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Hill-Mail 2-3-14

Feb 3, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the Super Bowl Weekend including some well deserved ridicule of Peyton Manning.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each you to do talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show positions he'll make out. I'm mr. governor but the thought that it doesn't -- -- can't support him consent. How I -- where I get my money I'm gonna wecht what are. On WOK okay. Looks like miniature. Beats at the Super Bowl might notice that when his private jets showed up. Immediately was searched by the -- not a follow her everywhere you go with the idea torture he can't go anywhere and having fun we'll show you feel a little -- little guy in Hong. And just China hang out and these Somalian. Smokes -- America to be hanging out with some -- who look like man and I can't catch a break anywhere -- all right. Hill mail today brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you dessert. Visit them on real one the auto mile or online. When you go to Cadillac Norwood to. Dot com that's Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. Tumbled 6:20. PM. Hillary. An illness that fur coat. Fantastic analyst. I have a lot of confidence in yourself to Wear something like that idea on national television is aware backed -- -- to be our values young Israelis boarded the fur -- guys started to understand his right leg in the -- -- all the all the athletes back him on the other day where the former coach -- Sampson Bjork yeah. Now all the rage a term pros are -- like when I was nineteen -- -- my girl for her for Christmas. The wanna got pregnant room my career yeah I've yeah irregular army coach are you did you remain color sex of their bets no bets on aren't important -- back on the day. I mean I love you agree or fur coat a real for. Couldn't they -- the great Joni meth on when the coin toss happens to. I mean Ellis that was in there holding her helmet until. I won't -- any -- Beijing late sixties give the guy. If the -- a little information before he goes out there makes an asset in themselves can pull -- and if he weren't PM. They -- opening but at a time in the second -- or won't there are. -- -- You know I don't I mean I watched that whole time and honestly I don't you want I didn't even pay attention to -- are now you glance every time -- Gordon knows that you didn't pay attention for. Other reasons so -- the big -- My younger and daddy were over now of course you know it. But I don't Riley replaying of woe and people who watch for the commercials a lot of people watch to -- rule for the commercial -- of people watched them the next day regardless of whether -- not share much against CIA got people treating you know especially with the bus comes out after the first half the people are really going back and forth they wanna catch up on what they missed. I wanted to watch gazelle wanted to see the -- patent completely self destructed start crying on the sidelines. I mean. Sorry it. -- -- those at the sorry Peyton sorry Peyton is legacy. Worst playoff cornerback. In the third but that can -- 9:28. PM. He used it the blood of Billy had killed two million in the word obliterate them. Yeah who played didn't aim at who will run in the role as an FK can. Under that I mean it was I -- -- -- do it it was it was it was awful and there were never ever in -- that Saddam. At that and what was that -- of an interception he through he's a lob that they have -- -- -- like nothing on that volatile. That guy that goes to second Anderson houses like don't -- here as well as a sort should they did yeah. -- -- -- -- Hey let's let obscure record fur coat yes Reggie Dunlop. Alias yes movement yeah laughter option yes yeah great that was the year though great Joni -- like fur coat. -- speaking -- he had. Well Wes Welker. Probably pulling it hair club for men who hero now. Any idea that there won a whole lot but Denver Broncos out guilt and now dubbed the Denver gelding. Then it. More or less what I don't get in order to reroute it will go on for two bank -- OK let's go really well but -- -- -- extra -- and I was making a big deal on that point in the Belmont. The best thing. I mean you know. I saw it sell talent colonial or whatever his name is interviewed -- after the game and Payton said last year they use the playoff loss to get them as far as they got this year and blah. No use those -- -- -- -- buzz here in that cleared you bet itself you know itself now on the bigger side. Girl hard on the plan any any employees are paid what men really audio we don't use it. He he he knew he -- and asked grabber welcomes your -- he's a corner you know now cornea are now he's one of those guys -- just write your grill. Here's the texts LB do you realize Tom Brady is eight -- in his last sixteen playoff games so stop crapping on batons legacy watching. What what is. -- -- I like at which we crappy -- I'm Manny I mean and eight may want to the they've been made that championship game the last two years and -- it. They've been good to have won three -- -- -- -- a five. Yeah out there there -- they're still relevant. They never got blown out like that that's for sure I mean how well they -- to -- in bowling got out I mean it's a giant I mean after government to giants' super walls like 22 fluke plays. Course. Production made that catch -- progress I don't know you Amanda and I and Arizona. That Al came back to me unfortunately when I was watching yesterday inaudible Arizona experience all came back when he played on the side Ollie. That things you know every time I see Welker that's the only thing I can think about is that catch and it's just. -- disappointing. Who won Indian. All right well I would let ball run heading into what couldn't help what McCain -- -- who work there minute news. Well are there any -- And -- met him and now act. And -- -- and where here's the Texas says and where was Brady yesterday sitting at home why don't you shut the F volatile place. The Broncos stand Manhattan. You Sok -- and all the jokes that were. Like on the eighteenth floor of my hotel wearing their Peyton Manning jerseys and they all thought it was like the best thing -- -- that you would get the eighteenth floor in the elevator opened their elect. More on the eighteenth floor it's now claims that you're going to -- -- them all over it. He's an old. Get what that I blocked it that you are ordinary. And -- -- -- I like that there were part right. You have that -- but I -- -- that I in message. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- out how to -- Her art and don't. Are all. And that you know organization that Shaq definitely smacked. Hello Brian. -- -- Sure -- yes incurred -- No blew my wit rose beat Portland at the bottom -- -- Archos you've -- -- goers that we've got other guys getting busted Italian bonds the seven crew. Forward and him. You know it's going to be no law ignited -- football what their current map. President to a state BIR. Yeah. Omar little place coming off. All downhill and you know it's the thing that really drives that the Manning haters cannot stand. When he charges up to the line to audible and that's that he was doing -- -- that part about that but he's charging up there a double play in a -- on the ball does fly and by his head. And -- said it could have been any happier than that at that made the whole entire thing for me. It's 8 o'clock this is WA AF NWA after HD one last robust and WK -- NW KF HD one Brockton Boston second problem. -- Did you know that they're calling. Forward Eric who worked -- and you -- all. About it until there are opening. But. -- it hurt -- but more than a little more. Well. -- That is Netflix. It's colony they're gonna get Jenny Dell's job to Diana yeah -- send you know and well being of anybody over -- -- in the Adirondack mountain. That -- bridge tournament down LB had a job in -- filling three weeks that they expected him I was I was the whole playoffs certainly but I think. I'm good news at a spot in Philly is yeah. Well that happens. I've got -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah you would have -- probably what you would you have your year's Stanley cover on right now if you just done that -- gig. Yeah and if you hadn't been over served to down at. Now illegal and I'll be -- of our right not the Philly fan out and America had to leave the premises -- -- Bob. I go into a double -- prayer. Okay -- -- imported and trying to go out without. When it but it I can't understand what you are you doing an accent or whether what are you calling about. -- Anybody I have no idea. Like that they can do about it if they end -- spending you know -- A blunt it's pulling all its bullying. Only care how are you get a little part that we -- vehicle -- -- -- fairness I don't like for our -- my -- that bronco that's the track and -- client DN. -- -- And -- the -- with them and didn't. -- didn't intend now to. Spend all night in East London PM. In the mentioned. I was Morissette Peyton Manning. -- Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather last ten million bucks betting on the run goes and -- gave Powell. I guess it don't matter to him as much as our president gallery 300 -- he has a big deal why you do it for don't happen but that's how rich people never -- -- -- next time yeah. Now a lot of that work with the bookie is he like column today and Lauren collect that the ten -- castor how does that. So the chapter -- I don't is that why Greenwich capital and you know I'm in how does that does that mean. How much it would be cool to be the banker -- the -- -- hurt anybody we're spending bills but how would you like there at 712. Man. -- -- -- -- -- -- well I thought that they're well they're. And it. It can't outdo the Bob Kraft guy you know when you know on the Helm little messages sent plug your attempt but -- now. Mon -- and pull out all -- Important if you -- Our group report but I -- -- Greg are accurate -- about. -- -- -- -- They disappear for -- now he says I try to get our I don't know I I don't I know he's not quitting -- -- will do you think he'll bring him back there. When you get crushed that -- so well actually they do you play as well as he he did all year they have an incredible offense sell -- I would assume that they'll be extremely competitive next year. -- manner now. Is time yes hello Tom. -- -- -- You know I thought oh my bet that -- where -- at the block are gonna work out went because their Peyton Manning is the greatest ever. Then suddenly it stopped -- blocked by a vote followed that game game. I think -- yeah -- thought about. 712. Old man. And oh yeah I mean you -- -- a lot of room. Anderson has. Gotten thirteen PM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Audio here at -- trainer -- back here -- evict outshot our show Bob Kraft. Hey he's the new style of coach nobody cares about -- and -- and all posit guys off fired up as the greatest. Everybody gets a trophy. That's the way it is -- you don't. Pretty soon he'll be able to like get a guy fired like -- Belichick yells too loudly share. He'll leave they'll fire lawsuit because he's sees that angry and loud and up and mean. He's the meaning her Pete Carroll is in a meanie -- up but that was all that I mean I told us earlier. The whole discussion with Tom Jackson and Berman and everybody. And Ron Amadon was about how this is the way the NFL is going and you get guys like Pete Carroll who never says a negative thing in. Is always happy go lucky and ask you about your family and I wanted to believe he's just don't tell me about it brought ask you about your key is and he's just a real nice guy. These guys are set up for like a 678. Year run if I'm not that Tom Jackson was saying because they're young and they're gonna win like 678 years in a row. -- -- -- Now I looked up Jack. That -- I guess you're. -- Yeah -- system how important -- -- -- and yeah gold into. Mutual mutual great show. Reach no kinks -- jinx him. -- -- -- And let loose with the with. But that over the -- just couldn't get a gallon. -- couldn't get a guy on central 9:19. PM. But so complete that -- and it got a quarterback number eight. It looked. -- yeah yeah. -- And that is that mom is 518 Denver. -- area -- no idea 518 -- at least patent didn't have to cheat to win his sombrero -- -- America lifetime -- -- even upstate New York oh well that's the your autograph and you -- that yes you're jets suck I thought I'm doesn't. I'll bet you know to be jets could be giant what they suck up to Europe and Eli Manning's history. Teams are too --