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LB's Award Winning Sports Minute

Feb 10, 2014|

LB gives us the latest on whats happening at the Sochi games, the Celtics battling Dallas, and an NFL Draft prospect revealing that he is gay.

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How about not for nothing -- 48 and Seahawks riding -- like a rented mule bracelet -- the -- of the sports minute I was laser show. And we. Wrap this -- Switzerland. Futures for the final ride for -- recorded here in the same game. After Switzerland has to hammer home. -- had hidden room -- I didn't permit rules say the shooter -- the corner. Good shot for. Dead they're young they'll black out there you go viral -- that it was that the buyout the bar -- that was that was the that that was riveting Bob my gosh I hired goosebumps. US the US women there are are playing a -- and -- and a hockey that was curling iron -- -- -- that was currently out yeah I was USA networking to catch that live out. The women are beating the Swiss in in hockey on NBC -- as we speak right now -- and the US Manning -- our our tackling Norway helped. You followed the general rules that are employed by your fellow sports journalists but. You're supposed to issue an Olympic spoiler alert before you know I can you talk about what's going on. I revel in this stuff that I -- all the all you -- in your car on the way to -- yeah you've got to ruin my brother they're the only US senate but -- losing it this way right now at 53 heading into this six they have beaten OK okay and right -- immediately. I've suffered three game win streak is history now one of Tutsis now anyone last night over the guard -- for fifteen and twelve double double. -- Jared does -- -- did the same eleven and twelve Jeff -- led the way with eighteen points in the loss over our causeway street the fellas are in that -- Milwaukee tonight -- -- watch -- Our Bruins bundled beyond -- senator seventy to finish up the Olympic job break. Which will allow last two more weeks up pretty Bergeron. Was the guy arms fire. Here's martian. Yeah we're. And the only big Jack revels in that an hour and a rivalry divisional game on -- for a little bit -- homer -- I was -- some -- boys ruled 72 we get upbeat -- will begin their playoff -- in first place atop the Atlantic. At 3716. And before property version -- by the we're playing for team Canada over there. What is the first US -- -- this week I think it's Thursday though it is you don't -- me on that aren't we have to wait till then yeah accelerated BA big big guys begin sometime this week do we -- now I'm gonna -- on -- if the women. We in that game today which they're playing right now just then they automatically move on to the semifinals right there as long as they win that game there are also very loud to save their city it's going to be Canada US -- result again they've got -- they've been battling for like the last. 1015 years have been good enough to power houses in women's hockey so it's very competitive. Red Sox equipment truck I left for Fort Myers and jetBlue park Saturday. And you know what that means not build our that was the equipment -- -- -- that -- video that you know -- -- -- it's amazing yeah daylight they take all the equipment. From the actual club Boston Fenway Park yeah that and the way in the back of a truck plant and and and do you believe that like a couple of guys drive up from here. The Fort Myers yeah so that the Red Sox players walked out their gloves and balls and bats start training. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's used for emotionally -- I don't know to be Bruce dial hits off. Harbinger of spring -- -- OK okay -- you know there's some there's -- there's light at the end of the tunnel when the equipment truck -- I don't care for the snow that we're in the middle of the polar vortex at least we know that they're playing baseball down south that's your fish down I mean after a nuclear bomb takes -- Fort -- what are we gonna do. What are we -- Oklahoma State who star -- Smart has apologized for lying about. They Texas Tech fan using the N word after he shot the fifty something fan the loser they called him a garbage basketball player -- -- got three games to think about what he did wrong. And they you know what I'd step pretty amazing really dropped struck that. I want deal with the bond me -- these young guys like he's nineteen years old geezer superstar. But kind of weird you know ended you can -- I I guess he was just embarrassed from proportion of fans -- frustrated young. I apologize. Is our Missouri all American defense and Michael Saramago announcing he is gay one page sports story. He made it -- he made a public over the weekend before the NFL draft nieces they would simply be -- and just get. Because I'm not among I'm not afraid of who I am I'm not afraid to tell the world why -- -- -- Sam. College graduate. African American nom de. I can go off Jimmy Walker won the Pebble Beach pro am at eleven under Tom Brady Peyton Manning played not a valid prequel watch those guys and Belichick there on the same group they're obviously. A couple of -- a lot of comfortable -- -- -- -- -- Awkward. Yeah. And that job number one Syracuse beat up or Clinton in our college -- good to some 44 number three Arizona 76 organ 51. And I didn't get to the medal count but done at the US won two gold. Both in in boarding. Snowboarders in Norway remains atop the Olympic Medal count was seven may have to -- and five others -- the Netherlands in USF for medals with -- -- -- Of those four and Jamie Anderson and -- to catch number work for the girls of one boarding gold. Like my -- Jack Edwards likes to say. A Dali Lama sportsman you -- 545 when WA AF.