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Is it Fact or is it Schmact

Feb 5, 2014|

In this edition of Is It Fact or is it Schmact we learn how long a pig can orgasm for, Disney movie using the word vagina, and who was allowed to eat PB and J.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Or about play. Faction smacks with -- LB. And the prize today. Since the skiing is fantastic this year trouble lift tickets for Kim and mounted. So even though I know that your your you're driving five to seven miles an hour if you have to go to work this morning you can still play. Backs which -- with us call now and Omar -- line -- up for the game. 6179311. AA -- 6179311. AA app if you listen to LB. And WA AF sports minute. Then you know that facts are very important. To Linda Smith and this -- This -- this is got up first this morning hello Scott. And I got to work today. Yeah I. Bet that now would you do. I. -- -- -- other -- that never did bring what I'm in no way. What do you what do you selling like what what do you guys sell the you have to be open during this the one. Saying yeah. Everybody bread milk Wal-Mart candles a young man who -- -- -- -- -- got you just heard hopefully. About Maine. Way life shouldn't be. So this morning. Bomb when it comes to facts she -- The orgasm. Of a pig. It lasts for over thirty minutes. Fact or should act Scott. That could be. Audible com. And it's back. Well ha ha you know -- dark. Every period united sloppy with the guys and gals left cut pro clarity commanding officer. I've got very too that's just how water all day out -- -- -- into the -- variety why would I would think about I would hazard to guess if you think about the female -- -- -- she has a litter of like 1012 piglets yeah there's got to be a lockdown of the man seems so I would say that. Really confident that the area away at them and then think well I'll let you work you mention that to yeah. So you're saying facts data give her back to that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I count how are you working today. I. Probably -- you do that essential that the -- You know a nightly got a view and then. Guys the first movie. Who use the word. Vagina. Was a Disney movie that came out in 1946. Fact or smacked. -- -- -- -- bearish. Smacked that one I I did on offering have been everywhere he said Disney right Disney had a big big walker at zero respect for the woman but yes so I'm gonna go on the -- back to think that -- a factor and how -- you are correct. Yeah that he was involved. The story of administration. Who thought oh that's beautiful then Japan Italy Italy and -- -- these yeah -- W scenario of minutes the story of your and the intensity -- this -- The film strip -- a is that -- the -- employees Smith yeah us. Then -- it was a long and the industry -- it -- -- these these women like they would with you have to go through its discount paying following the top. I don't Tom thank you for playing faction -- this morning. You're what I do you have the portrait. -- In the early nineteen hundreds Tom and -- eight. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich was considered a delicacy. Only enjoyed by 1% -- because of the cost of peanut butter. Back to war. -- -- -- -- Under the safe bet you that what -- wildly. Well because I was zest to retire it would -- great Billy Carter. The peanut man the -- we all know the president's brother. Who you know -- farmer from Georgia you got it from George jock what I'm gonna say I grew that it's that it is yes I would I would believe that. I was the south back in the day yeah so I would believe it'll only be being whites would get the peanut butter and jelly turning this into -- -- -- to settle the race card out and they can't thank god that's so old school well not everybody can enjoy it is a fact. Among the idea. And butter and -- -- worse than what about it was indeed a delicacy in the early nineteen hundreds. -- -- No we don't -- bud. Are you drive and are wary of yet to drive with what rodeo. God -- Brooke you know now actually how bad. Is -- the bad. It sucked via. Yeah I actually traffic out there the minutes of any. Choo choose -- the the first NFL half time show featured a performing true. -- -- cycle writers and trained monkeys tactic or should -- Rule. Creation act on the back. Out here I would I mean if that would have been a Super Bowl halftime show this year are you -- been outstanding -- that's what I did an outstanding I'm gonna coach Mac guy you -- -- That. It probably would have been. More. Realistic that may have chili peppers not playing their instruments the at all though there with their guitars not plugged in direct -- right. Actually act we have one one player left here this morning during -- acts. And he that it is Jen hello jam at the pageant happy Jim -- how he and Jen get the work today. I do I'm -- right now what would you do. I'm a bit but enact OK all that's yeah okay Larry very essential -- back. Not just an NHL rules. Date that if all of the teams' goalies are injured during a game anyone. He including someone in the stands. Can suit up and play goalie that the family. Mac unit that backed NRC leaker with quietly. It's in the yeah you can read guy at the press box if you czar in his suit -- come down and they would delay because it down and let him suit suit does yes it is an act antibody level yes. Game anybody can play -- -- everywhere power being got to get her dad. And some of them probably could've done a better job for the Vancouver Canucks plus. I thought I thought that the all right. That is our game which is called to action Max here at WA AF.