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Former Senator Scott Brown

Feb 18, 2014|

The former Senator called in to talk about his latest guitar playing experience.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. I you know was on the phone you're talking earlier. About senator Scott Brown I was and about the is video. Men which she plays guitar over the weekend with -- Cheap -- yes at the lovely little Victoria -- I had mentioned that senator sent that to me. Last night. On because you know he's been working on his guitar playing abilities and he he actually called the show this morning are you in Washington does or you are. I am I just -- play. Listen. A lot of people think you're running for the senate New Hampshire I think you're trying to be like you know this sixth man in. In Cheap Trick or the or the fifth man and she -- what's what's what's going on. -- that's stretch actually. I mean he's not only did you play the guitar on surrender value attempted to -- which is pretty pretty balls. We'll let me attempt at saying c'mon you're -- video ever sang our you know like momma is on rye needs -- -- Taylor if possible it and he did a pretty good job that you're getting that job you're getting men who were. The other thing that would -- permitted. -- let me know that sent letters the first summit Everest woods played standing up you know when things and and thinking at the same time in this you know overdo it play in the -- And yeah -- wrecked in -- just like that there had -- in Atlanta look at me. They called Robin program at the plate of economic plan saying number I got my got some early in spring and would be yeah. Well there's the total goods a couple of times where he actually wanted to get on the Mikey you like now I that I'm it is -- I want and I got a dollar and I got -- Guys guys afloat -- the couple are noted that if you look at the video. Yeah yeah we're saying and play and you looked very much work starts to improperly. Are you ready assault and I don't know. And then that I thought I had a complete range free that I dislike like I'm. -- got used to put that up on the FaceBook fans sure it's it's it's it's pretty good. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm well more problem here some meeting -- gotten a military duty. Like four months left so it's. Two on my duty here at the Pentagon asserts that -- by my daughter's just picked me up and this year for a couple of days there was all that are you running in New Hampshire -- what. I'm not sure guys them -- -- they're really I have a lot of things I'm enjoying doing obviously playing Richie checked a lot of them yeah. And -- you know my mom and that's not me it's getting older so look. Mutual assistance on my sister and I -- figuring everything out. Let time that's gonna make that decision but right now I'm just I'm really enjoying myself doing a lot of fun things. That I never never dreamed that would be doing spell so good. And while I am I think you should run the -- running bed -- and trying to you know. Who wouldn't want more time it would. Thank you yeah I don't I don't think I'm betting that there timing is important you have to do what you feel is right -- them and right here don't you personal balance to make sure you still balance that's a pretty balanced the other night. I know you got a pretty good job and they're out there and he's very well they're right got -- CNN a guessing at the right time and play the and I mean that job well done by yourself. There they would let them that those guys are not normal under the -- -- legends are so what twenty million records in their lifetime yeah. They're still doing it but they're very very very nice -- Robin was there was this Stanley. Rick was there and Tom Peterson and amazing bass player and said that twelve string based. That he need to. And I think he's really had done an amazing job we're just so so good to be good good people -- just nice good people so he worked in -- and how to make eleven so. Not now that you played with Cheap Trick if you could play without any artist. Any artist. That is currently alive Hulu would that be. Well look to play -- yes I'm on the hot. Yeah. Yeah. Us. Yeah I've got to play -- -- them and I I get a pretty good relationship but those guys -- really got. You know western thing I'm working and -- I'm a little snippet at I don't know what you guys that I had downloaded the the entire Led Zeppelin set. Yeah you know every record they have and just the most -- -- that that there are those guys are amazing I'll one million why. In it I mean I forgot about appear if your gonna play were Jessica -- designed you're here. Facial paint scheme in your. Like Baja comment how I learned how -- notebooks. How -- the moves back. Clinton no -- comment but but I mean I would be epic -- -- what -- -- -- thought I would have to understand that I would have to come and and enjoy enjoy that -- -- boots and off that -- -- beyond that I -- opened the naval on my knowledge on the payroll and I. But a tough. OK let you guys know well. I would listen so thank you in that. I can get -- so thanks guys have a great victory rest so they. I think you can write they fans. And their senator Scott Brown student. The model.