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Hill-Mail 2-13-14

Feb 13, 2014|

The Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics including the snow storm and Marty Walsh.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made up. They're pretty weird you know mobile Google that it express company and my belt all have a part in the fairway. Helmet on the building itself. On WA EA. The -- is is gonna totally killed the new intro -- production and I its scheduled today. May be delayed -- like Monday there are teams that are yet tonight -- have some characters were driving into that part of it and make it it -- I want to enact a health flying in from allied. The at the -- flying in slightly canceled for the new show intro production I don't know if they're gonna make you are -- -- -- -- -- get -- going and don't be surprised may be delayed a few days that. And I -- it in now. Rome wasn't built that day when it. I don't think that a couple of dozen years at took an extended period of time did. Think it can't just whip -- -- throw out side hill mail brought to you today by Cadillac of Norwood. The dealership you deserve visit them on -- one the auto mile or on line at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. -- -- -- 7:43. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You take a little wet washcloth minuet of omelet it's like their moms Thompson and no I don't use my own -- someone's gonna that it crash it. And now and we believe -- -- Daniel has the -- alert the nation having been saving lives sockets and I mr. I think -- -- the brother mr. pink -- what does it mr. -- yesterday and have mr. pancakes to mr. lawful us. Follows days. Without him a man. Well I don't look at spear street area -- me -- and large I think it's -- -- idea. Is that took. Spell out because it -- that costs as well we get that Buick. Every shot 80 and with -- -- actually -- we are sick stay out. -- -- -- -- -- It that way but. That is somewhat pleasurable that they go that route 10740. Treaty and you can't. Okay -- the problem firemen. Publicly -- to walk all. -- vote all my night job. And -- And that message. I will say she doesn't have mr. lawful stuffed in between her cleavage today so -- whether that's a good or bad thing -- units one of the co workers is not a matter of who it yesterday when the abuses she won't be around all of us. Everybody thinks it's adorable all right yes they don't figure we're tell anyone -- sheriff -- -- sales office it's like you know people could be allergic. That's a competitor for the -- Piccadilly team avalanche. Hey listen you know you Heidi TV Raleigh and are not so I had respect Jack thank you -- at the rent to own my own it all -- all. Hi guys that wanted to comment on the west -- texture and allowed thirteen and stop looking -- I don't know -- Doesn't do reporting. And that that teach us a this to me might be the reason lie. Wednesday's with -- Walsh. As on PGA how many not on the -- man I dashed out of you know I mean. Yeah I don't I bet they generate as -- people calling in about thirteen and a half singed donkey penises. Not that I've ever heard well I don't know during the nighttime or whatever is now just don't want to outside what is in rainy night I got. Nice to act at it's is Dan -- have picked from applying for routine I don't remember don't know whenever -- hitting any low hanging -- model -- that I don't pay us if there is never any bomb grade joke now now now now now I mean is like he's serious discussion about hemorrhoids and whether or not they're conservative -- Or -- that's waited to hear elderly in the camera about that in camp and when you mean when it comes to a loan hanging fruit the only. -- they're interested in over there is that noticed in the proves. And on vital and lively overnight discussion about -- prince and cocoa powder about a week ago via Billy is that what's the what does that do I they did. Hey you know if you're avoiding sweets and trying to cut back on the processed sugar grab prunes are naturally sweet. A high in fiber to -- -- pattern it chocolate now that they still -- -- advise you to during the prune -- that we -- here you know obviously a regular basis of these they regularly. Current and register now they call it planet now they call it like dried plums. Oh why some people are embarrassed because there's so that not the currency had taken I get eight gallons of prune juice I have improved in a -- death. The man out is that it is every image you see somebody buying produce and not let somebody dislikes it and it's just it is you know it's for them is I mean I mean I don't know I don't know -- -- elderly people get backed up anything -- say they don't they don't ever eat solid food -- house. Library and I have just that's the thing with the older age of happens intestines dry up they're all shriveled brilliance wait isn't this like possibly have mean it is that it happened went. -- -- -- I opened more than he can run but -- relationship -- of a lot into. The extent of the equipment solutions that may have been against this -- that -- in Tony shut and -- for -- -- Well all right -- a broad popular. Orbit and are -- -- and our general I could tell our. And that. Took a couple of extra outs I hints thank you reverend -- heard from Africa and -- Busy probably upsets -- about the AFC championship and that's live it is nice to hear from rain 81213. PM. Hey can I could end up you know one well no I'm not. OK. Okay. Into the yeah I thought I love -- -- -- her eight and I know Lola. Guys who won the ski trip yesterday it was a fireman and he was working on the scene to rescue people and -- -- talked to -- -- whenever a playback. We should boycott you wanna call today's winner so let's go let's do that right now special awesome people -- -- Today's threat. You know get an ER doc in the middle of a while you know to be great and -- we get a copy given a ticket that idea now after our Lola wants to bring her excellent -- Maybe maybe he'll be Marty Walsh who. Well yes good morning. I hi I -- did we catch you at a bad time I'm nervous to what happened yesterday. Are also okay this is Gregory hill calling. Up from don't know we don't you know -- morning. And when Lyndon byers and then did Deirdre minister waffles and mr. waffles than mr. pancakes. We have we we're calling to tell you that you have won a trip to smugglers notch in Vermont. -- thought yeah that's what who are you. All they'll Wear it where do you come from. Atlanta. That the players are you employed. Bill self employed cards -- political and business yet. Up -- -- on nice thanks Sudan he chaired the TJ's kids Biggio on the and the pizza TJ it's. -- they're out there out of control of their for wobbly -- excellent. All right I -- very -- currently tied up in the in the total another white out conditions border where are you right now. Just -- Elkhart. Will it get out there and. And charger up. Charge those -- dollars get those it's been a big the big winter for the plow guys. You wanna borrow money from somebody. Fascinating county holds out they don't pay their bills for the -- -- -- invoice and then it's like you know April. All the -- gone now like taking you pay me for the work and in January when my -- my apparently does I couldn't believe. How much the money he makes any good season up while the the this is state is out of money right on when it comes to the -- -- Yeah there always are just one shot at budget news to all assault than those buses and everything in this is so again going to the slash font yeah. I don't happen pretty cute yeah. And I think I'm the -- could. Lubbock sitting there watch the Olympics have been watching curling up or don't -- about an -- forward. Internet eight Great Britain -- electorate and not regulatory that. Or is there an eight. Great Britain -- But a lot of hype by me and he told pumped up become of -- as your partner and yet. And that message LB lows against -- don't toss of a guy reached up from Wayland. That over the -- Curling curling in club I don't I have -- or did they have a real name but -- national women's wants -- -- Not today through Sunday they'll win Whaley it will if you wanna watch some of the country's. Second best because the -- throw over to get their asses kicked in Sochi okay died but a demand finally won in Sochi by the way they did they beat Denmark -- five they'd be -- Denmark design and yeah Hollywood and experience that's but yes -- majority of some local growing Grover -- denial or did you suddenly wants to some next week. He does what one would ordinarily handle one I was a great I want you to teach some listeners how to -- you -- it's the only appropriate but because of the Olympics that one of the greatest drillers from candidate teaches the Olympics out of girl. Policy here's -- 603 tax my wife asked -- what I was doing yesterday and I said looking at mr. waffles on the Internet -- shoes now she thinks I'm -- Well I have to -- sick cat and a. -- Tony Chapman 32 PM. Could interpret. What they want the Olympic at a lot. What was your -- the same one over that over and over again therefore. 0:7. AM. It's. Indian it now everybody's been Captain America there could be you can -- -- and -- -- -- -- stay up that road do you expect a -- there ready to pick. I'm quite look. Including electric. And. And the message. The governor is buying lunch today because his rays went into effect that is correct yes yes he governor will be getting a nice little of that race city even though -- in the states broke -- the you have what is the percentage of their days. Governor will be okay because I know there's a lot of people are probably. Surprised every day into that or quit the -- these days right what is with the company to shows up a guy here. Here's a 10% raise for you since the economy's so great aren't aren't you done such a great job with this -- over the last -- or six years. Oil in the private sector right now a lot of people are -- you know because of the health care they're there. They're just going raises out of people left and right now though it's wildly inappropriate 6% raise that point 6% 6% -- as an -- -- the cost of living is usually -- that the at 2% to three about a 2.5 percent -- we got a double. Cost of living increase through it and for the governor well that's gonna get -- I think he's doing fine on the it the payments on the place in Milton but the the other plays out in election west -- went through their fears that a 186 savior I was struggling a little bit on the ranch there's the that's good and I think -- at the pool guy at the place in. And the Berkshire's does that -- -- 6% raise for the governor of Massachusetts. For -- 7 AM. Exact somehow get orbiting you know -- -- they're racquet club. And wondering if you haven't yet vehicle. Four point nine million of that what does that what was that -- -- the old cut off halfway through it now -- just -- you know like anyway and I think Jack throw over what recognize the guy's voice from good evening we need icons in Iraq remarked I'm. Well that I guess the he'll -- like what was the guy going to stay at the punch line I can name then he'll mile three seconds that was a racquet club -- thanks -- -- set them up the racquet out. And anybody under bombing or I'm guessing he was gonna say what time. Are you going to be home today from where as I'm I'm guessing I can only guess though. Because we didn't play the entire hill mail message. To a 24. -- cover whenever I ordered report. -- And that meant it as tone it down about it that's -- thought that I would hope Oprah but a that didn't know. They never hear about what and you rub board roughly right from Iran port about rob boy the coach's toughest shots we get them like a week ago we went out -- the stretch in Sydney Australia it's China using every other there. -- 24 AM. Quote that you -- it but oh. Well I thought it up. That they got it. It. And then we attempted attack does have a little extra weight I guess OJ that -- -- you can't help it. In prison OJ is on a hunger strike OJ Simpson is on a hunger strike he wants to die he can't stand being imprisoned anymore. 44 -- Our. Group. And -- -- of course there has been little -- -- Eric. Men didn't argue -- of the new job for a Big -- in a new job it's kind somewhat maligned Callan as much -- 48 old man. The formal public heats up over -- -- back nibbled from the female snowboarders hit a McNabb ultimately Keating. And I. Seventy degrees over editor it was -- it -- out shattering already in this offense is I visited us this morning -- and from channel seven who is adorable by the -- had to open a photo Alamos she's everybody's like short sleeved shirt so like appropriate client for us our Winter Olympics anchor. There at the beach enlargements that sort of they're running out of the beach and Sochi. Just don't urinate on anybody Spencer off on the -- up to Siberia. 709. All. It will later go into it -- -- I bark and commit murder pure need money. -- I should see if he's adjusted. I don't think he will be very busy would they jumped on field not doing Joba in the document but it it. All right. Thank you Wear it the full hill -- segment have voicemails we appreciate that.