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Hill-Mail 2-18-14

Feb 18, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the long weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each -- returned to talk. -- the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill -- up. But hey look at that and -- bing and out of balance -- -- -- -- did you know still has no. -- On WAA. Staff. Did you even you don't even think it was a good you don't think it's happening on holidays though I know it's not he won't do that yeah now though wasn't. Did you drop any hints during the dinner like you know. Well. -- -- -- it would be nice throw up my terrible life somehow. You know since I didn't I didn't Wear anything I -- on purpose without. That's innuendo wearing one thing about it presents -- -- opposed you know you know you know you got -- see -- -- did he got to go big go get a band up and they -- sun -- And can handle routine and then take the band got so it's just -- really wait where it should be hearing a. But quite literally need a white patch of skin when I have my voice claiming -- -- I thought. Elephants is not the and now I'm not -- Christmas and I heard Dana -- completely and playing around. -- an -- romantic dad here it's tough to surprise me in you know -- look reaper so I mean really really well now. Make it seems they can't just started dating but it's doing a -- a seven year -- -- spirit and her. Well you know and I'm Florida. On you don't wanna rush these kind of things -- is -- there -- an eleven -- -- Aaron the angry but I mean your product you're right though it probably is hard. By some thing like on by via surprise for you because you already examining like all. Financial records and now. The other tap on all phones and politicians significant drain on the planet that is so epic it's not like I wouldn't notice the our guys as well. Another down -- days -- for -- -- yes she is not upset about Nolan not love you -- she is. On today's still mail messages are brought to you. By Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. 7:20. AM. I ever -- they argue exit gotten through it. Great it there but if they bought I ordered our wallet no wilder comedy and yeah. Do it and it and then now yeah I'm sure later on they'll see the joggers in the bikers. We're out there. I don't care for its 1215 inches is not getting my running and got him around -- I -- my bike to work every day whether it's a blizzard are not stuck in the coffee shop I think it's real bad now wait. You mean the Starbucks improve them. Now be careful out there that's my only advice to you is we do we got a total -- matter light up and how I got a report from -- Springfield message a hold on we gotta get -- -- -- It's -- ride in Springfield mass. -- beautiful Springfield Massachusetts and is now snowing there. On its way here soon another three to six inches of the beautiful white stuff I mean look so beautiful out there doesn't it gorgeous all the mud and then. Sultan dirty snow belt -- -- -- really quiet. 1510 man. Now it's -- it's always the what the girl who really tells it like it is. Well -- can't beat the crap and the that. The unit as well and I had about these government. Who do not cross creek without notional. And the methods that. And into the golf techno like -- -- -- the it's no good pressure guy. Send me for a 16 PM. Under government the power is that there. A law. Don't -- -- as you'll well he did a great bill and good that you guys doing good -- And is take junk is taken off -- Tibet. I think is that if they can't successful it will present an idiot I -- successful in -- assertion that the if it can commit tax fraud it will commit tax drugs that's the that's that's that lend me 12:30. PM. Coming into the right -- Ali hate that girl. They're back they're probably without -- patriot all of. -- and connected off. Not exactly -- -- governor and the husband and now many girls usually -- she might have a baby -- Yeah I just checked in January to the father and Vietnam and now he's probably fights with the father's current girlfriend and I. Iraqis are based on gas. That a baby daddy is around for some odd reason she's probably assaulting him does that grow like this now word is that -- hate the snow. Patrick she likes to dress up for the policy -- -- -- senator is served -- people are not -- -- let me remind you when -- she'd -- like soaking -- and acolytes to go to to real expensive ski hills and sit by the fire but never security -- a lobster remind you that she still drinks Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee in the middle of winter in the middle of which -- why wouldn't India that -- does this is -- she does try and inland and then. Well once again look forward accounting and an update of what the global really held up like it is. Thought we really didn't feel let me right now among the painting anymore. And -- and the purple area but I know that most of you wage would nothing between my voluptuous -- -- -- -- -- And that message. Kelly. Means. Do you prefer it I don't have to ask LB but do you prefer male or female a weather person or does that not matter to you. Why is it doesn't really -- it doesn't matter yeah. Makers slightly like females in them don't -- yeah I think channel seven yeah and the fetus back. And love it channel seven has some guys know guys schedule it Adam what love who's Adam -- bring a guy. And really -- Emerson you know -- you know the bad guys guys to do sports is -- care but other -- nine -- don't want -- entering a very Smart shows I mean you know what's -- Satan people -- like people who Sheridan is nine inches while they maybe they do yes. Think Clinton who. Well people dentistry uninhabited. I met my wife -- -- they're bankers and tomorrow. -- -- they're trying to what are you got a comfortable 13 period. He. Could come. You know I think that was that that is one of the best -- 911. Calls above all time there was a guy that wears an organ -- and and is. Older man. We we what a -- earlier but older man. And I get home and his support elderly wife could not get her whole cloth strap to interject so he he called 911 over the. None when police found medical that we have a problem here my -- who courtly and her jacket can't get the law. She's struggling -- -- and I want them. I want all warm up your music I'm thinking at school and this year it -- not breathing she's all right you can't get there. And got -- But lieutenant titlist and her scream about it you know I'm not alone -- -- that do you think she was like flailing around on the floor and library. About him again. -- -- Yeah Jack do you think Jack on the I had quite shown this is in not get a jacket on and how could you possibly knocking it Jack. Well. If -- use your iPod. Not that way up you stupid Jericho hotline a second I'm calling 91 was enough this. This is -- and this is getting dangerous. If could wouldn't land. And it felt that they look at both for being. Oh and look at the that country drill we didn't talk yet how that -- I thought I had -- -- where we brought -- brought. Out. And then let -- that -- is there a name for this -- a -- that weather channel started this -- yeah and a member I don't know which this one early winter storm. Now I'm in doesn't matters more -- exact we don't need to we don't need three to six inches of snow -- in -- -- -- nineteen old. I bet Garrett -- our current output are great Britain and methods. Age. Did you I think your grandfather's here. Danielle said she's been contacted. By her grandparents through media. Ethnically subtitle my grandfather and you know if you didn't think examining a shower drain for pubic hair was saluted the pubic hair has adhered all of those photos -- -- -- -- -- I don't like this story get anymore and it's -- There it's blond hair at 701. Man. He and undetermined date probably -- but it can interject you know it is against -- Control. Your golf record off. And -- that. Yeah guy. League there is still go to the front and 21 AM. Eight record on Edward -- OK can we know are pretty. Everybody you know I grew and hey go and see how -- App that air out there. -- met and known they're gonna what they do about -- do you. Give grandparents I -- -- critical -- beyond what I'm down by them now because I know you have grandparents. Thought -- record when I first match I was just director Jack Jones he says he. He misses zeal well. And was there -- thing when you were young that happened -- them. Yeah I had their -- with their grandpa yeah yeah as dramatic yeah -- sure was okay -- yeah that I these -- These thinking about that right now I'm sensing -- regret that you read the -- got something you know is weighing in your -- -- Yeah -- your wallet home what. What could. Parasites from swell season money like obscene money used to include your grandparents -- and if you don't see any of your money but it. I nearly. Here's the number -- thank you for participating today during -- Illinois.