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LB's Award Winning Sports Minute

Feb 5, 2014|

Lb's sports minute covering the Bruins vs Canucks, Russell Wilson's pre-game speech and details of the Seahawks victory celebration.

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Not for nothing symbol 48 and -- Seahawks riding in like a rent to deal bracelet says the -- of the sports minute. I was laser show there. These Vancouver there at the garden last night stand that to get -- -- got -- done together us. That's Willis family. I've done that was the only tandem highlight after that boy -- Johnny -- put day laser pass on not on a stick of Danny play and he -- people who want a little like a rented mule. It -- through. After the these are revenge her sister lives in Vancouver in December Dellucci scored as well. To address finishes point seven saves and that victory. So what's left for the the boys have the -- back of the garden Saturday. Both our games will be without captain Zdeno Chara. He'll be -- the Slovakian -- flag. Thursday at the Olympic opening ceremonies were soft he was called up yesterday a play for big Z to moral. And Saturday joining Z for the Russian winter games to go Rask -- Ericsson. David -- -- and trees birdied Bergeron opening ceremonies from Sochi. I think are two more -- the Austrian Olympic Committee has received a kidnapping letter. Threatening to take -- Bruno debt chilled and skeleton pilot Geneen flicked it away we go. With the freak show. Celtics are in Philly tonight they take on the 76ers tipoff 7 o'clock Greenway have won just four. In their last 2.3 five the last one was Sunday Atlanta journal Gerald Wallace is back after dealing with a death in the family and Danny Ainge. Until tomorrow night at midnight to sign or lose swing man. Chris Johnson Seattle Seahawks will celebrate their first ever Super Bowl title. -- above 400000 fans it's gonna start under the needle. And I guess everybody all the twelve manners are going to be out in joint concert first ever so our quarterback Russell Wilson said yesterday. His pregame speech last -- why not us. I got up there just said you know why not us we have all the players who got the great. Got this great special teams we have great coaching staff and feel like necessarily get the best fans in the world why not us let's go do it and I and sure enough we did. Next up for the NFL the draft Houston has the number one pick overall. -- are looking at Texas -- quarterback Johnny football man selling Florida's Blake. Portals so do you believe Richard Sherman when he says that they were able to. Figure out every one. -- hand signals and that's why they were able women can now that crack this code but not now and hopefully that. No I think that this Seattle defense -- played smash mouth football. And Payton did not have his best game OK but I do love kicking a dog when he's down on any -- you aren't -- -- making him feel like it's completely his ball effect because you're so -- and have -- Pay him. -- also wires are Pro Bowl receiver Larry FitzGerald restructured his deal with the cards. For cap space or trade great we'll see what happens to back college hoops Providence beat saint John's. 86 every six last night tonight BC Virginia being used it may be UMass. Has a LaSalle at home. Like my -- Jack Edwards likes to save a couple. A Dali Lama sportsman you know marked -- 45 and WA AF.