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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Feb 3, 2014|

On this edition of Inside the Simple Male Mind and we get the information of Valentines gifts, switching from platonic friends to dating, stinky feet and the mystery of men loving gingers.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Albania ready to go inside the suit and Al minds. Station station guys and gal she -- line is 971. Of says it. LB I went on a first date Saturday night we did a pretty nice guy named Jerry and I could not believe that the first thing he ordered was garlic bread -- whole rest of the evening -- -- and I wanted nothing to do them. What is the best food to order on a first day. Popcorn and -- has this kind of movie is that the problem is the ordering food on -- first state what you -- for the all of the. So -- you know it will mean that kills the kissing no fan of garlic very -- eating -- spaghetti get. No gravy all via I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right. LB what's good what's the best way to turn up platonic friendship and to a relationship. I have been buddies -- Carl for four years but I find myself becoming very attracted down. I recently tried to bring it out and he told me he thinks that we should just remain. Around -- had to send the naked selfish really yeah. Is that. Is that that -- -- -- nice naked self he plays during yourself. That is the molesting them as an attorney and our doubt that would end it in there -- there -- straight on the and you think well the thing is even if he doesn't like here. Now he's -- hitter at least she's gonna get some action yeah habit that if you know they got -- name it's gonna kill it even more so -- die if she just left alone she obviously likes that it and my view what she likes sushi like CR he's not going there. My job verbally tell you send that'd be a masturbation -- in your time yeah like when. Listen I didn't you lighten that nobody's business this. Guy I dated for all little while ended it saying that I was really nice -- he really like me but you know what he wanted and -- wanna hurt me is that a cop out early seed Tomas. Let's hear that standard that's every you have standard guy lying to get out of the relationships so you don't have to stand there and nine and deal with The Crying Game and you listening brand new well that's right that's what it is is I used me none. Every year I get the same stuff from my boyfriend on Valentine's Day tries to be generous and by jury but he has absolutely no ideal my tastes are. I don't wanna just -- what he -- me to just not where what he buys me how can I get him to exchange it without making him feel bad. You have -- talent. Want to -- do you think he wants to buy in the -- buys this stuff sealed bid Chatham wal may have been different. Do the guys -- -- say hey hey hey I love -- just give me cash. Every guy has been little check our -- think -- bush operative fields are standing. I said the leave a couple of I'm Diana -- never -- I love you when you're gonna get some -- I'm gonna get some action now will be five. If you know I'm getting -- -- and -- oral -- a couple of Hyundai cash on account armed. Happy 77 or 774. Textile why do men love G injures. But we've reviewed -- grass is always -- Zacarias might -- -- it you know it's different okay you know and there and Mary -- and you know redheaded chicks. They're amazing in the -- really a hold yet output -- what I love art lover and had Accenture and their their phenomenal to sexy really and you know the light skin in the red hair in the you know an NC you know it's different trickle down on the parents. That's just our loan and they pull the pants down a penny to -- -- -- Like Christmas. -- -- I hear somebody says I'm highly turned off by any man that orders a salad. If they are you see your reverend Jerry Seinfeld might have the salad as that that turn off for you in the notices Allen. Now I want stop and that's our democratic -- you -- a bit of it would would you like for dinner served on the -- -- sound judgment about light depressing me. It's not a homicide police judges as a content besides just you know I'm about I want to pick my lettuce and not just the -- -- little bit addressing it could turn off for me. But then unlike now look applicant and not to let that curb what I order. -- if it's it's one of assays are you know like I I like messing with -- but -- if I if I think -- date. Analysts that we do go to like Aaron Applebee's or Friday gays and -- nine -- -- when I go -- I loaded single -- not just I think really yeah I don't know where did you go elsewhere you know guys this is he's that's for Jesus and I think what we really. Yeah LB fun ideas for a second date question mark we don't wanna do dinner and I have to plan yeah what would that story that. Sporting and yeah be selfish okay Bruins tonight -- the you know she's around people she feels good -- shorter around covered to attract you know Austin. You know it's a four hours it's very it's a four -- gauge. Keep pro -- maybe shall stay over you might get some action boot up a LB why does my husband wait till I get home for -- to make dinner when he's been home all day. What she too -- A familiar place ma'am -- the -- -- let's make sure that dinner is ready. Okay and by the way would you mind grabbing in my bed while Barack Obama's favored here on the way. Please let's not. Here here he -- -- where we're or I don't not a government of -- practice Brodeur have a couple mornings too we are going inside the simple -- mind right now -- they'll be our Monday segment on the show yes hello Steve. -- -- -- -- Not comment tortured and -- relic itself as. Moderate and I would order salad -- -- there. Because clearly you already made some -- a lot of the heavy and I don't party -- yeah. -- Right by -- thing I thought somebody -- get a piece restraint and I'm. You know they. One of the Miller. And trying to have such a full stomach -- After a nice melons and that -- and -- I don't. Well I mean you can't get turned on the news media and -- -- -- family please leave -- still trying to be sexy guys realize that we. Or three reasons you know. Ha ha ha ha ha ha that LB is it fair to say that all of a woman's guy issues skin all goes south just by having sex -- them on a fairly regular basis. In -- -- he wanted to -- it's that trained and aimed at home. -- sex sex sex and why oh why hasn't my -- oral so 617 tax. Why hasn't my boys and a ten years proposed to me that. And I'll tell you why he's a champ equipment must be awesome and the rapper because he what he doesn't dusted yet. -- probably won't Merriam. After the -- guys are some king Edmonton and speaking of marriage I've been married for eight years and my husband and I have always had a healthy sex life here. Recently with two kids it's been harder to find time for sex. I suggested to my husband that we start. Scheduling. Sects. But he says it needs to be spontaneous. Wit what ever happened what do you think he sees these sodomy become an out. Oh yeah. Yeah. Certainly our second tablet yeah you over the top. They've people schedule Sachs yes -- yeah. I mean if it's seeing it depends on the woman is that the woman's -- in and that cyclists and you know Saturday it six QB here in -- and play it totally takes that you know that the fun out of -- a little bit like he did really say you know you haven't seen each other a couple of days and he's -- like lesson. We're asking tonight. Yeah yeah I think bracket but -- again allow a lot of women who once you get married and stuff and it it becomes like. You know the spontaneity. Goes south when you and -- you -- to you have to work for and then you don't. Yeah really to throw -- the good old days you throw it out there daylight here you she watched by a -- asked boomed those are opposites on the -- are -- our basement kitchen and seen its external underlining. That and you know now it's like. Pain. How or how you feel when you can do you have to have a -- knowing -- you feel like you maybe wanna you know good romp before. All you know it's not really -- and get that you get that -- half fast and well and there -- -- I don't take it. -- EE what do people do like put it in outlook. What's your opinion meeting request -- respond or comment sounds Saturday seven yeah we're going to be era 1 o'clock. And color. Up your phone I think you're request beats me home. I just found a naked self the and my boyfriend's phone when he went in the shower this morning Atlanta. He hasn't sent it to me -- you think that means he sent it to somebody else. Do you really weird probably not if he sent it to somebody. Guy coworker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- British and that idea what -- -- again you know I desperate. And -- them who did it takes to make himself woman I can do it it's just I. Annex that that had it waist down and filthy on his phone lineup and I was like. The crap this -- And he's like on ice so and so sends me a picture of his dump every morning and I -- a picture -- my you know what I would like. Drilling that doesn't sound yet again but knowing -- -- found it completely re drill laid up. Snaps aren't really bizarre with a. I'm sorry I did you know what I try if you don't want to just drop your line in front of the -- if frame your -- what's and make yourself seem to do in -- -- is so. And let's see where I really like a guy at work but I just found out that he has the Dodd and it's your key. The -- you know what not -- -- probably keep it caring understanding. Nice nice dude probably watch it -- probably the guy you want America but she doesn't wanna date a guy who has New York well you know please -- -- large dogs like. -- severe restriction. -- -- -- -- -- are what's the upside the young guys got could only be 2 o'clock the entire night marginalizing about the polls are. Are you that I hate when people deductibles and -- don't -- we also thank you owner not to die exact crowd follow Harry. -- don't guys what's up I think how he. I disorder and how come out after the all 1015 years in the same woman being aware that he would say he will let you have to make a lot of. -- I mean I I would Ivan I would never hear on there. Not gonna talk dirty talking the rapids after game changer for me here's a Texas says that the guy has the your key he also has a life. Oh god oh god they let you have to get pointed to a point that that is a great point and then there. My husband refuses to Wear socks to the gym sneakers or the nasty as things I've ever smelled in my -- -- dead because it laughs it is a lot but they stink up the whole house battle again and the get a new parents think now we don't appoint him earlier in Little Rock but okay hundred that -- -- what do you think you smell like after what fourteen miles. Oregon -- that. Please us. Pulleys on that hug play is that we're we're gonna start my mice make its move. Sneaky snake instantly he is pleased. Well I guess men don't really care necessarily about that kind of low lying hasn't. The sex is -- who cares what this bank very I guess I'll clean my hockey Baghdad Jaret Wright and now worse than a hockey bag. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those days are nature's miracle lazy stuff for the animals that the ends on the also thanks pistol fully with the sneakers -- I saw all his feet smell -- a -- truly yours truly -- -- -- and guys are decent guys well you have we learned earlier in the democratic experiment pedicure and manicures and we learned that you got 200 different it's fun guy and -- on -- look right right now. Our our rates. Let's see. Here's the text Coleman says wrestling gear is worse than hockey. Yeah I would yeah of the unruly and Arnie easier on your drink angle like what is this it was the first -- they are WW -- have -- -- Roman wrestling and I'm not sure which guy you -- to do they have manager Greg Roman wrestling so I'm I don't do that. I have down and I and the line he's Italian the fellas get after it at the toward Barack Obama. -- may miss England maybe the couple -- pops and our process so I. Jimmie and go to mapped out but I tell ya I wanna go a welcome I want you. Are right so well anyway. That is inside. The simple mail all mind. With a Lyndon byers. Every Monday at this time LB answers honestly and and in a forthcoming manner. About what is going on inside the simple mind of the mail in your life.