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Hill-Mail 2-5-14

Feb 5, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours talking about the snow and our dear Governor.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- its online and on your schedule until today asked. But now each unit junior talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- made out. They don't let Morgan go with your own good you know that could have -- felt bad. -- -- -- -- On WA and all good for the fifth -- the bullet -- all right. Today's hill mail messages brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you dessert. Visit them on route one the auto mile or online. At Cadillac nor would it. Dot com. Tuesday 728. Again. It okay again now. Our community here in our yard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you go off. Don't allow mr. marbles. -- -- -- you -- how their marbles and Dennis. Found. You know I talked about it now courts he would coincidental -- plans like that to what else you can agree that that race experiment -- that Japanese you know scientists that. -- -- tell this -- -- that it sucks. I'm gonna tell mr. nice and it's wonderful you know year. You know here here in Europe her. Thirties and and and no Mitt Mitt Mitt -- man any you know you're in your mid thirties and not married if you're talking to your plants in your cats I mean that's now. I -- life to grow and blog publish audio -- yes I am though yet the nice thing. Community center in Cleveland Indians. -- but a lot of -- drive -- They -- the road tomorrow after all know what. Into -- automatic now. This got a text from somebody who asked the snow shoe were on memorial drive. Please get out of the run away because somebody is trying to use the roadway for what for which for that which was intended as vehicle yet. I actually tweeted a picture. Somebody from Cambridge a listener. Sent over a picture of -- guy riding his bike down the down the street Cambridge quit and asked and middle of the of the look at this list importing more celebrity doesn't -- -- -- -- courage and in a -- pollute -- and -- -- Massachusetts. He's using his discretion according to an employer yes using his discretion. Can Tony my own code six old man. No corrections they pick Colgate 300 -- -- with a prosthetic leg. Did not jump into a -- lumbered to go there and maybe squeak into Japan definitely put into them part of it but it's not -- And that they've that they find the one legged man in south -- who was. Slashing times I don't believe they found him yet this idea that he's still on the -- guess he's still on the Greg is still on the block if it's they still if yes I'll bet he's still on the -- yes -- police are looking for a one legged. 300 pound man who was slashing tires conceit which cannot fit though when O'Leary's -- The old -- driving a powder the powder blue van ice cream trucks powder blue eyes are not 200 that. -- I -- 36 AM. They're already. Pretty woman then -- -- When you're a little walker went pretty bill picked up a pair of how important that all. We don't you couldn't very well that may overload the current rate would come into it. -- -- -- that pressure on Disney yet to create. A a chubby princess so that they're not pressuring young girls. Or creating. A negative body image for those who maybe you'll have to. Husky Hasan asking how -- you -- not husky our group of young girls grow grow out of debt and equity motion just wouldn't let down we talked about this yesterday. There's several people who say Disney on create a that princess Salah Al Lowe -- Brad. Good morning everybody it's very very good at it that don't -- well I think now they are remote well. Apprehended. I guess you -- I would hope so via the -- that'll -- get a track where nobody. -- LB knows about that. Very frustrating when anyone just Serbia one more drink damn right I mean what can as well. Doesn't one well but I Philly guys -- Peña in how you are you know some people gives it's what 68300 parents death if you get a buzz on twelve Beers right. Yeah on crickets not current core unit tell me Yemen tiebreak you know why when you are you guys are pretty assertive and an -- time when I hit it hit the thirty pack -- the. Hey coming up after hill mail. Florida not like the rest of us this morning. No one tells me to stop masturbating in public man that's what's coming out of one that's coming up. And that and why some people are upset about where. An adult nude sleepover -- Have you ever been as an adult -- sleep over every night. I'm not on purpose so that the Clinton may have -- strikingly stumbled into one that. Links and. Let it get -- put that -- the that they go that. Apollo mailbox that that the ball back at them and although. And at that. At all. I mean it's accidental and that and that trying to get a lot the driveways plowed and yet until it's your mailbox -- and the and then -- -- frustrating. -- -- -- They're more more dramatic. A mom won't tell. You won't. Can kick. It. Interconnected. That. It's a crazy story Allen shoot and move into an -- -- process I'm here I mean the visibility is pretty bad I mean I know we like to mock but if you don't have the go anywhere if you read the if you Abbas whose understanding and doesn't want -- is go gill in today here in your nonessential then. Make it easy incident on there's not a lot look at the -- there's nobody I'd like is absolutely nobody on -- yourself that's buses don't like fifteen days ago though the other is going to be here busts you out there there's been -- egg on the only vehicle the but at the only vehicle on the road -- -- Out almost all about. Taxes on cigarettes you haven't spoken since I was that being problem when it yet -- -- that was swapping. What nick about wonder what this state doesn't. Sparked a lot of net taxes they received in -- -- -- And provide -- -- third period everybody that you know. It's gas that you don't you know the smoking companies give money back to the health you know -- cessation for help -- -- is your year earlier helped people. Insurance because of obamacare -- an -- day I think they do. Just got a text from somebody. Who was at the bar. -- that guy in -- in Moscow bureau young talent and they said that he was libelous stuff. I don't -- to that announcement is an idea it was during an -- I could -- a lot faster I this guy's got a text from spanky in my Biden said he. He drinks he's got a Holloway that the I lankans are not as. -- -- -- -- -- -- They've made it to their. -- -- And and while he's from Canada he's lived this for the world this -- that doesn't that you are now pullback -- well bill. What's happening bill. Then when developing the road or what notre I think and the problem wearing. Keep in two will and we will be a quote like I know what. Happened on fifteen an hour. We need to -- but it. Pick people up and -- are now you essential. And try to run well -- that I had -- -- -- -- What did you get we we learned. A while ago that you didn't build that business yourself so why why you get some of the people who built that business for data show up and you take the aftermath. Well I'm gonna go by and crushed by. My foot. Well that would not that illegal aliens jobs somebody in shove somebody out of the way colorectal. -- -- -- -- Yeah that -- thought -- was -- so you can't show up and -- that call yet. With 7-Eleven that a a cup of coffee and not look simple and it just got very -- that I it was a very good group for 95 -- -- And it will -- the fact that. -- -- cool down wedlock. That's election. Went out. -- understand it. And the problem -- that you didn't completely edit 911. Because. What that you know the crowd. They've got their vehicle like I can organize a bit different vehicle. That they'll let them when it went one reported that if there is there any more than about 38. -- you know and it. These are you I don't put that on the public careless I think that was a good I'm Tony I think that was fine again on our US -- right now you cannot. That's just great I love people well ready or you're on for many mind of -- lane -- I think higher way. And you park your car and get out now trying to help of fellow leave it to the professionals people how to help a fellow human being out my -- -- -- You can Tibetan people who couldn't have been and what has happened right here who -- On the weekend because during the week. Pulpit what he thought he -- Don't get that fixed -- It's so which knowing look at the traffic online there is zero green anywhere on any of the traffic maps and everything is yellow and then like. Recorded seven is red -- yes so did you look at that accident there's no notes about it no doubt the astronauts morning's. -- 41 AM. I -- -- compact containment and that I'm -- panic hit ethnic hate I think it's great they didn't make it seem pretty critical state because. Important and unimportant people can't say -- what spoke at camp hope because for the now in the tank and I think we bipolar bad. And that message. And we don't Harold and bears you're from the governor. Whether you're important or not important you don't have to go in today high school he had. 200 complaining about -- can you believe that. And a message. Well I think. Thank god this Sunday's storms -- in a mile to two feet that they said it was going to be an -- us we'll try to get the try to get Nellie I try to get -- on this morning but I think she's doing live shots left and right so maybe she'll join us later. What -- oh yeah oh yeah. How -- -- -- You know I had. And that message. It's -- you got plenty alive tell our. An off day today channel seven a beyond live till midnight yet had called everybody and immediately get ahead get to seven -- -- -- right now we are we need a live shot from loyal since the our shared with them cut -- -- -- man on the totem ball and now we know did we can't give an opportunity behind me and it dinghy out not out in the ocean I'm -- getting -- discovered. Just listen to local means that the.