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Hill-Mail 2-10-14

Feb 10, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend, topics including our discovery of LB using deodorant on his under carriage, and the My Nuts Guy makes his return.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on. Hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each -- return to talk. There's the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made out. I just can't get to find out -- that wouldn't you got into -- well. It's far that. Elementary like someone then -- -- that we didn't -- -- out for the little guy and control on Monday and actually. On WA. Eight -- -- half -- hour Shelby's right nearly it was Fannie and measure out. That meaning and everything went fine I see him right here. And the -- maybe in new intro tomorrow. We'll see what happens. As I said earlier I'm holding off. Because I got a call from the broadcasting hall of fame asking for copy of this particular month and show. So that it could be ensconced as some of the other great interests above all time fill these kind of like the super gonorrhea you can't still now now you keep that in Asia. That is that is 100% -- Barak told -- messages today brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the auto mild or online. That Cadillac Norwood. Dot com and when you go there just ask for from my buddy Mike decks he runs the show over there. Easy -- new ownership pennies it's a really good dude. I won't -- 25. -- They do it as the operating net. Get to running at the opening ceremony. And now believes a sudden we mentioned that earlier that they could have been his cluster up. But you know pretty get under pressure I mean everything can't go perfect. And around the so wondering doesn't open up who cares they didn't even see it on Russian TV they -- they showed the rehearsal footage where everything worked perfectly. And and they showed Vladimir Putin's. Shirtless operating Baghdad yes hopefully -- funny playing -- goes. Hello Ashley. I I'm I don't prominently you're looking at it yes yes actually. I think government that covenant that you know our mutual double issue everywhere. -- that it would do that one. Programs going -- -- but again it's not all that right out and help -- you know aren't about you can't contact them -- like pat yeah it. It doesn't want. Are you are you are you truly bogus nationally absolutely. In Yemen now. Add. Button that will affect all I admire and the do you Wear them to show your -- -- Current exotic aren't going down right put a lot of effort to have the united stats is you got it -- it -- Morris. Send me 3:16. PM. And it hit a double double on Wednesday that added that pedals don't mind went it is going to be. It's not could be in big compared to the -- W -- it and spend it well in the epic complete. Yeah. Can predict whether a parent against now -- thought we -- that -- you know I'm particularly Eric -- -- -- -- -- I know that. And that normally make you think you seem to be way out front with these poll predictions NN. They don't call me now through this I mean. The one last night was supposed to be the two footer in the -- the nor'easter. Coming up you -- so fluid Greg moving pieces you know. -- I don't think he nineteen and that the Clinton by news that couldn't -- sure. You don't realize that it -- content you also have a new crew who wouldn't be. Yeah yeah yeah. One for calm and feel -- was -- help. Me make note the movie comes into the are they -- not a new -- You pulled it. It and I agree. That the again. He's saying now on last night McCartney that shows pretty good and the you know -- -- -- -- LB said he can't stand The Beatles are paid and their music doesn't do anything for me I -- -- it's not entertaining -- -- to listen man and like I said there's there's only two Beatles left you know. So it's not really done Beatles -- and Ringo is like kinda half left to Amanda I don't know if he's even like fully left -- Medicare isn't I appreciate the fact that he in New Jersey is not -- -- -- musically just hours ago Kelly did sing a song last night that it. -- -- When -- thing I get island little help from my friend that I definitely yeah. And you know let you know again that he's cute some people say they some people say that he didn't think you do now. There's only it last night yeah. While McCartney thinks it. Bunny -- ransacked and claimant to form a confused confident that the artist. The -- you listen to the show and I am I okay a man. Yes so I mean but some people say greatest band of all time greatest rock and roll band of all time The Beatles. Think total between me and him. -- thank you liked and didn't eat but. Makes 23 AM. You know aren't our. Well. And now. That Africa. -- had a good I don't know TH. Five or six pieces a state can. -- -- -- the army like Clint Eastwood saved the man's life over the weekend at the Pebble Beach pro am now they would I was choking on a piece of cheese. And thirty -- saved his life as the man said. Seems to -- Palestinian. Yeah -- and you would literally have been doing the show boat -- -- -- -- actually Newton show this fall -- that you let opening for the show -- they went. And that it. -- -- was everything for 25 years to -- for the same -- first 25 years and I know what you want. All of but it tactical and say yeah. This. Afternoon. Yeah turns out that that was not a fact. That the average male. Loses the six leaders of swept through this -- that shocked and surprised. I was smacked with not act earlier this morning. 704. He had very Great Britain. Ordered -- -- -- -- -- They should make you're gonna products that they make French ends. And I'd have to try that question is that what we know we're gonna bonds exposed before that I want to that it should do what change chasing is that a lot of it happens there's a national TV gold by yes and -- I had 2 PM. Because he didn't planned landing and then. And. -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. Because she doesn't have other couple. I'm I'm not a liberator reveal information of up at the Colombo and expect app that -- -- Here's a tax 339 Texas says that Clint Eastwood thing is a set up he could barely stand up and he's -- a guy up three times now given in the Heimlich. That's gotta be some kind of a set up okay. -- he's put him outside -- John Wayne probably there's the next best greatest cowboy ballpark but please could yeah yeah. Always I always say you write about that pack abs absolutely absolutely. True. Are there every day within that they. And now let's not let that that that that. Six England old man. Don't mean nothing there that. My old mud that's a -- that the trademark and that's. The government -- experience that would although the copyright C is what connect my gonna have to incorporate by not. -- lineup throughout putative accidentally brushed up against someone court. What might not real and someone's and that's going to have to worry about him and don't think you can -- my love of all they have -- Old whoa oh whoa is mind oh that boosted that relief -- is not enough they can compete. Under that. Yeah -- back my nets you know what might not guy laid off for a little while and I I think it was very effective. -- Anna -- you know you don't know you don't miss Syria you don't miss not until they're gone it's going to be Danielle that him. You know I didn't realize how much IA IA analyst Bob how fond I was of my knots and L don't mind that's are back you bet in on a sand. All right nice work on my -- yeah yeah. Here's the number to call it like to beyond this morning 617. -- 93101. AAF. We are going to go inside the simple male mind in just a moment or two with the LB. I'm always amazed. By. Here is not true is that 978. Texas says so greatest my notes call -- well.