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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Feb 10, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the Simple Male Mind with LB our relationship guru, this week LB helped explain more about online dating profiles, where partners learn new moves, what to do if your partners parents don't like you, and of course gifts for Valentines Day.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. We are going inside the simple -- mind. Where they'll be right now in and out this happens on Mondays. Text your question over he can't figure out why a guy in your life does what he does. Then textured question over and LB you'll answer are you ready LB I'm mic here I'm okay I'm here I can't ask. -- the welfare. I met a guy. Dated him for the last two months. And have just figured out that 90%. Of what was in his online profile was not true. Why do men lie in dating profiles when you're gonna figure it out. Anyway well ma'am your rookie -- him a -- youngster and just starting that dating thing has got a nice lie about everything but I don't even. But I don't need to buster bubble but. I mean. I doubt there's not I mean dehaene and by the way are just more you know that two months is not any relationship on relationships and inning -- You know in the guy world I got a guy world are you know are serious relationship does -- -- start. I probably for at least a year the first the first years just all bought the sacks and a bit. But but don't these guys know that when they hear there there there online profile that the woman's gonna figure that got hit by a good thing that you here's the deal. In in every guy's mind like what do -- say all the time yeah I say a lot in Andre hit it like. I'm on an alert play like the picture professional should check and like I don't care as a pick at any. Victoria's Secret supermodel and if I can get her. In the same rumor in the -- she's mine no matter -- no matter what I do you know no matter what. But you gotta get you gotta get the game TU first before you can even throw your. Your game you know who you through your stuff batter up you know is because most of all you have. She met this guy through the online Sharpton. She's she's just desperate -- so he doesn't he didn't even need to use real stuff yeah. -- he's hard to convey on line to it that so they do is they -- about the other stuff we -- -- by the time you figure out that that's all lies just articulate -- degree -- there were apparently in an -- by the way the other thing I want -- growers you guys did go on line to meet chicks. There and not -- they don't truly wanted that. To find their wife wanted -- -- -- natural -- truly have patched up clock here is a Texan says my boyfriend tried. My boyfriend tried some new moves in bed this weekend is he cheating. I -- again and we we talk about this a lot. Ladies if it's one of those scenes may be -- bring in the best out of home. Yeah I mean he's finally against Blake sex on a regular basis and here you're all you're probably harder than he is so he's trying day you know trying to keep pace with the Dali Lama guys you don't look. And covering for all men out there urging kids and -- -- adorable Columbia I'm not there's not and not another -- up with a new chicken she teaches you like you know on the they're river reversed rodeo cowgirl you continue to bring him home. -- kind about a yard stands over -- discovered Jimmy says he deuce point ON and yeah if there's numerous a couple of notes in Florida. I have -- think I have been -- my boyfriend for five months and I don't think his parents like me. You get out of a three year relationship last year and his parents loved his acts they still see -- tiger and Stanley picks on FaceBook. Should I say something to the parent just awkward. That's what you what he could putting gonna say they don't a lady unique about the I just get out and he got to get out get out the got to get our marathon -- door unless I'm not in Oregon you never gonna win them over unless -- rich fairway does ultimately the only and then a little bit well ultimately. If he marries you and you're in on the cake anyway so are viewed in it's it's the holidays bring up the lesser of two evils he got a Gary's side you know be on hand for the for the -- eight K cola. My husband has started to keep his socks on during sex it is it is the most unattractive thing I have ever seen. Why would a man do that it gives you -- he's given out here that he's given up. If there's -- it's not even for the pleasure anymore and I'm not mean that it's not it's not suffer the relationship anymore it's just for the pleasure -- just glad that fifteen seconds of of happiness is that unattractive. Yeah absolutely if you have a gross -- it's worse -- -- really yeah also then somebody should sort of the nasty chaos and so yeah I mean imagine there you -- reverse cowgirl mulling you have. Oh yeah here at the feet of Africa I. Red Sox saw she's goofy he gets sort of back and tonight the -- is -- you don't -- if you don't -- the street has been generally -- point -- irrelevant. My husband's is important for Friday. My husband buys me -- your day every Valentine's Day even though I have told him for years I don't want it and I think it's gross. I'm a wife and a mother not a whole are -- -- -- out. They should close now given the form get their hands. Are. And he -- too lazy he's he's too old and too lazy to leave you to try and find another chair. It's hard so he's just trying to he strategy that you can see around it to take it to the next level. In in in the bedroom would you -- and a -- tomorrow also. -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah Monterey not a gift that when I mean we don't. Is like if you know by at one prisoner -- could you play along I value their own militia fighters and as a player is it too much to ask could -- just. Play along that's what we wanna buy it and it can find somebody else in addition to it. It a million everywhere that's three sizes too small Teddy got talent out there could you just play along once in half an act like hey you know it's -- -- has been held by. Who has the time. Attempted. Plate plate. Can't teach Nancy that is for me why you wouldn't you know you know slowed -- pace prompting -- we're working to topple on -- get down to the -- of Andy's been more I mean let's just marriage she shouldn't have there any women that like wearing an error on our kids. It's generally that the men are buying stuff that they wouldn't pick for themselves so they'll like you want made aware. Is this -- you -- select the crotch lists Anibal out of all the late in the announcer call draft that's the one that's cruel it's gonna. First six months of their relationship you know it's awesome to be honest. It took for the guys out there you know 'cause sometimes it's Friday wouldn't this be Smart. Throw Honda boxer hundreds of departures of cash on a gift card and I can you tell you cannot lose. By just by just giving her a a card with -- cash and money can't. Jake's mom don't -- a hundred bucks you can and cannot finest dining and if they don't mean in any thing is. Goat cheese with a fifty to a hard dollar necklace ring dependent crap you know kids if you're gonna do that you gotta go on win. And it's got to be done -- I may be a blow your chicklet like like. Giving you like there's nothing we did it Danielle -- more disappointing than opening a ring box and it's like your birth stone right now. Our own purposes this is really -- at our sister personas and they're gonna might then I think guide I think in -- has only got me some diamond earrings no one carat diamond earrings are currently. There's a condom tears at Texas says. That's a good -- -- text that says I'm only a ring -- a condom matters. Here's the Texas says hello lady she was a horror when he married -- as anything I did so again asset that was my point and I mean it's. Not a it's and it's a new person gift 774. Attacks stomach 21 year old female love wearing on your. Of course -- do and we love that you Wear it Clinton interpublic you know pleased and I. I think -- sickness there a lot of -- -- train. It took in -- -- with some dinner. I won here for Valentine's beer -- micro for an incredible underwear. Via a hit and got a Barry -- -- I people Lexus. On his offered have an affair yeah I'm told me it will never affect work even if it doesn't -- well he's very attractive I'm very turned on not on by him. My question is. Who can a man like this separate sex from work. I I'd pinch. No probably not back a year it was a win win for you anyway what was again and they probably -- what is it ends badly you get money I mean you get to go to H aren't save -- -- your boss -- in this league of women here don't walk with a payday so now there's really no down side. Or authority it ends badly N news or -- say listen hi I need my promotion are going to HR. But not it's never the girl's fault when it's weren't they wanted to work a deal. Guys who died -- -- this guy ran an article -- it's a it's a win win it's and it's an investment. All right my boyfriend is going out of business trip Thursday with coworkers I recently found out that he is sharing a room with a female is that it could is that a -- after it I'll look what company gives me you would visit I worked -- I -- work of this. I'm gonna I gonna get a new job man you know that is that is unbelievable -- that's Kosher yeah I'd I'd I'd already switch up with Tim for my -- Somebody's mansion on the side I don't like guys. Well it would be pretty fine I mean. Is that with the boss does he puts like the fat old guy in in the same room with a 21 year old Bryant knowing it's just can be uncomfortable yes I did -- just fine for the November Abbas have been some fun right there. -- wouldn't do this LA glad. They're very lets up -- I just want to roll up let them do these -- it's got talent they'd both threw me that they. You don't get that caddie -- that's -- -- they go to like money not attacked the birthday. So -- and even Oprah does that is well what I'm like god. Get the thing like the women like ear you're trying to buy lingerie. Is that it's a nice thing -- what. Muslim. Exits well there are you know what orient. -- Happy about iron but it but again the only chick the only chicks that are gonna like that -- the youngsters. You know what you get in the upper twenties early thirties. It's about stuff it's about -- -- monetary value there's a problem it's a big glaring indicator that you don't listen to us and you don't look at what we actually like. You'll pick -- jury made up for you not it's not -- honey I got you this blow up that's why women don't could well because where -- the gift. Warmed me but you just cooperate once I've actually -- -- task that's why you months. All right well thank you I'll be excellent job when a market that is inside the simple male mind -- Lyndon byers here at WA AF.