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Hill-Mail 2-4-14

Feb 4, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours as Peyton Manning takes more abuse, vagina weights, and the cafeteria worker who threatened to shoot staff over cookies.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on. Hand on your schedule at WAM. It's now each -- return to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians hill man. Let's get so much for this fight pocket that you thought about every day I don't remember it by I like to see if there was but Liza you're -- -- I thought -- great what I want but I -- On WAA. And I. Bay hill mail messages today brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve visit them on route one the auto mile or on line. At Cadillac Norwood dot com get a beautiful brand new facility down there and just asked for my buddy -- -- he will take care viewing get you into the Cadillac that you. Deserve here by the best all mail messages of the previous 24 hours. 7:14. -- What are the -- -- Peyton Manning. And they expect -- I'm yeah. And a brand. -- -- or -- that's a tough into the death under seven for -- and then. Art -- -- in the top eight men and and I want a little -- -- -- -- no apparent courage really to -- opera can't keep current the current court opera content that. And my performance last night and Super Bowl I don't think I'm ever gonna get an important part here and followed the terrible. -- ordered an opera can't. And they said did. So last night the Wilson's gonna -- public hundred million bucks endorsements for win and that's admirable what should only make it 600 grand Catholic public yeah he gets well I think. He's got married camp every negotiators deal to laughter next year -- really doubt that a new certainly new CBS center definitely got to keep you can't renegotiate until your third year and so he's he's fallen down 600 G. If he was guy he was courtside to Brooklyn nets came last technology museum beyond all hang out utilities he probably is going to be his agent. -- you know I mean is that how he's gonna Roth he went as soon bullies -- gas pipe is old is old school -- I don't I honestly I don't think it will hurt Manning's Dorismond stuff they'll -- what. Listen to go into the world -- -- sports and in this portrait was talking about what when he -- you know you -- -- that you think he sounds like a Weiner yeah but I when he said it what I think you not embarrassing right I take it personal. You know it in the world of fashion sports I've -- you don't people believe that if you don't win that the championship. You're a loser. And you know a lot of hard work -- -- some guys say you know played played their whole careers play like. 1015 your careers and don't even make an AFC championship. I mean you know -- you know -- sit well indeed how many thousands like. 60% of the guys did that play in the NFL maybe never even make it to a super boy have -- but Welker said it was embarrassing. But I don't know -- listen I. Again it it's it's how the question was phrased in and how Payton took and I think. You know yes some -- EU be embarrassed to get spank. But can you put -- plated guide ya but you don't use it I would you know you take it personal people mark your career yeah. I'm not a person at all. It's. I would never use that word. A lot of professional football players and their room locker room to put a lot of hard work. And and effort and didn't seem to be good. I think to be here and play that game and sort of -- is an insult to work in truth. And -- that the reason now somebody said. Tom Brady. Seems like a bigger sore loser because he said he wasn't even going to be watching. Right we have a lot of guys don't lot of -- stuff in the army enough for government I'd I was and why when Stanley Cup finals and we -- out if you're not in it you know I don't know why shouldn't. I saw him sometimes just sometimes it felt whenever. And that in 23. And they married then the ball well on my Blackberry. In Maine that doubt -- In Italy and asking them to do with that the the client and he thinks he had. Both -- worked out where. You know it Greer who is. Water. I'm going to let it tough. I had the worst possible scenario develop the other night during the game up. I won a square. Her but it was a charity square. I thought so I I'm not it was. For you know what Aaron lynch about how who runs the great guild foundation -- This Super Bowl it's it's square pool for. To raise money because she's run in the -- -- on Yale and sell then you know when you win the thing. You can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you thought it put the hello Tommy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thought -- heard that comment there. You know that there a lot of football player or not locker room and the problem sure let them. Come out on the field for the moderate and. I guess he I think ideal -- Peyton Manning you know if it be the guy have the greatest year of an -- -- quarterback in the history of the game and that's all for not for everybody just takes a dump on him because he's he's eleven and twelve he's a big. Obvious you know elbow playoff losing quarterback ever multi it just it just sucks when you don't get to deal signed -- that they lost in the Super Bowl that's that's an that's an amazing feat. Here's hoping by the -- text for you how is it not embarrassing. That Peyton Manning lost horribly on the biggest stage in front of millions. How is that not embarrassing and what's -- what's what's what's your greatest moment knowing that that this text thu may not unaudited detects. -- all I'm asking what's the greatest moment airline. You know -- and and -- -- you know why how could be embarrassing. -- so does getting there is I don't hear you yet you get to national champ ship again and get you know in in any sport and you lose 21. You still got the national championship you were still lives of millions of kids and everything did you never get a sniff of what just pumps now you're sitting at home watching -- on TV what are you talking about a bears -- but -- -- -- That the militants and their opening with the -- I think that's -- Absolutely not get a team. Second group who worked extremely hard to put together this radio so it -- like you know the other we weren't given -- -- do what you have unusual possible. And a look at the -- it -- for the company. And that that they're offensive it's insulting. It's like I said earlier the new open will be presented. When it is ready. And not a moment before that is this is -- that is being created or not I don't just you know role roll audio office and you know Willy Nilly haphazardly put something together. A game they did his -- and -- AP OK AKA the sports you what you wanna you wanna MLB I sport guys. IE I will present no art before it's time. I will present no intro before it's time. Like deal like the wine commercials used to say -- -- in old man. That they had -- that. Our article and it didn't I didn't get the potent antidote or create outpouring and what not. Merit on the back to work through that you'll and that people that -- make sure you -- pretty good. And then there is a there is a man disturbing who broke into a mall. To molest the mannequins and his security footage it's on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks you should watch it there. Then this passion that he had to be -- he that it does for the damages for every team Canada. You know really into all -- guys some people are lonely. Here's a Texas says Greg was it embarrassing when you through the first pitch into the dugout. That was not. In the dugout. There was it gets dark. Important before the catcher -- the -- I think he will have a bit like people uses disappointing if it was a disappointing for wishing yes. Here is this is Rick yes hello wreck. Today -- an -- what's up man. I had I wanted to you know I agree with LB announced the -- preface this by saying you know as much crap as we don't want to give LB was the best -- -- Fact the matter is you're in the public -- and athletic. You know at an -- You know number of people that can play at 8 o'clock it is ridiculous than just the same token. You have someone like Peyton Manning was already in that school buddies at that top percentile of that tiny percentage out. You know he hated the simple yet it was a dogfight for -- get off the back the guy. -- -- have to tell you the the the you know the the opposite side things would be Wes Welker who said it was embarrassing that that that was an embarrassingly he should play better you know. Write it but it should pick up socks and get his act together a little tore the. -- -- -- I think both sides -- people are definitely won't get a lot of support from when he says there was an embarrassment your emotional player Europe the popular game and it's the biggest -- your life. And some like that happens the people dispute Politico you know -- that's that's simply thought Maryland. Again Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever -- there you know -- I had a great -- -- great job -- -- UFC championship hello Kevin. -- -- -- OK to still the most dramatic and a little market. -- -- -- Said nothing to do with the we d'antoni if nothing. Seeks 21 and -- your honor at the defendant. Put picked -- -- claim of all you know always been had and have been so important work publicly about the head and shoulders. Who then picked up them all the -- The fighter pilot and -- the album that are now crippled the putter and so like -- at which point it's up to them. That it would -- like cookies and Copeland quarter. Quote has -- this. And that that. -- cake -- cookie into an Internet star ya. Let me just it does I think the lady who is on the edge -- -- if they're threatening to shoot up a school in Norfolk because the cookies -- over cooked not gonna watch lady. But that he needs some some kind of knocked counsel some check and check on his door and I'm gonna calm guy and a lot of stress while workplace stress for people. Two weeks they weren't again. -- -- -- -- Don't want to bill. -- -- inept performances like that many more out spoken women and children -- treatment at all but look and Omar don't forget to pick up I think it. And -- couldn't comment. I don't think he needs to execute moves so well known and pencil and best season ever the kind of fell well back in the office and I think offenses season however I think it's awesome though how though I -- hole -- thing was like super cool. Yeah I prefer Clinton to back a couple of guys right here and now what do I grew out of -- running joke ha ha. He hey where where I thought we don't but when I Wear my well you know how -- go over the years when my. That's areas of the you're a hero one day you're zero the next. How it goes in this country we haven't -- cute alien. Think Greg they can really get our listeners and people around you that you don't go -- -- out all the time and then you never threatened to cure place. -- admire and respect. And that now takes now -- believe them ever threaten any kind of any kind of shooting and a and a workplace. Threatened to execute and -- OK let market and the global you know the black -- dedicated -- -- typical that didn't show up but everybody can now I don't well. Think it was going to the ball what are critical I would that all the results aren't you could be tricky and tree in the kitten -- got a at that data plan. And a message death that is a good point but they were on the beach or something yeah. Wind surfing your. I want to now -- me out supervising the building of the 40000 square foot man the place over in Brookline. -- places. Looking pretty good out there -- nice little. Nice little second or third -- whatever it is your house neighborhood I think yeah that the six. Year old. But Hill Man Morning Show would you vote Greg -- That the government expense so bad because that was -- a -- Now listen. One Saturday and it is ever I gotta tell you something up. That man in an attempt to mocked me made a grave error. Actually so I actually selected a television program from which I do an impersonation revealing yes. Yes. It's compellent I do pot shots none and out every everybody knows Schultz no not -- either at the business. -- -- It would it do do wanted to go ahead and do it in the US. General rule called. Little -- and really think that literally saying I do colonel playing to -- which is one of the harder comparisons to bill nailed it. And that guy I would that's why like I should shows and any other programs across the mild enough. Hulu can't move I assure you look at the panel whom -- and golden cats they. That's like an AM plus future Dodgers in America and that shows -- senator can remember him. Well Peter new Kirk on not very new good hitters to a pretty cute and. You know I'm not mistaken I believe outside threat thirtieth there. -- -- -- -- And yeah that. I believe everybody says it is that the bridge -- thing is gonna prohibit them from even -- chance to be president really. It based on everything that. Everybody's. Done then and. Now that's gonna do it that's the one that's that's preventing him from being president of the United States and that Leo died. I mean -- you believe that. -- -- -- -- Well. An important -- if you'll -- nearly one of the cafeteria worker where it. Our next -- Because I heard they threatened to shoot up the school. -- accept burnt -- Now he's patriots before but that's what kind of sending things I -- -- think they're cooking but that won't. And that's. That very thing with a little the First Lady is about offense and traditionally. You may have to fan here at 702. Oleander. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that kind of not this kind of a disturbing story about how they're excusing all the stray dogs and so she'd get ready for the one thing yet delicate doing -- generally humane manner -- alleged poisoning on. Anyone predicament you get an extermination company that's been hired to commit and do mass poisonings of the dogs -- probably do any free sleaze hot dogs or something. And then. -- we got -- -- Vanessa that I can't hot dog and a low arsenic that tactic I believe -- heartburn yeah a. So is it to make that is it for the the way it appears on television or -- -- coming man all of it's I mean it's not it'll look great if you've got all these video images ya every. Need freaking news outlet is over and so she right now. And they've got these stray dogs -- -- -- place -- -- -- look could be they claim that they're biting children. CD said that they're they've made their way into the Olympic Stadium etc. A better idea that you like rabid dogs running out of these athletes there -- agree on boarding event holiday on that valuing gold that I'd now like this dude is carrying that torch and -- -- a straight dot com run out and I and that. Get them at the -- -- know that the that would be great following elect people next uninteresting. 709. AM. -- -- -- -- being used that -- to voters what the garbage dump where I doubt. Indictment. But the storms Sunday may lead to -- -- what happened in 1980. Am. I'm an important and that there. You know what to prevent what it. And then -- -- ethnic. Group and I down somebody on Twitter sent me a picture. Of what the vagina waits to look like like a seven vagina wakes up so I did tweet that. And I should thank whoever that was who was that. Yeah -- And the minute you never -- -- shadows aren't. Us. Anyway thank you whoever. Whoever it is and who ever. This is this is my head is that I just went to slash -- and lob balls instead of regular. Aaron and I years our viewers here -- -- -- -- -- -- QB 68 current apple doesn't have a perfect for the. While union business. The extended play and I'm not miss -- -- and it -- your -- court -- is I don't know I mean -- when I -- with the -- grandparent. I was blows my mind sex to a -- retrieval chords. While. Yeah you know you don't wanna wind up in the ER now as director I give my keys back there was it was -- big issue sent -- over. And so yeah. There is division Atlanta but now. Educator now see you noticed that as you've -- for his hoop as you notice. As you get more experience you -- more weighed on short. Like -- at the gym it's like the dude who as the Winston-Salem there did you went into this Korea way to judge you more weight lawyer small way. Including many fans for the generally it's not bad how much 2995. Polo Jan. I'd think eagle thing -- -- and maybe I don't know -- ballot that. Are you doing are you doing your two Eagles right now while listening to our. Well yeah I've been doing and expanding it and my son was like about the current going and anybody ever told me about that eagle act its act that. Let me just I don't wanna do any gun belt out when you are you out. Did you should try a vagina way the audience it's the new trends all the -- off. Are checked out it triggered it and they are.