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LB's Award Winning Sports Minute

Tue, 28 Jan 2014|

Special K taking control again for the big guy going over the events last night and whats going on today, we hit on Bruins over the Islanders, Celts in New York against the Knicks, Mexico's only Olympian, and Big Papi wants a longer contract.

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Again the -- history but he extended sports minute it's not in case you missed my amazing award winning sports today on the Hill Man Morning Show not for nothing here you go -- enjoy. Hey gang it's special K into the big guy in the AF -- podcast last night the Bruins were in action down on Long Island in the -- outpace the islanders six to three scoring six goals for the second time. In just as many games. Bruins behind big Z Zdeno Chara in his 500 NHL point. Our -- of all the way to the other taveras keeps on the perimeter but. Chart now the wrist shots. Okay this is. Other rules included. Louis Ericsson in Reilly Smith to help the -- get past the aisles for the first time all season. Tonight the -- back in action this time at home welcoming back once again Tim Thomas in the Florida Panthers. Get the team that resides in the garden the Celtics are in New York tonight take on the knicks at 730 -- -- So to just two games back of the -- for third place in the division. Red Sox news today Big Papi wants a contract extension really who could blame them World Series MVP virtually on the able to get in how. The entire series as the Red Sox went on to beat the cardinals he sat down with Steve Burton on Sunday. Hey I would like to I would like to our. His veto override them on the side being here. But like I always people from people of this business. Sometimes you gotta do what is the best for you and your family. And the longer they keep on offering me a job and and I keep on doing what I suppose what I'm supposed to do and and things division -- coupon good enough. But I either of two. Going where -- of the uniform. But if they don't often -- long term deal this time around -- along. Did you actually see yourself player for another team I haven't seen I would if -- have to. I got much choice I'm not gonna -- them effective only in the ball the way. People units. Man I hope the Red Sox keep Ortiz for as long as he wants. We can keep that big bat -- those balls over the fence at Fenway. And over two Olympic news Mexico's only sending one olympians to the Olympic -- this year it is here despite this being doing in many other things. He will go down the hill in Sochi not just in regular but he ruled on a matador style bull fighting one piece. For all his races heading over to New York in the big game on Sunday's Super Bowl media day kicks off today with coverage beginning at ten. At the prudential center at the Broncos are scheduled to meet the media from 1030 to 1130. Seattle be on the clock with the media poll 45 to 145. Check NFL network NA nfl.com. In pretty much any color ESPN's source earlier covered. I'm special Kaye in for LP on this Dali Lama sports minute CA -- Are out. Like my -- Jack Edwards likes to say Ka boom a Dali Lama sportsman zero point 545 when WA AF.