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Comedian Iliza Shlesinger

Feb 7, 2014|

The winner of Last Comic Standing in 2008 stopped in to talk about her show at The Wilbur, and also a few other things, she even brought her dog Blanch who fell in love with Danielle of course.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. LB would you mind grabbing your girlfriend -- you guys -- Getter in the air. Here's the number to call have you liked to beat. On the show this morning 617931. One AA 6179311223. Or you can tax tax line is 97. 107. None coming up Mike Hsu -- we'll go outlook. A lot of players -- well look at this life this is like. So. Coming up ten might chill. Will. Go commercial free for over an hour and I think we may we may join him. The morning how are you can now tell me about the dog because -- you're you -- issue get the dog and here in the knowing that the deal is that as you listening to your guy doesn't another security guys I was I think admitted that I don't know. Some hard on when you walking like anything your paperwork. Make sure my do you think you're the first like only -- Maria how many gifts you give blood and -- -- that we have the doubt about it you think you're. If you think the first like middle management guy like a three dollar suit it's like to ask me. Like for paperwork on my dog they are -- here's some BS paper or judges or restart I got anxiety whatever I again and might be a letter that I used for airlines and anyone else would harass and is so what is he like. A non medically qualified person like okay this checked out I. -- do with your with your middle school education you're able to verify this. Mean like I see your letter like Nancy -- smile daily quoted him -- is yet to get super seriously bro nice green sweater on what little bought that little -- How very clear that they hypothetically I mean this could be -- habit then it's not depth. Particular security guys downstairs and tonight about who aren't here that doc is what you got things -- blanch and so it's for anxiety. -- -- a -- a -- on here Africa helping him any minute doubling now you're going to -- -- -- -- you could be diagnosed with. That it's not biggest public record of like a doctor diagnosed as you yeah everyone got anxieties -- only thing I like epilepsy or some and I tyrant for man 1% of the -- Right which is probably not meaning to dog. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They still have liked her -- heat lamps where the people have to go on comment yeah that's how they treat me when that you must have -- whenever they have heard this and easily. -- Yeah how they do you PM Saturday on here who will. Electric shock therapy after that are they gonna get a blood letting other -- Yeah like a -- bottom how uncomfortable so I came in this morning. Hey hey I'm. Just to me I need any death fifty united TP heat lamp a match you holes and my penis like. You get a flare up here in new Burger King like I just stay under your -- warming lamp to -- -- want to date a it's what do we -- -- just by an MRI emergency she's lost so we microwave and. Did you find there are several apparently never yeah like herpes the end positive singles dot com -- Friday -- earlier I mean I'm like America to America -- really should get it usually get that aren't hard all your -- got the -- Atlanta where you have you're desperate -- she could sign and that website there after it it's just a little thing -- -- picture now. That was sure what you know -- I mean every now -- I didn't -- the pressure -- -- not anymore and I didn't mean the fact if you look at the fact you're still hot in person and a warning its onslaught tells you -- a mile walk you know I'm glad I mean you're Smart show I I don't -- villiers no joke you know it's trying to do is -- years. Now make it to the top five seconds -- I don't think -- -- -- what happened out of my game -- no woman listening if there are in fact any last. Is it we join me smile from us now I've got a -- And right now our case poses a Democrat or any act as guides I look we have I don't drive. The only woman listening to this is loving hearing you call I was emotion wears a gripping their steering wheels on the ninth on line and just -- high. I eat her ice there's not a real -- -- -- funny aren't hot. I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- Limit -- -- EC this thing over Jerry Seinfeld is different and -- -- yet you are you and I are currently there are electronic notification your pitcher who cares I need to -- -- -- -- -- -- professional -- yeah he's -- -- and then they never lets -- line. Could this mean you guys give me a return Danielle go to Jamaica bank. I. It is showed me naked woman healthy and Christian and that's a -- in the Christian teacher who got fired for doing you know what it which is overrated and I still think also. Let's find I think he's mandatory markets we will take a nice one and ultimate champion mandatory every once you have to have to put up and everyone should have a naked self. Say it's an idea it was thing ever. Right we do it I would in a heartbeat how I. It is it not fun making people comfortable. It's off I'm making -- -- compromising ABC return on and then they're the owners would make. Democrats. Used to cover my comedy album I'm pretty much naked on -- his deliberately yeah easy in the to a good thing here -- know solve the three game really well that's it is notice -- outbreak that -- thoughts about that I do that I can drop a quick don't really want it out. -- -- -- Now did you know LB's the -- the NHL. -- depression yeah I know. Yeah and I used to be people that was my job I really isn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I appreciate you being here you're welcome from the once sent out specialized all the -- is that you weren't -- Saskatoon why -- -- I grew up five hours north to Saskatoon and they they're not -- it's a nightmare province -- -- identity or delight hire people just smoked particular small drills is there to do screw. -- -- -- As you know there in the winter this summer and -- I -- showed an east side Mario's and like the most cobble together comedy festival besides Mario originate from there. You and Mary let don't let your money there yes how people will work tonight -- tonight 1 show 10 o'clock okay -- conceding left in the toilets so hum. The -- is not a Tennessee's last. But there might be -- I don't know. But 10 o'clock and I and went -- In college so -- -- right on the street the unglamorous and how calm I was gonna ask you both sides though because you know yes he has that show. Comedians talk I -- are in the car and everybody's all over him because he hasn't had any women or minorities on it. He did he did interview. Recently and gawker did a whole thing about it. Com where he was basically did the point is in his days isn't it funny is funny I'm on interested. Eat I don't think he meant a manager -- -- -- woman -- her minority his point was like I'm not gonna garment waited. Interview some more than just because of their skin color or their gender and yeah I imagine if someone were brought to his attention or maybe he was. More active like in a comedy seem like a little beneath him and I mean that like in the nicest way like he's at the pinnacle of comedy night that I'm sure I'll be fine I think comedy is like. The last -- where it isn't about. It's not about what minority you are artists not about come expecting all operative -- -- -- -- It's eluding me diapers and yeah we need more diversity to -- -- It's strictly gives you it doesn't matter and there are plenty of black funny comics and FEMA as a couple funny female comics and immediate force people laugh at something yeah. Just because of who's telling that joke he would laugh but it just because I told you hear -- that was a woman and that's weird so I mean he's wrong and that. But funny is funny so you think it's harder for women to be funny because like people think we have women -- funny I can't find anyone Dickerson -- less than last do you think here's the thing I actually. I would. I -- be harder if you were like a 31 year old white guy to do stand has. Every comic is like a 31 year old white guy I know what girls get this through your head if your funny it will be easier free. And I hope model line up and there's twenty. And I'm funny I'm gonna stand out more than the other guys even if they're black and white because I'm the only girl to -- to stop reading terrible jokes about. About one night stands in condoms and like gross things to write something like original about yourself yeah. Yeah that's my biggest pet -- or guys do it too like every guy is still energy moved through any. North and you were on the radio relates and a good -- I'm on the music like I everybody kind momentarily opera and it's like. Forty -- original spot and that's what makes people successful that is stealing a lot of frontier yeah. People do that -- Either way I would -- Funny is funny and other matter what you think it's money it's your own opinion so who do you think. It we'll see by the way LB maybe you are correct here but that Sarah Silverman and Chris Rock we're both on. Are comedians out and RS I know -- you think it's funny for -- when he said there's a couple funny women. Pulled down soon. Well I'll. -- She's -- she's funny I never -- volatile so as analyst in the latest greatest story ever Nassau the last summer went back yes I have about a bar there aren't there and some land back to back around my unit to my -- commander and architect my mom that -- back there to run the bar whatever the -- -- real story on Assad to recycle and then. So is yeah it's I saw it return to go back to -- -- outside Germany back from the public mile man whatever. And I went on Saturday the following senator we fought the whole week in my dad's big guy we're almost suspect most are. Saturday morning Paula -- own sons on a morning show in Canada making fun of the Canadian. Flag in the National Anthem in my my helmet and six by fortitude not in his underwear screaming at the television there's capitalistic America and that's our economic -- not funny my big -- Hamachi. It's she's a comedian -- she's posted and then. I left where Americans as rosary -- your -- -- to respond well -- I love I was on -- -- passionate awesome for me it was never so much about stand up as much as it was always like people. Like growing up there was always -- kids in the hall -- the of maybe Canadian women of color. Jim Carrey Chris Farley Adam Sandler. I really like sketch comedy so and -- -- know it's rather a lot of great comic about like Joan Rivers. Give her a lot of credit I watched a documentary yeah I mean and on the sheet credit for me yeah I'm trying to sell Alec finally just the experience is like a millionaire like these -- information out. But I give her credit and we watched a documentary and you don't feel so alone -- -- -- really serious note but I watched that -- -- -- -- the morning eating ham out of the bag because they. Probably run on the anxiety -- big time him -- that I'll -- him now I have a closet I -- he's different they'll upload that's good and because it that's all. You look at what chubby fingers after -- billions of your toes any line but Texas that I didn't properly introduce our guest -- -- you did you firfer. For several moments earlier I -- -- Buy you one now last comic standing. I did in 2008 and I do wanna go on record as saying that's super great accomplishment. It's a pretty big deal that's great but it was 2008 and so I never walk normally this is here. Blue man. I never accident last. Let me. Oh yeah I challenged on the. It's always feel they -- like big Al Bundy went into scored more touchdowns and a single game you have football. And so it's super cool but I am -- definitely not resting on laurels she Wear the jerseys have a Jersey retired what I got my comments I can't remember it now unwind when a number -- number 11 of the Protestant America. So one of the guys -- lost. That season he is a total pain in the ass and up we're going to phase in -- -- but he didn't get any lingering. And he put out we -- have -- put out a comedy alum and -- while we're on -- when he called second to none. And I know I thought I'd throw like a bit get sucked into one -- It's estimated that he had done that off. I -- mom are you like an Olympic. Watcher we do like watch the Olympics there. It's on like in a hotel bar yeah -- the Winter Olympics aren't as exciting as the Summer Olympics. And like from a personal platform means so issuing yet like come on guys like get with that. And they try to brand -- Bonnie yeah it's because I think the Greeks used to be anoint a lot about south African -- I'm pretty sure that's -- A great. The UI that's a problem that he nightmare country Angela you know are you go to -- an -- Hello this is so the whole thing is awful and -- mark my words I said Islamic Twitter and went. They're they're not they're not cooperating with our government -- got a friend that works in our government. Defense Department and music -- not cooperating -- those -- not. Giving us any of their planes so we can't properly do security is they won't let us and I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They've always been sneaky. Ever since the moon thing that after. We got a person. Comrades at this at this what do you think about Amy Schumer attacks he says she's a lovely girl we recently did a show together in Pittsburgh. Yeah Sandra yeah she's very sweet. Was there Doug was Doug Benson on -- season of last comic standing all these questions can be for the most were answered with a symbol Google search a -- and. No no and I don't I love down that until my name tag and has on your door -- the. -- they banned the yogurt because it's this fruit on the bottom. The -- bottom without running that out of my undermine the liquidity into. I'm all open with -- tonight I Wilbur yes allies -- tonight. And you come back to Boston a lot of me like -- home so now. Do you do you stand out to people like from college and cameras in Vietnam we born here. No I was born and now -- I was born Manhattan but I'm from Dallas Texas Dallas Texas got some friends that you know that -- -- on LA but I came back Emerson. I think a year after last comic is they gave me award for last comic standing again -- award for winning an award owe you one last comic standing I dad and everybody when we know is that why is he doesn't paint and we are still holding that I -- I am and I was number one thing people are tuning in right now like what a horrible. -- -- get over it and -- with the amateur 2008. So watch out who this I -- out of he should want. But I love Boston and I hate it's a great city those cities that like -- -- -- like it's like Chicago and known guy and bad to say about Boston. Everyone liked Boston guys at New Yorkers need -- he's you know I think Boston has come to New York I don't think you want your criminal act yeah. And -- are -- Monaco and there is a lot of is is Melissa McCarthy funny areas she just funny because she's -- the text to assess people don't know it's totally subjective that does that suggest that I never -- -- originally and it's naturally I think it funny that -- -- -- but I do think she's funny yeah I do I mean I think any Netflix. I do think a lot of Chris Farley's brilliance was in the way he moved that much weight should that elegantly but -- Do think she's funny I do now and he lists like self deprecating Christian you have to be. The big part of it being funny if they know exactly what you look like whether good or bad -- I'm not fat. And I'm not ugly so I can't go to work against you because if I feel Fallon I can't go on stage. And -- and talk about feeling back is no one's gonna. Feel that the you have to almost be self deprecating and and reference what you look like you to be hyper aware yeah. The worst console comes onstage like I know I look at the love -- between. Bill Clinton in Morgan Freeman or something like no never I also don't be terrific human were able to make a -- and I am more amazed at a packet you like scientifically existent I was the fact that you look I don't know Clinton almost agreement that it. He's had a baby probably is saying and Russia would crumble if you ever hear do you ever -- would Leno Jerry and I think John. Nobody in the room went in and -- I never well and not as halo fan now I mean what he's done you know I'm gonna ask you while the work on -- -- eco. I enjoyed yeah I I am going to be and I -- Jimmy Fallon and I will be on it again I've got my half. We had a talk with them recently as about a gotta go yeah I think he's great and I think he's you know it's. Jay leno's great and now it's time for new generation and he's completely different though. Really different totally -- -- via yeah he's great you know following. This is this is -- -- off. -- I go to. Read it she is it just blew out much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She did not. That that it should. You -- repeated again I I know what he's got to consider what wasn't dead. Don't choke up don't go about it. And it is trying to be funny and didn't they kind of look mistress seeing here. I -- here is no idea I heard exactly what he didn't say he was. Trying to makes a joke about. A comedian and not Q well no I haven't been an even -- our neighbors are you repeating it really doesn't help the poorest in Gaza. -- -- -- I made by knowing I've literally -- does not even when trying to -- -- appointment as you know it was somebody you never I never been pregnant like this is ever going to be -- -- -- talk about it I am I am not pregnant I do have a daughter and James -- she's in my lap announcer now she's along your dogs and you know loves the -- yes he can tell you it's coming. What they believe another diagnosed after I -- her -- is is an element. Yeah it's accurate -- if you could just feel good and all I know well no kid on the person I know that's not where your dog the dog the dog it just went directly to you -- he did the tears on the inside again. Please feel that I can actually grab the great gripping went by her nipple she's like don't get my -- McDonald. I don't think -- don't you know catch up and down I need to hit behind a crazy dog lady if your dog is stunning as mine and didn't well who wouldn't be attached that -- -- you should have a comfort -- she does have a -- well and a -- I don't know if it's like is -- on my weight Adobe certified there as a therapy and on the night stroll on in your 1990 -- government they're -- white doberman and a that's like even more German than a regular government right. Does that ever get tough to blond hair up. That's and we look a little bit but again I think for -- -- I'm not that I know is that I don't like to present a little crazy I am quite dormant I might still be -- to the rescue. -- -- Rescue if you lose and -- -- -- -- -- and around her and -- at a level. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. It's gonna hurt. Exit only just coming home to my god let's just getting them all my bench relaxing the little -- I think trying to get up my leg and here's a little guys like you -- -- She was trying to get off the l.s lap and Danielle is holding onto your -- before. You know you're gonna slowly on the hall. And I when she liked that idea -- enjoy yeah I know she noticed. Is that girls are doing -- room guys I have day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know why here's the thing let's drop the act. Everybody has -- NC Graham and Twitter and we'll take pictures and the subtext of every picture you -- -- look at me. Look -- -- -- look what I'm doing so that's like that's a given if you're putting the picture result out there you're projecting an image so let's not act like that's not what social media -- for the whole thing it's just very like you naked pictures of course any picture picture of yourself a great -- That's what is answer to act like he's anything but that I think it's an execution. You know do you say what it is they like look at QB I look or. I have -- Tumblr that I started and the ideas and I take hot girl pictures from from answer -- in and week as the car it's always like suddenly naked -- with like eight hits and she's like. The lead when it's sunny out and -- -- -- -- -- look at my giant they knock -- after the -- so I just take a look at my moves -- look at the you know and say nothing but don't make it about something in the -- -- this copycat that's hot like I see your Regina the I. Having no one's buying it hooker at the I think I -- everyone doesn't look at my face -- -- a -- hotel manager -- because my parents -- I got -- -- -- a couple of -- and says -- -- my new shirt. You know like we assess the club owner Darren PS guys don't -- pictures of your voters know girl yeah. Everybody wants to three now so it's at allies I LI ECA subject this -- my -- And analyze them. Roloson were it's really nice medium -- and I realized I needed thanks for having me on a day I played him a polarity and could Daniel keep your dog for the day or didn't dignity and need to -- Algebra player you know I didn't know I didn't know that assaults. And he knows some dogs alike on a pause yeah -- has so this is a sad thing we want walking I was so excited to return to Newbury Street non college and I finally a money losing college you walk by the windows -- one day. More important than there was yesterday. And she was so cold. And the salt was the burning upon an idea zipper up in my coat and walk with her in the visions like the saddest thing like she is -- handle the elements like a spoiled California -- are now hearing such. They used to as it was and -- -- -- is cute you know -- is going to be I think I think she like you'll be although I can tell that's terror and it's always a little -- Jeremy doesn't make such a hot the next. Credit I don't we'll learn -- ten and I. Say thank you -- thank you guys guys nice to have you here.