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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Feb 4, 2014|

We discover what an older woman that has been on a few dates with a man may be hiding inside the Warped Female Brain.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. I did get that email this morning Danielle. If you don't mind yeah. From a guy who has an interesting question. I thought even though we didn't plan to that we might go briefly. Inside the warped female brain sure if you don't mind that's so it is it's -- wanting. And guy named Joseph Louis since the show. Said. In this email that he had recently gone on three dates. -- is a really cool -- okay who is 32 years old and during our last date. She told me that she is never had a serious boyfriend. News. This made. Here's one of those words that that bottoming. The alarm bells go off as what that shows that. Can you please tell me how a 32 year old beautiful woman. Has never had a serious boyfriend and should I be alarmed by that that is what Joseph. -- Obviously she's crazy. And everywhere else before you was Smart enough to get out now or they got linked up to -- that -- is that we're saying that if you're probably okay so this is. So from the female perspective now. If you are 32 years old didn't. And you have never had a serious boyfriend from -- you're a lunatic she's this actually this guy should run away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sir how beautiful. And he still has set himself up for -- Calhoun might. So do you think that from a from a everybody's texting and saying she's she's -- -- but but but but but seriously -- Is it is so if if you meet a woman in her thirties. And she you know has not had a serious boyfriend is is that is that something to be like worried about. It's it's certainly an interesting thing I -- usually when you meet women and it it that are that have been. Without the long term boyfriend for awhile it's there in their early forties and they've gotten burned so badly early on oh yeah they just gave up and it's you know welcome and I future but what about the professionals that they want to work -- wanna make don't be. Alia is superstar mandates like they're not interested in romance right I had an area bigger and bigger -- hills to climb like a million at all attorney currently -- just I have a career as an -- -- the I don't know now I. It's just you think this is the crazy left I think so because I have a couple of girlfriends who have who have you know they're in their early to mid thirties and aides always dated a guy for a couple weeks maybe month that they never have like a serious long term like. Oh this is my boyfriend it's like oh are you still banging that did frank like what you know it's you could never keep up in the nation to dude shows up two years later I'm like well. Yes so talk she's like no way to slow guys between lemonade just kind of lady and you know -- I love you guys -- there you are but now her fits right -- Allen joke right up here is I don't know I'm available yet. Maybe just herpes. Possible and that a member of the maybe it's that simple what does that matter no ability to be here you can have a separate whatever after I think it's a little bit more than -- the. Applera sucked up a of the. Here's a woman who is taxing in. I'm also 32 years old and I have never had a serious boyfriend got Korea I'm not crazy and I I just haven't met the right kind. I don't know that it not only -- people are a couple -- you get a chance of flash and a little guerrilla yeah. Among what do what do BC I disagree CIC I respect the woman like that and she she waits that -- kids if all you do is when you're the -- -- thing. That's that's the give up thing okay OK I gotta give this up from a stay with this guy our -- you have to give this up from the students I gotta put up with this. And then right so you sellout you busy you'd put up with a bunch of garbage did you think it might be the best you're gonna get. You don't know you have to put up with a if you ever get into it into a solid relationship I want that texted text back I wanna know if you're having sex with a bunch of dudes. I think his his neck gets rid hold hold -- figured if you're like dating guys for a few weeks or months and you just haven't found the right one obviously been -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that's why American armed police and the buyers. Are shots. He -- says in this day and age could be that she just became a woman. It's possibly anybody ever thought about that. Maybe that's -- you never had a series trillion with a guy -- glad. What's happening -- -- encourage you at all being in need these kind. And he got like eight in week back you don't need -- any way -- -- Why do you -- one person when you've been beaten -- if you're lucky yeah what they got it. But one area most women don't have that attitude most women want one guy. And want to be married to one guy and have babies with -- one guy and that's why it's alarming I think that. Asked if Brad Pitt may get some period built up. I had a hand. Can't read it now this girl that wrote down like that you know great LP -- -- my hero applicable to all of them might slide out. No ties go anywhere or do any thing JP. So much that's what you want and a vote and look at most trenchant. And there were mid 20s30 and all used their African export like most women a single in the morning good morning. Understand etiquette point of seeing an age staying much and can't find anybody whose normal and end their thirties. Secure you can -- Maybe everybody's saying maybe all of Brian. I had a question that -- -- 32 years old and having had a serious boyfriend could she be checked. It could be. That's you know it now because. That chick is always evolved very serious drama. Changing the relationship status and going -- -- -- 307900. Protestors apparently different every time they break out of that action that -- never has a two -- relationship and always has a two year old Andrea make yourself -- sucked the drama out of a relationship -- -- -- -- -- -- -- problem however there now that -- -- has a very serious boyfriend yes. There's that means showing how much she loves them rides and all attack and that chick is infuriated. When that boyfriend has a female friends that is a real -- -- not a -- out as a success as a big problem for that chip LA. -- JR. You get sent -- the opener looming black woman wanted to marry and -- I don't know -- attention that several serious relation I have that's you know that's not the issue as yesterday. That comes -- commitment thing you know but then look at the other. It gives everybody -- it Pitt marriage and kids are overrated and adding you to educate kids in our industry to kiss together -- together and it's a good way to get your address so far -- you know our divorces. Bunch is does Nancy just -- LB has penny can give you a couple bringing and it never if you if you want speak at the share a couple has revealed that the that it but the but the going from Cali. Hate that the NBA -- why he's doing good everything. It's he would order a.