picks up I don't mind picking up the tab after that. I paid out of respect for the first year. Now whoever -- 617 -- now whoever has the idea. To go out. Case of -- and never coming up with the idea that -- -- -- relevant and -- -- -- really -- -- now yeah you're never gonna go out of -- if you're waiting for the ports and passed a temporary is going to be a lot of today is some room. -- one -- and never let me forget a meal. I'm sure I'm sure my phone's going off about 32 delay it while it would just rather than a minute edge and I took -- that eighty -- sushi dinner and I guess. I bet on it in -- go down and on March 15 in two days before they tragic staying back costing a lot more money insured to. Gotham along money's great outlet in middle. What is there a precedent that lake if you're a woman. And you wanna go. Dutch can still use the word dot -- We're going that's just split down the middle like if you wanna go to does that set a precedent that is bad because then you have to do that every single day is -- -- -- -- that's typically friends on. Like that are played out before like thumb -- on the credit card and I -- message I have no sexual feelings toward you whatsoever. Hello bill. It's up. To go out and pay for the rest because that's important the second day. I'm confident that I get expected days. Of that I shows. That shows confidence isn't. That comes across as a little arrogant though it's like -- if food UT notes that there are about you -- second. Some guys like. Snap off a quick one liners China. Impress some guys like to snap off a quick one before the Daytona last longer if you couldn't put it. No secret. That. Month now I'll always play. Whether out of the first days or any other day when there's this -- -- man. I pay half the bill for the whole bill always Diana that's a woman six months that she always insists on. Paying half or she will pay the whole. Bill. You know on special occasions on grabbed the waiter is it a problem to push the woman aside to get the door for her. But this is -- don't leave bruising liking Kansas and yes that's kinda missed hustle AC -- -- It lets -- the -- And I don't know I mean like I won but not I had. -- -- -- -- -- On the -- and I'm -- duty actually. And you know like I don't. Any obligation. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's the best one ever. Obviously. You have you have you wouldn't you never hear you you're saying you you've never had sex on a Thursday. And what I like having your I that they didn't okay. -- On it shall eat people and I know them anyway. And certainly don't get it and go out on it they let somebody. -- But you see is so. How -- by the way how did that guy go from friends own 22. Having sex on the first date with the -- Reading the UN. And apply only started dating. He was your confidant during the deploy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you're saying that you don't wanna have the obligation. Based on the guy paying to think that he might be getting locked. And then again what you afford to eat even and. Yeah. A why bother with the dinner that -- the guy. Just keep it there it is throughout Iraq rocked his world in the car on the way over -- It. Did make -- Tax -- as I have a feeling this a lame -- doesn't get to the third Dayton area. As a and that they don't. Actually. I'm very picky. I. I flat out and I don't like -- and a lot of all I want them what I know and the senate. And I want it but I I would at least I try. -- Oh I don't like to be near certainly that -- -- Aren't left right -- there's -- And a whole lot for. This incident just executive. Sounds like a tunnel work with a beating at the end. Our rights and. -- opera and at noon to one relationship with someone. Yeah it really matter very nugget that when you get an -- and the and I just grabbed the acts. Eight pages there was -- -- -- some naked photos albeit WA -- -- here's a tax cuts as I hit ZJ more than -- why not. I'll let you know I don't know how that's Skyler white -- that insufferable winch. All of a sudden turns up with those loan neck shirt I don't button downs instead betting he Ted gonna send three -- -- you're sick of this heated bathroom floor. Adds I'm grateful land she. Pretty much wanted to have had killed you know. Mr. dynamic he mr. dynamic key mr. -- ten I can't I can't turn off on the instant wealth -- everything embezzling from the company so discussing doing quite your job back. Get down there in two years posted sales the.