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Is it Fact or is it Schmact

Feb 3, 2014|

On this edition of Fact or Schmact we learn the origin of the city of Portland's name, the number of states you can marry your cousin, and some new World War 2 knowledge.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. It is time. To play facts she maxed. -- that LB who is always as he just turned -- is always concerned but with facts -- during the during his WA AF sports reports. Call this number if you wanna play right now Omar lining up 617. 931. One AA a battle of wits when it comes to use the -- therein and Lyndon byers 6179311. AA out. Call right now. And you can play faction smacks and LB was up late the Super Bowl revelry lies -- so you might have an advantage this morning yeah are you always -- -- you gave to me -- address myself to do you get your area you're able to address you that you're not wearing the same thing you're wearing last night. It now I clean clothes old Leo all right let's. That's good news -- -- came up first this morning it's Jeremy hello Jeremy. What's going on where -- from. I. Baldwin bill we're -- at -- where we got -- as well the route to a -- out there are. All right well. Have statement for you here you have to determine as does they'll be whether it's fact or should Mack are you ready Jeremy. The city of Portland Oregon was named by a coin -- The other option for the city's name was Boston. Would you say to act or would you say she -- Jeremy. Are. -- organization act and that I'll be what do you -- know what you -- is safe back Dolan you are correct on hand. And ended up there were there were two guys who founded the city one was from Portland Maine the other was from Boston Massachusetts. And so they decided based on. Coin flip went through it would be Portland or it would be Boston hello Matt. I took it match. Well welcome -- and I just doesn't look training and record at that's up. That you back and -- a NS bass is driving his truck right now he's pounding the steering will with -- anger Fleming -- -- you I don't. -- -- there are forty states in the in the US where it is legal to marry your cousin. Back to Porsche Mac. Backed elevate America factors while it I'm sorry -- -- the god however the good news is there are 22 yeah it's not there are planning their wedding day it's awesome that I had to Nadal in the Muslim in the south yeah. I went back burner. Hello Michelle. Good. How are you Michelle. How are -- doing hostilities on the ground when it where where you're from. I teach you can bomb during World War II Michelle. The polish army. Enlisted a bear to keep morale up. He wrestled with the troops and drank it lose at least two bottles of beer every single day that's the thing that does that factor is that she Mac. It on remote to AD QB. Yeah. -- going and so it went back to what he's sale day I you know like the polish you guys are -- broke. I grew up with the polish yeah about the -- it's back. I think better now then that bears participating. In a normal beloved wizard -- -- all -- include iron right -- trading posts. Usually humid I love it I loved the bear eating the ice cream the bear playing basketball when they're writing I mean I've wanted to sort of a certainty now deride the via straight since day hello but I had. They go to our ally Brian. Good not a difference I am silent when are humans what aria. I am I know none of the moment we're. Last night Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl was actually the second. Endorsement commercial for singer Bob Dylan. In the mid 1970s he did a television commercial for Winston cigarettes fact Porsche math. Or you don't throw an epidemic go -- you in the back. LB year hundreds that are -- from wires today it smacked a -- you actually you -- underneath you you save him or -- as you mentioned it earlier that the Bob Dylan finally sold by the great Bob Dylan finally sold out last night that is that is true yes although Mike. You know to go guys. As you know. Might there are there are approximately. 200 types of fund guy on your foot right now is that true or her -- that factors that smacked. Well I have to say I I hope it's not bad about the -- back. You think smacked when he assailant then policy fact if you think that you're you're right again how big men are packed yeah. Take a look at that thing right now throws 200 it's -- -- and just just say about that when need be viewed you know not what people out there -- -- finish well people who like to suck on the top scorer and awards red -- on the pros and trying to attack on the feet a little bit sounds like the other theory that I -- impressions as well. Now we're the Greek island EC was -- -- the council was a couple of three times I just think hello. And Greek island stories not a lot of my nationals Schneider is is best man and I think it. Policy please stop calling it Oregon. People -- -- an organ. At Oregon or again bargain I don't live there have been in a men's Wear him Wear them no matter and that's just random rainy gray -- hand when everybody okay.