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Is it Fact or Schmact?

Feb 19, 2014|

LB ended his hot streak today and we discovered where Hawiian pizza originated, are there whales alive written before Moby Dick, and will lack of underwear cause your nuts to sag.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. If feel lord be interested. In playing. Facts should -- this morning call now. Omar will -- line you up to get you ready for faction Max today's prize. A pair of lift tickets for ragged mountain. And clearly. After yesterday. Skiing in the boarding. Past the be the best it's been out I would assume you're gonna get a Thomas now down more snow -- so called and called right now lined up. You over sizzling in the new buyers during facts show Max. On this morning's Hill Man Morning Show that number is 617931. There. One AA after 6179311. A happen and and speaking of skiing. Go to WA AF dot com and sign up for where WAS. Email. And then tomorrow we're gonna send you -- cheat sheet. That will tell you exactly when you can listen for your chance win free ski weekend. At smugglers not so that's WA AF dot com. And sign yourself up -- word WAA athletes. Hello Tom. -- Tom do you agree with this taxpayer. Who Fareed it's so hot when Danielle is speaking science. Just think that the and yes I do. -- It is so it's pitch. Mom where you where you're from. I well -- Wilmington. Forty well injured what do you do. It. You ready to play today are. I'll be ready or not I. Tom Hawaiian pizza. In all lined pizza out or get a grip. Was actually invented in Ontario. Canada in 1962. -- Exact. Or should -- got back okay. That's CI while you agree I'm not a great call by that guidance not not for not tonight I've been I've been loving Hawaiian pizza my -- well why anti -- mom she now Bush's. Much Jim's apartment judge listens and. I'm much of changes and that makes it like not really what like what I did get all of it makes admire it and makes it in my heart you point people are -- -- exact yeah I think it's massive in Canada that is absolutely. Correct I'm trying to -- the Hawaiian pizza created. In Canada I don't know comedians because there's such a thing it's Canadian pizza I guess if you put Canadian bacon. And a -- that's made in Canada yeah he definitely can I am you know outside pace Steve. What's going on -- -- you. We're excellent thank you where you from. Randall. -- are you employed. What what is it that you do come -- The ointment or working for the NBC news earlier. Writes. Steve. Coach Bo Jackson. Was a member of the 1988. US poor man bobsled team in Calgary. Factor smacked. She -- spirited in Connecticut yeah. And one of the biggest thing is that is that the our big -- Jackson was a pusher. It's effective is it issue math. -- never -- -- the odds. Nice job why it won't likely -- -- -- and are now. -- -- -- -- have been playing. Playing hockey at the time the Bo Jackson was playing football -- you bet he was in his -- must have been -- I mean athletes must have been on the leg blown away by what he was -- of course. The chorus that. Mean he's he's had his epic ever watched the thirty for thirty NN I have not a seldom -- -- excellence and imagine. I -- I ask you later anyway about this thirty for thirty because I had that. Because I was throwing up organs out of my body all week and they like my kidney and -- and everything mixed him up. Projectiles. I watch like every thirty for thirty that I had a there's one on one about Canada that's unbelievable that I have to ask you though later when we're not when we're not playing -- -- -- action and Max what well what it would have their opinion about for the form am bobsled that you thinking out there with that and an athlete in another sport who yes they picked up they picked him up to push now so I'm pretty in his heavily against fast somebody will somebody and they know data Herschel Walker. A tax assessor Herschel Walker yeah that's -- what's. Texas says they'll be racist if -- think it's getting Arrojo got -- but walker -- only Tutu ready to football running back we get -- Owens and it was shadow just. I don't know that Leo but she had a lot Alex hello Jerry had just. They don't James how are you but. I'm doing great I don't actually where you from. I would probably roadmap. And James there are way pols all -- that this moment. Who were born before Moby Dick was written in 1851. So packed that back to Porsche Mac. You about it. Libya back that that's. You -- elevate you know I and with all the guy the nuclear subs in and all -- nuclear waste it's floating around that there are there's no way a whale is alive since the beginning. The unarmed and James. Is -- god well he -- struggling today to you. And the Arabs and seeing how about some. I mean can you imagine. I mean I'm. LB and I talk all the time about whether or not you want to actually live to be eighty right can you imagine you've been alive since 1851. Know you're doing this woman around here you hear -- that didn't. When Chris seriously I didn't mean would you that would be like is today today that I could just know what I what I -- what -- -- bothers them or parallel lives that long is -- -- -- and find out what kind of -- was but there is an -- some believable whales that have been alive since eighteen. That's is almost as -- as Barbara Walters is the man. As a bit of -- smashing it around -- aloe -- What's happening. Not much. I get a tax Hillman jinx that will just died. I thought if you get hit by -- -- to Somali pirates last suit it. Yeah Cobb Joseph what do you bill. And gentle man who do not Wear underwear. Will have an average dropped. About half inch per year. There testicles and screwed up with the fact that portion Mac. I would say you think back medical fact -- -- There's there's I was a little uncomfortable back in the day -- terms like Tammy -- cracker Jack walked into the bathroom -- -- and Sharon. Do we Lauren Cheerios throw little -- -- -- a little leg a little shall we I mean Obama go fact that this map let god. I'll let you -- whereas. If I -- and this brings to mind it -- story of a friend of mine who I wanna say background like 2000. Hooked up with a Red Sox player Papa who at the time was married affect was an older guy now and had it the first girl likes oh what was that all about and she's like oh my god and he had such. Old ball in the city. Good -- out and out any any time after that I was an -- now and now. At any time after that -- is not aware that that claimed that aren't ready you have deadlines had Paulson. Girlfriends -- -- got sent like a but it wasn't it wasn't Johnny Pesky no not that I mean -- an adult I mean by a catapult compared it to the rest of the actives and active. Roster that is some unbelievable. MacDonald and hello Brian. Hey Brian. About well well well well. Well. Where you throw well. It. Will the average woman. Spends fourteen. How was and hours saw her life on her hair. Fact that -- -- large -- act. Or is. And I. -- don't assume that war. Yeah and ever -- never date a prima Donna I mean here. Other public publicly they spent twice that time swaggering. Up you make out there. I'm gonna go back to that is -- -- yeah mile. -- -- -- it has an 141000 hours they yell at your life easier as the reason I'm not a massive high maintenance chairperson but yeah I know friends it literally takes an hour and a half in the morning between that the round blush brush blow dried -- without -- -- -- -- And how little bit like it does NIC in my day drilling well. It's just wash and Wear today it's a mess and like I can't tell the difference between now and any other day I'm. How hot does it take that check a -- doing error. Yeah unless she's don't have baseball -- on them and doesn't it she still that's her hair even -- -- -- -- -- that chick has very complicated hair color who look at this tax. Good to know the type your friend that Daniel has the will gladly smashing married man and then they well I'll have a good laugh about. Israeli and. Don't have any friends there that it ever gotten in England a tiny little I don't know what happens when he fourteen you know you wanna hit the hot hot the hot young copy under the street Garnett can noting it I'm just saying so does about old -- not about the married -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- 60% of the marriages -- and before the first ten years in America. Me just because being held ran into Bernie carbo and I couldn't. Big improvements in herself my friend shared a married man and then we'll share a couple laughs here and a couple hours -- -- yes apparently did month it's obscure reference big daddy I'm old balls I don't and colorful thank god. It was either Jack Clark or Brian Dong -- tea shop -- Men and nobody could look this is fresh as a daisy heat load after a three day -- there. I am. I. The drawing up. At that 720 excuses LB has the -- yet -- -- 750. Pounds -- because my mom is a good cooked. That is something to believe it's coming up with 720. -- -- Big blow things from them and Rob Schneider is saying gays and many album as they can't followers.