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Is it Fact or is it Schmact

Jan 31, 2014|

With the return of one Lydon Byers to the studio we once again play Is it Fact or Schmact, with questions about Tim Thomas, strippers, and the last execution in Mass.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Call now. And -- would like to play facts she -- the LB game this morning the number of college 6179311. Area up 61793112. Two -- three and today's prize a pair of tickets to Broadway across America is American idiot show. Which is happening on February 7. At the Boston opera house. This tax is she the third NASA and reporter in a row had to resign because she sleeping on one of the Indy. -- are actually allegedly allied I don't always elected you know limits can with -- and nasal it was an alleged that. I -- -- that really allegedly hazel the guys got out get a few of them. Stuff a lot of low ago I mean a lot. And there's a lot of women -- fish in the oceans -- stop that it's excellent -- you know what's what's acceptable if -- within -- if you if you get -- -- -- yeah they're three -- can go to calling get some you know that might -- a bit more. I guess you're whenever -- hello hey Brian. -- I don't LB came back -- action -- they are you ready to play. And I thank you and all right gentlemen a study found that strippers. Who are ovulating. Make about fifteen dollars per hour more. Then strippers who are in other parts of their cycles Brian is that a fact abortion act. I don't brought ordinarily. Say at LB economists say fact you're gonna -- as well you're both right -- -- Is that it is indeed if that yes absolutely girls there and eat hang on Bryant whole idea but first morning good Jim how are you Powell. -- well. Former Bruin goaltender Tim Thomas who was just in town this week. Oh always the United States' largest private collection of board games. Is that a fact or should act Jim. -- endorsement that really you know he's he's he's a different different type of Fella I'm gonna go with -- you're gonna go in fact. The answer is Jim is correct chops on that -- Mac it's legit -- the yeah we still expects that it I didn't -- -- like. It's Timmy went right on his Italy's political eastern Kennedy had a -- talk alliance and a -- in -- -- Hey I don't -- -- in my. Quite an area you -- and he gave listen it's time these -- he's up birdies no fixed when it comes to working one day in a row he's pretty you know and I've got to. Talking your right now gives me -- little. -- -- Gentlemen the last person executed in Massachusetts. Was a horse -- from mall -- who stole -- horse and was caught in Lake Placid New York. Does that affect of that that might -- is that she Mac. Our back -- that issue that. Are. We suppose that's -- about that although a Derek. It built -- now are there. Yeah she didn't. Why and out of every eight workers in the United States of America. Has worked for McDonald's at some point in their lives is that doctor smacked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thought -- you know win over three billion served I get that that would make videos you have you attended a McDonald's would be back near death I worked there. I pay him to negotiate it is that I. Well -- idiots that's amazing that amazing all right Jim final contestant this morning how are you Jim. I'm good. For a moment what about Brian the Brad Bryant you play. -- -- that is -- I don't think it is doing -- -- -- -- -- all of north when hill mail you know film Al -- it's. When he. Gets shot on my left to John you ready are you. Should be. -- And -- John your testicles represented approximately 2% of your body weight. But -- It but used up to 20%. Of your body's energy. -- Like two. Days now. You -- you look back that would value of the you know Darren yeah I get this experts on a Jewish Mac -- got -- you're you're right about that it's. Actually green you break. In some cases not in yours and other chemicals that uses about 20% of your body's energy.