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Is it Fact or is it Schmact

Feb 4, 2014|

Once again we test LB on his knowledge of Facts vs Schmacts as we learn about Phillip Seymour Hoffman's acting training, a reason marriages end, and the walking distance in a lifetime.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Here's the number of -- ought to be on and you wanna play faction Macs were about get our game of tax -- Max. Call this number 617931. One AA out. You can test your. Whipped against that of -- Lyndon byers here on today's Hill Man Morning Show during. Fax she Max and I believe it is the market is up first today hello mark. -- more indictments. Alone are not much get ready put big bloated tomorrow what you're sick getting ready. We're heading to the grocery store marker what are you doing not a mailman so long get ready to get sick. Now Ethier -- You not like that guy who stole the 7000 pieces of mail in the Christmas presents over there was that -- -- is that when that happened yeah now that the you can take everybody's Christmas concerning did you market. Now now not delivered everything but -- -- -- -- -- hit a bad apple. Hey listen yeah I was stressed up on your own for by kids well it's yeah I just the united shop and. Very stressful and also I mean who has the time to get every single piece of mail out you know you don't mean market mean that's. And you know -- -- Virginia that's correct our right you ready to play mark yeah. All right Philip Seymour Hoffman. Based his portrayal. Of the shy. Gave film crew members got TJ. In boogie nights on actor Charles Nelson Reilly. Stacked floor should mapped mark. I -- great game show. -- that fellow that got one of the greatest game shows the bullet time your favorite is the -- can't match game there were smoking and drinking while doing the rematch game and that's true on TV yeah that's trailed. They had Charles. Who was the stock. Did she she she used to be dragging like I'm on the rocks and -- that Phyllis Diller would not always -- Phyllis -- but -- but anyway that I'm Vanessa disagree until forty but I I'm I'm gonna go amen gosh -- you're gonna push math I just. I'd I don't -- I didn't see that. Similarities. Well you're both correct that that is absolutely correct the late Philip Seymour Hoffman did not. Bases portrayal of Scott Vijay on Charles Nelson Reilly bow out but great character movie lives and what unites. Hello Matt. Hey Matt how are you. And excellent match where you from. I. Love it out here -- and -- is there on Sunday for a another. Chieftains. Travel team whoop of victory. With -- there are they hung on until about the unannounced to -- the beginning of the third quarter and and it was. No time all right Matt and LB if they -- person has gastric bypass surgery there is an. Eighty to 85%. Chance that their marriage ends with -- in two years. Stacked or should Mack Matt. Go back to. Right -- big what do you what do you slab and while I'll just say yes we heard it firsthand for -- board now and yes old school you know the Dutch oven. A that's the way it was it would what was his and I am met with what was turning in The Who used to get the batch of the -- don't know come out on -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- -- and and she divorced him right away. Saw it appear beef and all over your wife -- all night honorary doesn't get it out do you do do you -- because they're against it. But definitely yeah yeah that's all right Curtis saying your -- your messes up your whole insides man you're logic on this one is true is now Isaiah and same divorce Sheila thank you you're both correct -- -- city it has to act makes perfect and people lose weight in the end they -- the spouse deal later I -- -- loyalty and as well I'm back now thinks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right all right all right the average person and takes 216. Point three million. Steps in their lifetime. Which is equivalent to walking around the earth. Five times fact or should -- Corey. That is the fact. Helping each other -- He attacks about the Republicans aren't about his American kids are the fattest loads on the planet they don't do anything that I do and how hard -- -- to the world the world's a bunch of slobs we've done not look like you wrapping around they act. Well Korea's current I. Oh by the time you guys. You will have walked around the world five times unless you're rich inner like like myself -- this. This is Jack guess a LoJack. And then I actually -- and help you or anybody where do you come from Jack. I they'd gotten -- -- Latin I went out -- yeah. In 1986. -- guys' prime time Peyton Manning was a southeastern regional finalist. In the national dungeons and dragons tournament. Fact or -- Matt. When using geeks. -- attacked a -- there's any doubt. You got a guy that you're gonna say that -- I you know what -- -- listening to him wind this morning about the embarrassment. That the whole wind bag comment that it you've played this morning yes yeah I'm I'm gonna go I'm gonna go in fact you're gonna go in fact. Sorry that is hot. Peyton Manning now was not -- -- although we wish she was he was not ended dungeons and dragons or at least never mated to the regionals. The -- Got to -- better -- at all. It's. I would never use that word. A lot of professional football players and their room locker room to put a lot of hard work. And and effort and didn't seem to be good. -- -- be a year and a player that game and the word embarrassing as an insult to work in truth. Trailer that's with he's I think he got a little -- I think you guys and they can -- your apple and I just ask because I have no idea then what dungeons and dragons are all the and we talk about all -- it's a -- -- it's an important game but raises -- emirates Iran of playing games you know it's a role playing you have an RPG. I have no idea. I can't -- -- them I can't wait for the text messages like usually corrected please tell LB it is the greatest it's not just any RPG it is the biggest record PG a bold. It is it -- board game it's even -- -- gives me is -- different hello John. -- John how goes it may be one of the most annoying phrases ever. How did you like at how goes it John Martha Stewart. You used to date it to be Hopkins. But dumped him because he was freaked out because she was freaked out that he played Hannibal -- does that factor or should -- -- did it go you're gonna go back -- that. -- -- -- I can see that those two together. Yeah but I imagine yeah Hopkins sir Anthony on gas sir Anthony young who's put on a tidal -- guys mood now. About I'm I'm gonna go bush -- Yeah tourist that yeah. -- -- way to coupled to it could. Martha was -- -- little -- a little this is even though she made her own money that's Bosnia you know all right well that's it for today faction back. Thank you very much for playing.