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Hill-Mail 1-30-14

Jan 30, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each you to hear -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. Beckett. Got -- per night and they. Really AM on WA EA. There's somebody who knew -- was up yep that's. Somebody who it was that pathetic is that pathetic and perhaps prophetic pathetic but he predict something like that. All right this is WA AF and WA AF HD one west robust -- WK AF. And WK AF Ph.D. one -- Boston. And it's time for your hill mail messages which are presented today. By Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserved visit them on -- one the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. Just ask for Mike acts he's the owner. New owner down there -- great -- nice good -- -- -- he'll take great care -- -- 7:20. AM. You don't -- court underneath Greg can -- Cattle people. And that message they don't in the corner they hide out. Where every year and a -- least able to see him and perhaps under the kids is the place really would go 7:24. AM. There any doubt I've -- I don't know that this person but I admirer of the if there's one spot by Internet. I can feel like out on the wall. Like every time right there. -- -- -- didn't look likely. That in Ottawa very moderate spirit. And that message. As their budget decks. Text I think it's funny that people who believe in bigfoot. And shadow people are mocked. But billions of people believe in an imaginary wizard named god. And that's not known more ridiculous I smell an atheist oh my -- sucked but what about that tax they're not made them and there's going to be. All kinds of cries of blasphemy. And going on a lot of last year as well as hard but there's a lot of stuff I mean do you believe in. The you know the situation in Gary Indiana the portable. What was that the portal to portal that are all adrenaline all that help the fact -- believe in them. Portal that held -- believe in bigfoot do you believe in shadow people. Do you believe that LB will arrive before 10 o'clock this morning here in 2020 street in Brighton and. Point 726. -- Women get -- that book and our -- group. Don't act and act. And the message. And did their little gurgling noise and against Obama needs it and -- -- a little gurgling noise there wasn't playing 7:29. AM. I didn't stop it's all right BI can't let bad that it brought this on -- all I can hear hope that it -- it not let. Smaller than the right. -- that guard Allen. That -- held not a place -- play tennis she gathered near mile BAC our question is a film that the eight million the first surgery they did something with the meniscus. And it works action he's doing OK -- -- really doing -- -- well. A lot of Rodrigo. Yeah what's up Rodrigo. I think -- -- on their feet yes. And I see someone out or the other on the other so yes go ahead Rodrigo -- look like -- Hitler on the other tell. Am I really but the other is a woman. Who stub their child and her friend. Throughout the holy dirt on it and the next day. I Jesus bruise appeared -- so I have to do that for you this morning also I think it's on our FaceBook page Jesus for his right it is Dan Ellis brought -- -- and -- -- -- but you can -- check it out. WA AF rocks also on my Twitter feed. -- -- -- yeah. The book but. -- about. So called me. And her. Looks amazingly like Michelle coastal out I mean the the resemblance is uncanny. Richard do a photo compare personal but I get active search for the right licensed photos -- you -- get Michelle closely with the long hair and the glasses yeah I mean they have the same glasses. Why why is why is he wearing these ladies sprints yeah police frames while Elaine. -- elegant. Looks like you're. That -- it looks like Sally Jessy Raphael it's a foot plots and just accept it from 1990. The rarity when airlines. I mean really. I mean I understand I don't mind the guys don't fool and go full woman at a cumulative -- Menino and meet people. People loved you early on and -- in your Olympic career if people love the armored car trashy and that's the as the man of the family in this this -- yeah. They want what do you mean it's the only nation well in your life Greg if you're well known person in your turning -- a woman view of the public explanation I don't think she her explanation -- -- which would you calling out the lady frames of the. The sun mountain which is yes I. What do you think of that woman's other toe looks like Roger from American Dad! dad doesn't like -- but a very long on. What do you think about the Jesus -- shield and -- I don't know what it I think about the Jesus in the stop sign and the G uses India bran muffin and Jesus in the grilled -- virgin -- the blueberry -- I just think people's lives are so pathetic that they see Jesus and things like a bruise -- -- -- By the way I'm at a I hate to get into you know the god in the Catholic jokes but it's -- went on our FaceBook page. Jesus Mary and Joseph oh very very explosive it's a simple very active hectic and I saw Jimi Hendrix wants. And in what I was wearing headphones justice finally in my bed. I thought 3 in the morning I guess high school I -- -- You -- al-Qaeda came to me he was in the shadow person who has full line Jimi Hendrix -- it was great it's figuring lightning -- sparks giving you advice about life yeah there is a small tornado followed goldfish. If this agreement if you had to believe one of those things today could be -- I don't know how else are noted. Jesus bruised. Or Christian or Manhattan or bigfoot. Pictures Sheila what you -- a man that's a good bigfoot fixer a pop up. That's awesome yeah apparently his wife was very people him. What you can't even see it and not really terribly but. What it is a big foot drive an F 150 I don't know. I put about cheeses and the tundra if this stuff it's the tundra have no idea because a quad no shirts with and -- Hey we'll when you see LB passing your office we will learn a it would view that that we allegedly wager now it's not as labor front was called police and had been detained I brought here and cups now he's our guy. Had a lot you know pinnacle and -- until August where they lost my bag I could get them jackass in a wheelchair want to hold jet way. Watched a -- giving you get -- -- he'll get a clean -- the flight didn't actually land at 719 lets you know the FAA center. Who said he was on that play -- he said he was yeah. You got -- the red dye that's good and then Danielle actually checked and that's I ended up in Vegas. Now we get -- I had an emergency landing. And no parlance is gonna be like that person that fell asleep on that plane and they everybody left the plan for them there until about twelve hours I can't once Mardi -- a couple of weeks coming up that I have. I get stuck in traffic jam in Atlanta. One of the parishes in Louisiana it's called Robert Assad seizes on my -- I'm. They -- Hartford got some rumblings are getting pumped. I think he'll be issue lightly pounded snapped out of getting a good guy and he's got evidence gravity man of great faith Ohio they may -- be in the in the -- -- now if -- is an elderly. -- prop up about a a little got important look I reported. Who's probably going right -- candidate so he can talk to beaver about the assault charges on the on the limbo like he'd like when he was in jail only talk to those guys -- -- -- guys that I'm number five made Fords or three loser 1030 to 46 of noted this sucker us. I was too busy to get a sports the other during that -- at the -- that the payment is that hey here's the text from the airport. Eyewitness account he's been detained at -- a bond but the yeah. It's I would like -- on right now they'll be at their pick me up one of those and -- Throw my gym bag with a student and can I can't get the next eight extra frosting that. He'll be shows up the flip side of frosting all over his face. OK you know you do you cut this in a -- and -- and then you get the -- chicken and when -- when they first start survey put that in the senate but what do you cover with maple certainly -- catch up a path. If it's opened a I'm. I can. Don't give a -- like Alabama. And I can't -- it's just in my brain to shut down. -- you what you think of the this the folks that are struggling with -- driving in the snow down in Georgia have a great guy lets him a break man three inches of snow Greek -- just -- all right we know what that's like devastating yeah that's horrible I said I talked about the essay in this this lovely woman who listens to us. A from South Carolina. Called up and said you know. You all don't know how to drive in the snow either I've been living here for years you know what I had degree -- -- -- as driving into the mess for the Mass -- this morning -- degree relative and there's actually no snow and still is terrible why you got people here. Who freak out if if your brains different -- hit the so I guess we shouldn't complain I mean HMO breakup -- yeah doesn't wanna spend the night in -- Home Depot and so like -- yeah. Well it helps make a -- let's make about forty beds real quick and done awesome the weird thing to me was they kept the kids in school overnight smile like all the buses of the the thing there was like when that last giant snowstorm we had a couple of little -- a couple years -- Deval Patrick told everybody to go home Daiei and everybody kind of laughed at the same time idea. That's what they're blaming it on -- than everybody -- that there's just too much congestion and then. The storm hit very quickly nobody knew was coming in the school buses were actually going to the schools to get the kids and they got trapped yeah. And nearly ideal I think it is and and Chipper Jones can't rescue everybody let's check that is not -- answer so you know up. But it's over picture. Our rights well how Mike you as he can tell here today. Wait anxiously waiting and waiting LB in my senate -- Aniston and Iran. And then he'll be he'll be coming up later at 10 o'clock -- goes commercial -- started show every day. Period WA AF -- over an hour of nonstop rock commercial free hello Derek. And then a bit in -- and listen you know we do what we can't hear Derek uses your credit you all are still there. Larger and now it's like. It's like the Walking Dead you know and it's like react in whoever else is left and I mean that's the way it works or. I mean every are -- don't live -- correctional. Yeah. -- -- -- True it's still in this -- surgery yes the it factor too long straight you assertion the arduous process. You actually got to -- just certain. Jack Thomas until -- parts that I -- I know please the lord there you will own 7:44. PM. The only way and he's going to be the -- -- polite my portal how. Is that kind of -- it does not -- And that it actually can be really good moneymaker. Kasay missed the yesterday. Talked about three female bloggers. Who use a reusable cloth. To wipe themselves for the environment. And -- we had some audio which was disturbing in which they. What would what do they do they want from every couple days a couple of days they have little special container next to the -- can throw the clause in there and think. Yes if I'm right into the washing machine talk about going to extremes and I. I like my let lifetime on I don't think I'd be willing to give that up bird for anybody had for anything I environment or anybody else. Like how one of the bloggers is we -- -- interface the page yesterday see guys can check out like the original post that started this whole thing. From one of the bloggers and and she is like welcoming one idea. Radio shows from the northwest that was apparently in support of this whole movement yes there's been -- tended to like welcome to all these clusters -- like getting a lot of criticism from listeners across the country and like. I can only imagine that might be -- You don't think. The Hill Man Morning Show listeners are supportive. Of wiping yourself with the same reusable water out of laughable -- Instead the toilet paper a wet wipes. -- 7 -- Didn't -- that our ability to fuel. But don't let them get back the -- -- an -- year -- -- had gone on here how important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now he wasn't delayed because of fog hat analysts because of -- That LB was balloon tricks -- know -- only man. More on that but they went -- in the column. I didn't want to let. Good people hit it now that they can hope -- know all of that they -- do what I'm. Content. And data -- -- it. And the message ice the new state climatologist is calling it yes. On his way -- is 100000. Dollar a year job congratulated us glad to have you aboard I guess he won an old man. It and pitched in to get myself to drown that's the next thing -- I like get anybody on the open marketer of the other depending it's only on the black market well it. We had here on kind of drone source or exemptions he could do that though and mean. Anything goes drone -- -- youths anything goes drug company. We'll outfit him with cameras and -- and but zoom lenses and I cannot just slap a vibrator on it. Like I needed drones. Fair ocean park this summer but I've got to do stay out my house up and creep from there on them on the beach and ocean park -- -- that. -- 27. Of them. Are well let her come back. But I. And that no vacation with the community medical. Testing yeah you know what that obviously the best medical testing facilities on the left -- Obviously thinks he can't AM. -- -- -- I thought all right what baker. -- -- all and I if I can't. And -- If you have a larger. Testicles. You were. Significant other is more likely to cheat on new scientific fact -- back to news today. That women cheat more often than not on men who have large testicles True Blue -- man. He's a cat attacked. This guy that. And the net interest. So good at 28 AM. And that it felt pretty. -- -- oh I did that -- double rent or I thought a lot I want it right that's right. Like that -- and away from Jarrett that he went out and acted out -- line. -- know that it's not ready. Very. Not really appropriate. And I. And the message. And -- mail today. -- that don't are Deanna I think I don't think that I don't know fellas let's just go ahead and state that that -- with highly inappropriate and we do not endorse that. I don't I don't think fellas I wouldn't have chosen that one a priority that some of thorough mark. Keep -- all -- Great. Creator. So. You are. And the men and. And I have a Prius into prison you're in your trunk that. -- -- and -- you've been at several had no idea and I and other places yes. -- and twelve million. Now occurred out OP gonna call 8 o'clock. Get picked up the curtain back in won't and then got -- and if you -- And the launch date thirteen. The plane landed what almost an hour ago are now without in 191190. -- last time you woke up later some for -- -- thing happened is like I'm. -- command right to call them like a really. That was my eyes fell out of my body or at least -- hazel. And a lockdown Lance there is that on the road by now that this. Well she got black and -- secondly that they are gonna get out of the items in Chinese food that Howie -- left the other night tomorrow he'll be here. -- trend continues he had. If you've had alert. Now. Oh what were there any parent he looked plenty of and that I'm not I'm. Not I don't I don't even -- can do. And the message. 41 -- Can't. I thought there would be a pastor -- -- up. -- And a group which nobody here got back. You people have no faith feel he'd be here need Finnish descent until we hear -- a big way and being here will be in this giant will be there tomorrow you know now he'll be Monday.