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Townie Throw-Down: Westborough vs Southborough

Feb 11, 2014|

This edition of Townie Throw-Down featuring Westborough against Southborough.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I don't appreciate drug addicts and nine towns as. Our home. -- Hill Man Morning Show present and sets. -- you're wrong. -- east road now and exit -- pillow on her own home. I'm. In ten pounds and. Bruce jam weekend the Mohegan Sun LB man I thought everybody everybody tonight's. That is a man Saturday and Sunday. Don't do not. Now while -- one thing to bring a Bruce won't stand for and that's throw this. Genes only at the I used at the British jam weekend MO he -- -- -- -- -- did you not only don't -- Reynolds now. Don't. They'll go broke it does ripped jeans tight ripped jeans tonight button down shirt. No a number of us. All right Amy is up first this morning it's west of roe vs south throw in the Downey showdown today hello Amy. Who are you representing this morning. West Bruton and born and raised in me. -- -- -- -- -- Okay 27. Hang on because you are up against Joseph this morning hello Joseph. Joseph I'm fantastic representing south -- born and raised a lifer. Report on on what what's the what's what road. Lovers leaked and I don't mean I don't know. I didn't. -- in luncheon in knowledge with well what was clearly going on in that area before the houses were built. Holding yield -- -- at 838. We'll see if age. Is an advantage when it comes to the Sony. The rubble all that and got a while but I generate the sound heard what -- but here. All right well you should do pretty well Amy you're -- -- Amy are you ready. -- All right immediately and that to the current. West Borough high school is built on is famous for two -- historical events can you name one of them. Yeah. The count on what's that. Let it out -- create. -- The 1953. Tornado. Killed the parents and family. And the five or rice boys were captured. By the -- while got Indian tribe. Member that Albania the rice boy's idea they were captured by the engines is executed -- -- a whole army take to get you a map to get a good to get them back. All right -- sorry about that you down. Let's see how Joseph does. Joseph Al god go in high school servicing. North -- in south -- has successful sports teams like many others however. They have to -- clubs. That does not many other high schools have can you name one of them. I know the gay straight alliance my friend started. I don't know on the other relevant to involved and pull out there. I don't know -- -- -- in either of the other clubs. You know kind of I mean you're telling me you weren't in the the Lar ping clubs the live action wall playing club that they have over and I'll -- -- -- Like it that happened up there. And how it. Sorry to hear about that -- -- got an. You guys are even not bad a mile per let's see of Amy does better Amy beginning in 1973. This day in June. It's was started at the elementary school to raise and viral mental awareness. What is it. Well it is purple didn't think that. Thanks so what happens then what happens on purple thing nobody uses paper. Our. -- -- What does that have to do what is purple have to do with the environment. I think purple I don't know that -- Yet you're you're finally just trying to learn about it I like to learn about green it was taken is that it may on the -- economy if there aren't -- yeah. All right team we were they one nothing lead on GO. Joseph this Al -- when high graduate is say is the former Green Bay Packers head coach and current offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. Oh god and I -- diet. But you got nothing. I am not in my why not bring it does not help at all Mike Sherman my chairman never never heard that it might hurt that. -- for the win the center of commerce in west -- shifted to the downtown area. After the arrival of watt in 1824. Be at. That what the -- wouldn't try the and I'm sorry -- it is these steam train. When these -- the this theme today. All right final shot at -- it all -- -- for you before -- before being called south bro. The town was known as what part of north -- We are. At -- what was it what was your guests. Are. The arm pits and now we. Stony Brook. John and I like her. Have -- The one question right -- nice job. Both the both of you being being called. Worst -- of all time again by the way. But there's like twelve angry Westbrook -- -- just text and governance that they knew every answer and there are infuriated you don't really gonna play airline united Arab said the money getting an experience and RX. Dexter says it was called Scarborough before his -- of -- knowledge iced down south broken on. -- not read it and I -- her -- the boroughs.