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Feb 18, 2014|

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura called in from somewhere that is not the USA to talk about his new show.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule and WA AF dot. I'll tell you some issues with the US government. This man who joins us right now. Who is it is a pleasure to have -- as a frequent guest on this program even though his sons sometimes he comes directly out -- he joins us from a secret location in Mexico. Governor Jesse -- -- governor. They got as far as how do you go to Mexico how do you go to got to open a little note that the -- well. I -- IA. I was I was informed by ask somebody in the know that your somewhere in on the Baja peninsula. No not about just told about a thousand miles from the United States border are you are you ever come back. Sure okay what was the what I just I just figured you know have been telling people -- -- about fifteen do you smell. If they don't seem to want elusive about responding to from the perspective of the -- -- -- Yeah well I figured I'd try -- -- outside idea and this is I don't need jobs that I got and -- -- just. -- want tells me what I talked about a dot governed by the FC CB right and I have -- -- have total control it's wonderful and -- -- the government but -- didn't -- today. I'm now. Plus I mean if -- some people are nervous about traveling to Mexico if anybody can protect themselves into your Jesse. Well you know just couldn't -- a number of -- dangerous places of that trickle because of the -- around twelve to. And let's remember that people practice just split the gun control. And yet they still support he sponsored. Different people also brought murder mystery you don't you're worried because -- -- with the people broke out -- the bad guys didn't. But it all depends where you are -- -- will you bro our odd kind of laughed as well might some pub style book due to meet periodically. People have always told our troops will need to go to Mexico -- -- seventy syndicated. Every night you got helicopters and -- shots a little bit deliberate lawsuit also I don't SeaWorld what. What can mean more fatigued or Cuba it is not a mistake. Q now on the have you seen any drew -- you guys got a lot that you guys got locked down that Marshall where Ali god we're gonna start on that again. But I thought I'd say have you seen that the marathon is coming up by the way and the anniversary of it in the and the and the running -- -- here. So. -- we can discuss that the second NBC have you seen any drones -- following you down there. The bachelorette people who didn't rather the government may have been the only be distant solar power -- -- he had to our tax system written shot produced satellite so we changed locations. So while we got a pretty good idea of what little -- -- all of us are. Eat -- you sound a little paranoid. Gotta do what I've never Broadway -- guys so -- I -- to -- by a tree and short trip to a Russian what you don't want anything I want support. -- you. The EU we're getting some snow here today. -- I don't do what you think this the claims that the snow down south was the nano snow with the government nanos now. Well -- all the GDP growth did you do something even better. She brought up the fact that you don't want I want you discover that part up toward Alaska which can control lever our. Barks she -- it wasn't didn't understand that US and he's seeing him a bit slowly than. The table for the Super Bowl but obviously the -- and -- greens and six solidly didn't expect to balloons and you can get the blue sort of yeah. I remember growing ever thought about that's the government was controlling the weather so yeah it was good for the Super Bowl full of course this yeah. Don't sort of direction are not sort of been deployed but look at Upper Darby and I saw the board will -- high it is -- -- -- -- -- world yeah. Look at the -- Yeah they think they pick Seattle the -- Barbie got followed -- money all the money. Now have you that you we can talk about the marathon thing because last time we're on you're you're changing us over the fact that we are submitted to to martial law. Have you have you thought any further about whether the government was involved in that awful event here. What are I don't have studied and written informed opinion but what I didn't like there's a threat to pick up our -- task. Our arguments to reach of the US military to such absurd. I'd be disappointed fugitive case we -- -- -- to -- You just the FD and you got to look at at least that's what position erupts that's been workshop. Lott used good Russian military operating inside the problem well we know that. Because -- Dunlap and attached to do that the sensible. And seductively over the big screen media would report about it. The WS militarily it's totally -- do you understood -- of the -- why I just got to go -- that. Is that possible that the government gave Bob Costas the -- guy. I -- you know. Another -- what I spoke about an important catastrophe and we clearly a junior. I'm sorry sometimes that's what I -- Jesse I think if you were here. You would've felt differently you know a few bad you know. So he wouldn't talk if you're doing what we're told we that I will stick with the body held -- our -- immediately blocked out the second district Muqtada. They don't go right and got nothing in the constitution. It's just that the government and -- you do hole. But let's speak to play partial Laura. Right but there are some people. When there is terrorist running around. Who it is that had absolutely no problem. Blowing people up then and shooting police officers there are some people who appreciate the help you know some people who can. Well we felt that this sort -- going to be sensible ambitious US military for quite heard. We -- those problems before this wasn't something new deal. So -- all of a sudden you must -- -- tour -- let's get rid of civilian. Law enforcement just let the US military. Government forces out okay. Well I mean again I am I know. It's -- -- that since he's been our forefathers believed these little misguided. And decidedly big Obama didn't lead basis. -- the constitution the bill of rights are always a protection against government can't do government pilot aboard were supposed to be abolished. Now up a bit less -- ER. Jesse the new show is called off the grid. On broadcasting into occupied America from a secret location. And it's on not Tuesday's due Friday is that correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about it. I've got to ensure social week would you consider WW go to -- -- trucks off the mood -- -- to beat. Whatever might have been -- so despite -- -- job because. Are people spoke up underneath and I want to road I don't know she's you -- government program Heidi Echelon people -- without -- -- -- to. Oil and wall who who received the bid ability and billionaire guy this guy you run with that Carlos Slim. I don't -- that it. I talk about government the better decision wouldn't -- -- I think if you look good to deliver food to download. I easy he owns your show I think America multiply the power now. I don't worry about it aren't. -- whoever doesn't doesn't do what I do more slowly now and I just I was brigadier and it would be a billionaire guy I mean that's pretty cool. How. You know no he he's what is he like he's a Mexican billionaire who owns the what American mobile only owns the place where you won't get -- owns them and the network. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What that people -- his first ventured to the United States Bart. I think I just heard a deeper I think than NSA's listening the I think they're trying to. Yeah that's been together since Jordan without that keeps -- -- that we should -- I -- that was the NSA I think they're trying to pinpoint where you are not quite as you do you think he'd be on the phone for one more minute they're gonna have your location via GPS system. Yeah exactly that's OK got to look -- That's what I -- I'll ask -- -- -- how they'll feel good about keep proper regular people who depend actual people into our student had our eye off the grid have a CNN and. And and it's an absolute Lebanese conflict with some good for us down that area as is always. -- some food for thought.