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Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh

Feb 15, 2014|

In order to clear the air about why we have not seen or heard from the still new Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh, he called in to explain what happened and that our segments with him are still on and shall start soon.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online -- on your schedule at WJ AM. -- -- Let me. Let me go to the -- phone into the mayor of the city of Boston. Marty Walsh from out -- mister mayor. -- contact saying everybody event -- do you party. Mr. mayor now listen and you guys call in ladies' -- I love you guys well how would we how we know that put them get my brought us -- comment on the radio exit you know I got a call in and out in a little busier trying to figure out what I'm -- -- Can amount is now looking out the window saying it is most autograph whatever -- -- wait for -- 68 inches the government. Try to -- -- sorry step sorry Greg and it's lawless says listen this is my station is at the station endorsed my candidacy command Marty yes. I mean there you are on a WBZ AS AM. And I mean this is the show not entitle the same thing as what we were calling it. I'm gonna take care -- you I'm particularly that would limit to what we want something today -- 00. I I don't know understood I mean I I feel bad because you have a lovely woman to me who works for you. And I think it was area except I know she was very upset she sent me some some some upset text message remember -- it -- -- -- -- I admire my sincere apologies to kid that was not if it was not her. But but but but but but but I mean here I am we we got this I mean I just feel kind of like a scorned woman who got. Leo listen as she shouldn't be listening tour. Says that station that that's -- thank you didn't even some else -- they -- They're their grandparents were not -- grandparents a couple of them about it. And so -- are right so that it so tell this is like just some kind of an oversight is that always -- to complete oversight. So where they shop -- these people listen and they go amount he you know here's the politicians and the guy like he he promised. He said I'll do this monthly segment on your show and -- is showing up. Wednesday's with the Walsh on it's are they gonna change that name over there. Well will compliment comma changed the name -- -- -- -- -- What to do well this just on this Israel based attempted to look at it enough. Now that's you know it might not be big TO but you know it happens to be big to the listeners over here mr. mayor protect. What went Walsh show Clark can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well they might be a little slot all the things the last you know lasting over -- don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And my -- diplomat and a mayoral among my bags and get it did make sure. Mr. -- -- -- -- people here I -- I LB had nothing to do is like this one and you know I just wanted to get -- people come -- I will be at my -- and particularly want to do you know it's been quite well they had a real people who don't work Monday I have a lot of time on your schedule a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all the -- You're absolutely you are absolutely. Correct now. -- aren't so somebody did say however that you did I felt like I felt bad yesterday because somebody called in and said that you did at least acknowledge. That you felt uncomfortable on the on -- because you UN you had promised this does self. -- is that accurate that you said it on the. It is accurate it's very actress and you know summit it's just what happened visited late sister street opposite side have been hit a six weeks now it. Would have to three -- those bombs and all the other stuff going on -- would would get into a groove. Appear a little bit. In the opposite you know it's it's fair and then you know give all the -- itself did it just just keep comment away different things every base some. Want to remember them being there in the beginning they weren't and -- yeah yeah. All right. I guess I I'm I'm I'm feeling like maybe things are warming a little bit and then all right so by. Please tell the lovely eight Norton. That I that I if she felt disparaged my apologies -- my sincere apologies. I know it was not her. And and and and wool -- will get this back on track. Tell those who will have OK that's encouraging gently Iran and and now or pick the gate and in the days -- command will commander Dave Draper can make them opposites on how well I'll call him by about. Will -- setup mental -- and a couple weeks. -- -- -- I again most -- America who may -- will start right now I'm not and I want that one I want some kind of executive order telling easy they can't call it -- -- with the -- get -- my that is my intellectual property over here. It. All right mr. mayor you're a good man I thank you all right there is there's -- of the city of Boston feel better as he's sincere. There's Marty and Marty is always been a Virginia and that is considered short -- man I just. I remember I -- domestic and wondered -- you know OK if you're listening to assure you you are hideous I wanted to ask Martin Marty if you could just pop off phone call. Up to Deval Patrick -- is -- god used him a heads up another kid dies that's just too soon in the BCS system that the. -- -- All right let's. Let's see here's the Texas says couple weeks well he's got to get it you know let's got to get in the schedule fallen. 800 committing you know for delivering pizza Smart -- -- is starting to get -- a better committee yes it lets see here is text that says -- you're getting you're getting soft the year old age she knocks you you let them off the -- -- the carves. College college may be Monday's with the mayor and Texas. That's all I think that opened the IA you see here's then 978 text to actually came up with a Wednesday's with a wall Sheehan says as long as the names. As long as the name is exclusively here than they will forgive yes the mayor of the city of Boston -- And if the Texas says it's okay I guess I guess some aren't that agree.