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LB's Award Winning Sports Minute

Feb 4, 2014|

Two days after the big game the Vegas odds are already out, the Bruins take on the Canucks at the Garden tonight and the Sochi Olympics are right around the corner.

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Not for nothing symbol 48 and -- Seahawks riding -- like a rented mule bracelet says enjoy the sports men. It was laser show. Suitable for years history and again -- had the view which was it was worldwide it was great deals like. Most viewed TV show. In American TV history with a 111 point five million viewers. 200000 more viewers than last year's Super Bowl simple 49ers out in Glendale Arizona -- -- took -- while the wind. There's in Vegas this morning Seahawks -- goes through -- six to one favorites. Separate Cisco is a 701 favorite. And I guess -- -- was over like a 110 million dollars bet in Vegas stuff on this Super Bowl and I biggest may have won nine email. Now I'd I know I'm not sure there's I mean. I'm just checking on your facts Williams say most viewed television show ever was it truly doubt there wasn't the most viewed sporting events ever. You now know a day after I mean how closely watched TV program the US has so there be anything like Brett slice sign belt I don't know -- Everything any of that out. Yeah you know like I did this right I just -- the information out and I -- I know it's some cash Hasan Jamal just throwing so well John you're right I -- -- you you're a 100%. Indeed that fact steal our facts I got it. And so now what do you think that was do you think that some that do it. Broncos. I think that I think it had everything to do an interactive -- it was. The big East -- people love. The super ball yeah it was in New York so everybody in the East Coast watched it everybody in this in Central America watch it because it was Denver. And then everybody. What do granola in the ground founders out in the west that wouldn't watch it because. There wouldn't have been one of their teams from the north -- they often did so. That maybe critics. Better pitchers weren't there Houston might my first place Bruins host Vancouver to back tonight at 7 o'clock over the garden. Cannot sit in fourth place on the west the Pacific division behind out of three -- teams the last two -- last night the motor city wings. These last 62 in -- back in December 2013. Brad Marchand he loves affected these guys so don't like each other. We've been talking a vote. -- in the right away and and had a successful leading into the Olympic break -- this and -- against big test for us before for the straight start. Gallagher I was actually -- talking about getting on a roll and -- to the Olympic break. I've marsh -- it is your site look resemblance -- I think this stuff isn't patient -- -- and they have a frost anytime you're playing team within your own hands you have the feeling if it's good team will also make sure it was so hard to and that -- decision say that they kind of hate everything you were here on this. I -- -- David Forsythe gives up -- for captain Zdeno Chara who's gonna miss. These I think it's three game set tonight to Thursday in Saint Louis Saturday. Against Ottawa backup guard because he's carrying his country's Olympic flag during. Thursday's opening ceremonies over in Sochi -- jobs pretty cool that is way cool the data breast -- Thursday in Saint Louis Saturday here at home and then it's on seventeen to seventeen days off for the boys so. Be nice and there are there on a roll nice when streak. Less than 62 be talking under way BC northeastern. Beat up on do you -- and Harvard Huskies to get sixty bite out of the crimson early and at 8 o'clock Eagles. Be terriers. It was a 31 -- wind jump -- Monday six days from now next Monday night I met next bloody day and night. I'm so struck until they take on the suddenly sixers in Philly mourners. Former upside shocker Daniel Bard is hooked on with the Texas Rangers I got a minor league deal on the invite to training camp thanks for nothing Bobby Valentine. Daniel Bard well on his way to being had paid a very good closer and getting a big time payday as setup man or closer. And -- -- to reduce our directors and directors bring in wrecked his crews try to get back on track. As -- we mentioned earlier pitchers and catchers just 1010 days where so are the five top -- -- -- -- called troops Arizona last. The Kelso Syracuse is not top the heat as far as coach who goes in number one which saucy number two wildcats dropped to number three. Like my -- Jack Edwards likes to -- a couple of a Dali -- -- Zero point 545 on WA AF.