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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Feb 13, 2014|

LB was on fire again in this edition of Is it Fact or Schmacts.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna play facts smacks right now the action Max call this number Omar lining up for the game. 6179311. AA 617931. One a day after if you aren't the winner today I got a couple of tickets for a lot choose it mountain where the skiing. Certainly. It if it could get any better it will get any better today with six to twelve inches of snow coming out there -- now. And Omar will line you up board today's edition of facts should Max and this is rob hey rob. I'm an MRI didn't. This is here. Tonight what do you want to -- Act like golf and slit while they're at right IT -- got a legitimate huge big truck yeah. You've been charity car I have patriot portrait Obama I mean we're loaded. Up -- -- straight. Obama. Now let me let me ask if you're unable. To get to to deliver your whole foods. How will hold the women of Weston enjoyed their organic not it's. Well. I didn't I got shot out -- all the doorbell. Listen everybody clear out if you're on 93 right now let my -- in Israel clear clear the way. How big it is says did you mean Mariah -- and I think about it. Nobody did hit he begged Mary. And their kids thank you sorry Robert -- -- in Russia. It is against the law to quote. -- Or expressed encouragement. There any country's Olympic athletes that are opposing the motherland in a competition. Un quote is that back to -- an act. It's I guess -- that backed him in the distance to thirteen under boxer again it was piston I'm Putin's they occasionally and as hard passes over there well even though it's communism that issue now you are you all. -- year. I would do I would recommend you do it quietly that's is that that that wouldn't make a lot of noise I wouldn't have any kind of I would paint your face -- with -- that although that figure skater guys father wears Uncle Sam had no nothing seems of ebony and -- -- hello ahead. He would not -- A lot while driving in these horrible. Horrible no words -- high note are going to be open make it sort of click the edit. God's God's beaded -- and it died during your lifetime. You always 173. Days. Hitting the snooze button. Is that it -- as that -- or you like in your lifetime in your lifetime a 103. Days. Will be -- because you have this to lose this snooze button and slept for another eight minutes or whatever gives it. Opt out and I know it. Back in eagle at -- -- not to let me get a map to bug gives an outside 10 minutes -- morning -- it is. Give it were white well you hit it idea once once it quietly Heidi I've heard that aren't well I think you're on average you beat two times the sixteen since he'd look at times just to. I'm not like I'm gonna go fact. You are both -- is the fact it is it. Nice are coming out liar in this I had like twelve time you know I set the -- like an hour earlier until like five I like going back to sleep like like no good free though it's not know this is officially -- in your renounce you -- the -- -- is let's get right up this New Zealand and CD there it's -- all know -- me. Yeah Peter I just I just Stacy by how my normal -- -- damn it I'm -- and out of the house and five minutes Lilja. Now and I like that that -- -- the -- of audio the next I don't know I can -- -- it's all or not and I am and it goes up and I don't care you'll venomous. Hello -- George. George how are you -- George we're just talk about OJ Simpson he's on a hunger strike in jail OJ. OJ turned it down at the Richard Roundtree role of John shaft. In the 1971. Classic film shaft is that factors smacked. Moral cheered on. Issue that smacked that. -- ominous issue Matthews well yeah it is matte finish. Although it. Yeah although the guy they ended up playing chef there who was off to somebody else by no mistake I don't know yeah about it and enough about them but I've OJ pretty good actor behind them Heidi -- did good in court anyway. -- one. Overwhelming. One the only place that ever turn down the Olympics was Colorado. To act Porsche -- I rule that I believe. And that smack -- that yes well I mean unless you've been in a cave or do this Salt Lake City Olympics in Salt -- yes isn't that that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's close that's close all say I'll say yes because it was in Salt Lake City maybe I should have been in Denver -- -- you've done it again Miami and god bless -- 1976. Winter Olympics the voters voted not to spend the tax dollars ED -- Olympics in Colorado. And finally this morning is Josh hearings back -- -- -- Yes Josh. -- thought art but. Outdoor. Work all right guys Schneider's. At the happy. They did the that did the choppy I should mail list last an average of seven point three minutes in bed. Wall skinny man last an average of one point eight minutes in dad turns back to portion back to. She winners make better lovers because they last longer in bed. And getting. -- a lot so. So it. On happiness. So I'm gonna actually used in so it's back guys you better in the ran they last for a lot of economic hit that. And improve proof in the putting yes. One -- Jeremy yeah yeah. And ahead tonight I never thought about six died for that guys and saying I'm gonna go back. All right you both you both are correct ladies you should know that. You know because of higher level of a female sex hormone which is called -- dread the old pastor is materials rodeo. Bomb men last chubby man last longer in bed that's how that as a more feminine that neither 100. We dare you laugh here but I feel we we know what you're need. Hi and you get it you get almost an extra seven minutes of pure blue leisure and I had resident who might get OK and I tell her little black vote just a matter. -- custom imagined it. And another seven minutes ago. I actually didn't --