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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 30, 2014|

The now prolific goal scorer and Nostradamus of the Hill-Man Morning Show joined the show for Thursday with Thorty to discuss his SportsCenter Top Ten goal and the games remaining before the Olympic break.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAM. -- Hill Man Morning Show presents. There's days -- authorities. Featuring John Darden of the Boston Bruins. Thursday's -- authority is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union authorities choice for his banking needs and also brought to you by EM DC around now. And EMD Miller -- And on this program. One week ago. Like a Babe Ruth. Telling a young child in the hospital. That he would hit a home run for him this man predicted an assist and goal. Before the Olympic break -- now joins us this morning. We have one of the finest goals and NHL history to his name -- important good morning. But -- it didn't get this straight if I mean you are aware. That yesterday ESPN top ten you're number eight. There's not very well well they were well better. I don't know if somebody called in earlier at their first while they were amazed that he is yen at a hockey island on but but it. But I we have to go or I'm sure LeBron was in there somewhere. One or two and listen. The. Thirteen walking down there are somewhat -- or cut into the depth of cars can you take us through that magical moment a little bit. -- Brought out those little. I felt it would give the pop up across the -- -- -- the optimum but recovered at. Element that it -- well you would have tried it in an apartment in the Baalbek is a little bit more states. It was all all about what the top in the I guess they. Answers suspenders that is particularly the bigger guys and that is bigger -- it on the back eventually anyway so that let me walk without of them sort of. Able to put it -- I mean -- year here I mean I you know that you you've got to -- this is your one opera man. That was -- -- like you. I appreciate it. At the planet. I guess those sites -- I don't talk about your little about you -- it. So basically what you're saying is he thought for like a second about given the puck up and then took it for yourself if -- There's really and fight fight future outward that's how -- look -- off but. You know at -- why you gotta go for right I mean you went through did -- that take fifteen games he might as well start scoring goals right now right. But the bigger every bit -- unstoppable simply. All. Of that but he did the serious meditation while you're off for a few weeks things that I've -- back in the goal scorer. -- -- -- -- -- -- Without -- goal is probably but probably -- pretty good rocket fire coming out of there. They did did you take the puck the other thing. But yeah that -- -- look at the I would vote for almost like I don't know 38 but like earlier about -- -- -- that -- don't you both -- I listen when you -- the foundation 250 bucks. Very. Very very happy very happy about that okay. And speaking your foundations. We should put your your foundation -- the Boston winery. Doubt that as part of the year anniversary parties but very mean is expected. What. What are all the -- this person. Yeah you can you can follow authorities foundation its act I think FD and Gordon FDN -- have the end and the website is important foundation dot work okay. And that of course authorities have his own has his own wine. And and there. And and you could join them for the one year anniversary of Jon Stewart foundation all the ticket why. You know. Sounds like you're pretty good time though so although I think what -- -- back from California back and I'm sure he'll go. That's. What -- Thomas seemed to be a little out of sorts the other what what do you make of that. Yeah I think. Can't be easy -- and out there also he's. Involved some of them then your question I was going to be on the -- as well -- -- -- -- -- the questions sometimes. Nobody gave him -- amateur wanna succeed. We got a couple. Particularly about it that is all well. And look at a pretty popular is that as well. Well -- know that everything comes together propagate them unfortunately -- -- but -- well. So well -- kind of -- bitter feeling. But what you do is -- is -- -- Well I think that I think he has. You know he's also. I think I'm thinking about your EP I get up all the more. What noble strip and yet and the I'm sure yet what it was like if we get the -- -- but it went out of there. Look like he's a little extra food and and and let let them probably all you won't. That he get to Stockton and I'll. I didn't gonna evaporate but because of -- Spectacular. Individual effort you can't do much immediately get -- -- I thought you said he could let that Tim -- was -- locker room saying. The authority comes in here after it after after that jumped player put that goal past yeah I don't wanna -- I don't know I don't I'm not anywhere near me. I've been everywhere coordinate all -- -- practice he used the help of god they came into being in well -- Sympathetic to open about a rapper what we eat -- let anymore. And it. Well a -- or realize it's the Canadians tonight he got you guys are playing great hockey right now. It happens all the I would open them well planned. Is he will be. Pretty easy to get up -- also. Yeah right. Everything I mean you know it's a long season and and and you know a lot of it is is when a team peaks that is this the right team. Right right time for you guys to be -- I think you know battle over the struggle started January. Good and games left the Olympic break we cannot walk out of meetings that we would let that focus for. And games and -- that we that I could play without self. I think because. Are a lot of -- in February. What better -- are all about April built well a true. The political player coming up -- have a couple weeks is that. The -- focus in the short term we'll talk. Shot toward the Boston Bruins are guessed that he is every Thursday. We we call it Thursday's -- with a sniper here on the show. I'm -- Tex Watson now if if it bothers you when. When a guy refuses to go review like the other night. And now that and let him handle a situation that there's some that is it -- that would Dalton. I I declined before it is well. It really depends what situation. I think there's been hampered. If you're grouping that would result but the problem. I've thought for every forward you know now what are -- popping up like that and and -- part of our equipment well. So that's gonna just think so you feel like you've done it for hand in other words you know he's the guy at that that they you know what he's doing he wants it he -- to go and you've got to forehands so you get pissed that he doesn't do or Treo. Yeah I think -- it was -- history. I think that. But I cannot rule was not I would I would probably have about -- -- -- who had a game where we'll probably watch that but yeah I bet it was and report. -- We're bicycle built I am very happy. I love it what do you -- authority who feel like in the sumo. I have ever. Very. A regular get up off of it all goes with that in. The people have that attitude one parent if I I I personally don't wanna see Peyton Manning now drew his legacy and when. I think pretty good for. It's a little girl we'll also -- -- I hope I don't like reluctant than ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're about is that the bad note that radio. When you move on like where would you move on to that is my question I mean how could -- Well what what it actually. What they -- -- -- but when you find your debt to and I'll listen and this is outcomes. Guys scores a goal like that and already is not elect poppy you want you deal we negotiated. I felt it at all not at all. Yeah yellow and -- that. Yeah what you have is if -- is listening you wanna talk immediately about the topic in a auditor that they're really. Did that did he did he Canada call after the uncle Leo and I. We got bombarded by it the case you thought so well. -- -- you're gone you're gone golf lender in the Olympic break right we have got a lot of it is -- down who wrote the minute over. Do you ever see -- our people about what we are I apparently. -- to twenty on Nike golf courses down there it's not that bad patent that if you go to people that -- yeah. You better take security like at. Images welded to a man they're opening night in a million are now when somebody in the need to protect you -- their guns down and it. There are you live now -- met blue to -- area that are right fullest and good good luck tonight. Big game against the Canadians congratulations. On the gulf. Thank you for the 250 dollars for the Greg -- foundation and keep up not only did he get the moment he got the Cheney predicted on the show you today. There are so what that would -- about it. Are at that particular let's cook this night -- -- thanks what I said.