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Barry Fiengold

Jan 30, 2014|

Now in the running for State Treasurer Barry Fiengold called in to break the news with us and also check on the status of LB.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Are you know to be very real heroes on the phone all the time is our pal state Senator Kerry Feingold. Harrell who may have some information about the whereabouts as a government official about the whereabouts of velvety night. Has senator Feingold. I carry a world where are concerned about where LB as -- I think I think we may have seven currently shut down state government if we can't fight LB they really should go look former. Yeah yeah maybe -- could -- Dennis -- we could spend the state money we don't have to. -- -- -- -- I know I can't tell you something not -- case something compared to what's going on Atlanta right now I think our government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we should learn they learn from us like four years ago yeah -- -- -- -- I don't remember any where everybody got to whatever when the ball and everybody on the same time well Perry we should send some snow advisories down there and help rulers of jobs and I mean. Yes you know live maybe Greg we'll send you down there -- you can cal -- run big it is saying I thought it. Well listen I mean up here. When when we stop people from driving a blizzard people complain down there when there's a couple inches of snow everybody -- mr. breaks out and actually meet where they are listing on the glass. I've been a long time and I don't remember ever wears his as they over school because of bots know commission three -- sort. -- just -- well. I mean I don't think even. You know in the blizzard of seventy gates that we had the state we didn't have to stay over in school I mean that that's crazy. So what's going you what do you call about. Well the call quality -- -- you know I officially announce my campaign -- -- tracker saw him run around the data just you know you guys have been. Always good friend loyal listeners and I just wanted to. Sure that you're looking at all. Well that's exciting I would love to have -- queen's -- fan and charge of our money -- -- awesome I mean think about that area man who is in the queen's -- themed club could be that accurate at the treasurer announced in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that's what. I know that I have been I would have opened up on the band that is true queen right now now is confused just take sides right yeah yeah there's the. See that's that's what Motley crew wanted to avoid when they sign. There contract -- don't want I have two queens next so who do you pick do you mean DOC both their view. And I really get multiple -- I can't choose and that you know solid partners aren't -- you know because. Yet this -- in your life with the band you know you really need. Have a band together to do on the the fan bases wanna watch. And that -- the stage in their lives it's better to have two versions of the band he'll spend double on -- only twice the money. I'll say yeah that's a that's a retirement plans and retirement plans for 28 fog hats that were torn -- yeah he's just that yeah yeah yeah. Or like Seattle like you know half Leonard Skinner to have found -- didn't call right exactly like American -- -- and that's awesome. -- right well. Hairy friend of this show. Queens right -- and running for treasurer. And I'm sure that we will at some point as the election gets a little closer we'll get John and sure we'll we'll we'll talk about all the important issues and treasury is in charge of like the lottery and and some. Yeah I'll bet the out of our control permission to build all those -- you over if you keep going dollar pension as it's huge position. And it -- a lot of that a lot of people. Yeah absolutely all right there you congratulations on that amber and her. And we'll talk to you you know as the election gets closer. OK I think they'll get better -- -- -- up all the hitters said the people eleven elected there. All right well he's Canadian so I always the ascent he probably thought Leon he probably appreciate some relief when it comes to taxes as in the Alitalia and after a third got a good and the treasurer do about it. I carried out this year he --