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Hill-Mail 2-14-14

Feb 14, 2014|

On a Valentines Day edition of Hill-Mail we hear the best messages of the previous 24 hours including the bashing of Mayor Marty Walsh called in.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedules until today -- Gone now teach you to and to talk days the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. -- -- a good quarterback picked it -- a little bit. Well how what would like to get a dog bit about that. Yeah. On WA hey hey hey things get done you know like I said you never know could happen like all the sudden. Like a carriage could show up at the WA AF studios today in the snow it's charming could get out now have a -- bring on a pillow or something LB he's not proponents -- -- -- this morning good. It could happen to know that I'm not allow her weekend of Melissa go to bed and breakfast in Vermont. Not expecting it not on holiday. Imagine your bills on Tuesday not expecting a week away companies can you know ring ETT. -- shot -- glass blowing place about. Flows year personal if he's he's winning glasses. Only 100 that's oh yeah. LB is really a romantic wow that's what -- -- and what stuck and it sounds like -- they've -- personally make your glasses free wedding -- like I -- -- seems like you've done that before did you I've been -- you just get -- -- don't -- you -- working at a football kinds of shenanigans. All the -- -- for the last line. Well taking and it never really everything figured she'd leave their particular clap point point at the -- doesn't -- Today's oil messages prod the move by Cadillac of Norwood did dealership you deserve. Visit them on real one the -- mile or online at Cadillac Norwood dot com. And it all and all didn't. That there are being in new York new nickname. -- stay one premier. Then Mardi Gras. And now. Now you're part of the -- he's gonna. He's gonna make good. It was and he was an EU isn't misled. Premium is remembered. Not his fault this step. Some overzealous staffer I'm not keep -- she's a marvelous moment but some overzealous staffer probably both them and on the dole people show up as the Winfrey we're gonna jump BC. Okay yeah I personally don't put it -- yes it's and it's a sales -- that worked here -- -- now we're should be easy I think our listeners who listens to our show because they weren't what the lake Jackson while she's got to get good gas -- from here -- well I'll show Hillman that the -- There's only a little eighteen -- Happy ballad type that they are great I. Hybrid I caught the -- -- my net -- in Britain. -- that you can actually ordered that the the big hunk in my notes there we'll customs and not enough campaign they play 913. Or. The war. Regarding and yet. We know now. But back guy Fuzzy about other honors his commitment -- I've got to -- -- to bring in some kind of that's pizza product when it comes in next time something make up for -- Hastily and friction again. Welcome aboard a welcome to the only market joked I'm here it's great you know completely renewed commitment to buy it Democrat that stated -- -- won't. Our Internet. Already oatmeal can do. Independent. -- Played -- 4:36. PM. -- didn't see and hear it here that you are older brother or you're pretty what are you gonna do now. -- And then it's. Exactly well. Not everybody wants to drive a big gas guzzlers just because it snows occasionally preliminary went. -- cents a year and a front wheel drive care LB had some kind of road rage incidents this morning okay. Over the a. Eastern fellow that was losing his mind it hates Americans in Morgantown from New York -- half allegedly an erratic there and we're coming on the matter if we yelled down -- quite get off to every thirty going through the tolls so there's so I'm going through -- guy behind me. So those guys got its flashes aren't in New York plates doing like. Six miles an hour sure because so. Goes through -- -- about two Karl Marx's. Then proceeds to start just slam the brakes are operating in this so of course I went through the calls that went to stop guy behind me it's me we were doing about -- I don't know what our mile per hour. When I went image when I hit the rear end of his corolla. At which point I proceeded to tell. -- guy behind me came move move you go first so we don't plug it in the the turnpike exit. Because this -- which run out of its currency and arms flailing. Yelling obscenities at me pointing screaming. I then I proceeded to pull around him so I can pull up pull over and not block. And he's chasing me. Jumping on the back in my car and see what yelling at me so I get I get out of the vehicle I go to guy if there's not even any day a damages like. Don't do you -- and a do try to prove me and they starts yelling ultimate cars around this sort of being just saw me. And then I had gotten out of my charge and left the door open because I I didn't I knew I it was a nothing -- And he's yelling into my car. Yeah yeah I did start to -- it. Just don't think that's our Senator Obama you are you hammered that he and then he's like do you do you American opinion he sit on me. Now Danny they -- -- did he passed you your god that could be very neatly and I -- -- it was not a conversation a Republican you -- I'm. You -- up if -- -- her campaign according usually do trying to kill me also that he calls 911. But the -- the funniest thing was the hole behind -- he's. He's on his cellphone. Telling someone and everything that's happening now. And so the cruiser pulls. -- you know PIE I give them my information he goes why am I even here I go. Go trying to have a conversation with that it would Yost. And so he goes back -- guys -- is that he's gone that's. The -- of course state trooper so we're like I don't know. I tried to do you know happened smudge of black paint the guy that we had to sit there for an hour and fifteen that give it a -- away a guy just also -- to really come from the bears on a bright guy that everybody's doing dirty -- miles an hour to come. And then and then you know I I don't get to go my strength I was just gonna drive away but I TI you know what I I -- I tried to be a nice start at the measure until I thought it was -- to pull it might be on camera on. But anyway and in the end. And then and then the bizarre thing was when the -- -- us up. I went back to your pictures bumper what -- my camera to get the course they're they're gonna try to stimulate they're send me a bill like five grand for a new bumper so I was taken a picture. Saw it the offices what are your size twenty pictures so the insurance company. And the guy gets out of his car. He's what do you do god you guys friends. -- do we were talking about what we're doing some autographs yeah I was gonna make the target path. -- predators like. When you do don't you like -- your -- well not me hello John not all of my thought somebody out dot -- bill I don't know all right elderly you know -- you know what you know what I just wish you know what. Any any other person -- view. Did -- out stats he just -- Would it would -- clicked a camera that they're the video on the cellphone -- guys -- believing get the idea because the idea was insanely. It was jest. These incredible that I just didn't I was so much fun because I just did not even. Repeat our responsibility. Did you have the broke the pants on maybe he was alarmed by the and I did not -- I was wearing -- black -- -- tree falls on the -- -- -- -- a video of it didn't -- -- but what is -- is this episode had to have seen -- I don't desert -- it was it was it was so it was -- central up. Three Justine or older. At the architect amendment I'm -- picked up where but experimenting -- -- the front erratic. The temperature for the attic well. So keep and carry out our and I hate it enough and people -- south African American take on that note. And condors. And that message yet be careful. Some Condo or is that. I'm sure this morning. I think -- he had. Got it up but there are early -- outbound I expect that. Looks like it up both pat it down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're loud bang up -- man aren't yet. A great start by you know what you shouldn't say rarely -- -- believe what would you be open. The detail on now yeah you and it was just it was a big it was and I'll tell you why. That it it was so old we I don't know if it's weird or why I was so we're entertained whether it. That is the first time in my life. That I have ever experience someone from another nationality. -- that just truly. Hated me -- because he thought -- you know what because I was American ranked. Barbie you know I did -- Norris -- Miramax harper and Perry like it was in it was -- seem -- -- that that the ferocious this in his eyes where it was phenomenal. Best. Hello Dave yeah I -- gauntlet that David. I destroy until your primary up very well popular get. Are they accurate unable because the little boat well -- I mean -- -- against such -- performance probably because. On the go up on the straighter summit in English double. How did that work out for you guys around the Christmas time. Are we ought not. Can -- hope everything hang tough kids in tough you don't wanna have back to back holiday issues with deliveries no but they do say that. And this is good for the guys who listen to show. There is good percentage. The the gifts that had been set for delivery today that won't make it around the country due to the -- -- Sanyo in an email confirmation awarded on time consuming if that's the case -- -- excuse a good potential excuse hello Brian. -- and I had. Any -- yes. One person that. Completely misunderstood blowing out -- Jim Brady. And Ian. They -- Our boat now ordered but I did tune in the -- automatic data out. And I Eric who wonder then. Why don't we didn't Barrett and I know you already have the utmost respect political I wanna perhaps if what they did the other according. -- -- Work on that yeah -- Doctor Glantz -- dean what's the guy's name doctor doctor glad Steen says -- -- severe post -- kind of mood symptoms -- something high eight years and this is a question to -- did a bunch of -- -- -- that kind of stuck with me yeah. He had me remember he said three words out. And then now we did one other task you know when he asked me what to three workers Wear and he had no idea not personally I only really isolate are -- -- three minutes later. It was pretty generous -- The houses occupied. The way everything you remember one where those three words you be here tomorrow. He doesn't obviously if I want to remember -- with 712. Old. And look at the payroll during an outbound I -- -- armed and didn't know. -- -- -- And young people -- yours -- plan. Now if he had to choose baby your ring which would you choose what you want first. And it ring I'd like the rink first but I mean I -- I'm going to be 375 months sounds like a quick break box to Pyongyang. -- -- -- -- Sixty minutes. -- point four million. Just to victory -- if they feel they are faster. And and I have met the first third and if you -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah do. We're wrong. Under the -- yeah guys. Simoni are they don't know I mean I always say that in it's not your family your close friend -- In office now it'll take exception with -- -- no matter what the case because they feel the person -- on the and so Greg. Kevin this team in -- man. But I knew in my -- they're great to render him. If it was just -- it's instant cat -- dog named mr. actions -- -- a little older. They've been helped by a look at what can but that -- -- I think that and I'm capable and. Into the back for a pathetic if -- much drag this form to waffles and if -- minutes.