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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Feb 14, 2014|

LB continued his role taking 2 out of 5 on this edition topics included the average amount of money spent before a couple has sex, what one third of moms say about how often they have sex, and the reasoning behind the color of highlighters.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online -- on your schedule at WJ AM. Call now call right now. If you would like play faction Max -- LB this morning here's the number 6179311. Area. I Troy after prize that -- -- -- -- against her watch used to -- so if you would like to play. Test your knowledge against that of Lyndon byers call right now and you can play facts -- -- -- -- us. The number again is 6179311. A 61793112238. We have free weekend getaways for you for smugglers notch in Sunday river all you have to do is listen. During these 7 o'clock hour so I will give view. A tax code words sometime during the 7 o'clock hour this morning -- to 97107. Within ten minutes. You'll be entered to win and keep your phone on because who call you back hopefully won't be fighting a fire. Or administering CPR when we when we call you back but -- that'll be during the 7 o'clock hour this morning we'll hook you up here. On the Hill Man Morning Show get your weekend off. No right well to a good start with -- trip smugglers not your Sunday river. Hey Josh they would go out and Josh you trying to get in this morning -- what. If that's what you -- to become the only major backed up the public traffic got. Two outcomes and gotten a one mile an hour at that met may and go week about traffic. Now rumored to is really bad everybody's saying this morning on you ready to play facts Max jockey you know. LB ready over -- minority students Friday let's bring this thing not I'd fellas Sylvester Stallone. Enormity -- originally wanted the Iraqi movie theme to be another one bites the dust by queen. But could not get the rights. And then therefore used a high of the tiger by survivor. Is that a fact or is that should Mac Josh. I go to goal rock you one -- do you think you're gonna say -- on. I'm gonna finish that thought Matt Wright and and -- of proposals to -- -- by the way did you know I think they would never sell out there would never let their music can be used for commercials will be lot of data data data NCAA. You know what's -- -- that you -- about their bodies -- loved Julia yeah and I think if I'm not mystique in. Queen still. Yeah it won't well they won't give up their music Dominic go off track you're gonna go back on the panel so you're both -- that all of I cut out -- -- -- -- they actually thought. Now get -- adamant in town here finish higher up for your girlfriend putt out of the Spanish books. -- imagine how different that movie would have been if it was another one bites the dust in there instead of done. Doesn't -- that I of the tigers. For that movie hello Kevin. Court all right Kevin also. Kevin the average man. Spends 400. Dollars on dates. Before a woman has sex with him is that factor or is that -- -- That's got certain -- -- -- -- -- -- Should act on the 400 dollars on dates before. She would perhaps put out live and listen and first on the premises by saying. Yeah you jokes and you want to make you me and the rest of us -- -- dialed in look like crap about that Kennedy's cancer is on its back. It is should now come and it's it's only 300 no I -- It's that's collected -- only only 300 dollars average man's minds and dollars hello Mike. All the hot water movie and popcorn again and outright critics love lives up my -- out -- just. Actually all three of them for me in the -- that later on. Later on the flowers that she set herself what we're. -- anonymously your Hitler didn't. I rights. -- 13. Of moms. 13. Yeah out of all moms say that they have not had sex in over five years is that fact or is that -- Mac. -- And the -- -- they let's say. What that about five yet Lego rock. Idol. You're gonna go to act on that LB. I was peasants who was -- -- 13 of these 13 of the moms say that they have not had sex in over five use. I -- fact you're gonna go for I have a lot of lot of dusty dusty evidence that there you're you're a 100% correct both the view it as they it is without our. And five years it will probably. Will not be happy Valentine's Day but it but I didn't I mean think about the sex -- -- -- that she's she's been she definitely cool Tasmanian download. Hello Chad. How -- from jet. That in New Hampshire today is about New Hampshire. It's an. Oreo -- revenue and so are the same thing like slush and ice and all the rest of it. And it could go either way you know your your your -- Hi lighters are yellow. Because. Originally. They would not leave a shout oh. On Xerox. Paper and there's probably. And a half of these bills the listening audience saying what is Xerox Draper and very bat out of hell -- -- room Jack does that factor smacked. Well it created. No it's -- America's -- -- pat and bam I didn't. Well I'm here hold on so the reason that they chose you know what highlanders please tell me you know and islanders. Our ports. So they chose a Gallo. They chose yellow the color because that was only color that wouldn't leave a shadow on Xerox dot that was when he's now I hear a -- that. Yes on I had so what you what you what he said. He's he said it was you said smacked right Chad. I. That back the only reason backyard Kevin did you figure out picking number -- behind. My back. The again it was five -- -- go back to you because of that -- strap yeah. Three and one did absolutely correct along land -- -- hello Greg. Oden and what's happening Greg. Well are. No other half fired on -- again our area Friday Greg. The since it's Valentine's Day. The longest marriage in history. Was that of a couple from North Carolina. Herbert. And Zell -- Fisher. Who were married Ford nine. Facts -- -- from acts. Our Brodeur let you're gonna go with should act on now on you know you can you imagine the pain and literary. And hall wants to stand cheering he's sick of getting here it's all. That that only chaos. I go off track. Edition -- it would have. By the way. It wasn't better it was 86 -- -- song are. They were married on May thirteenth 1924. And they stayed married for 86 years nine months and sixteen days until Herbert. Passed away in February of 2011. That the that's all. I'm guessing that -- -- probably passed away right after the because our -- -- death of a brutal broken hearts and that's the way that -- itself alone. Does this and that then it's awful they were meant to be and it was a mere hours later. It just couldn't get out those candidates to you -- he was fourteen she was while I retire they were working their coal mine right right they were able to me they were able be together for 86 years -- -- -- things Elmira was on the moms who had an avid interest in federal. Several decades.