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The List-Work Issues

Jan 28, 2014|

This construction of The List is based on what things co-workers due that are deemed annoying.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. And speaking of work. New information out. On. The top three reasons. Why. You hate your coworkers. And this may be informative. Because is. There may be some who are listening who are they hated co worker -- channel and and and if they know that they know that. Then maybe they want a change some of their habits here is that co worker so that everybody really likes them until they don't have to be that co -- if he'd -- that you might not care about to let -- that probably got data co worker probably doesn't care about that that. Who do what is this -- Can come from hotels dot com did a survey of couple thousand. Individuals. And they found that the top three reasons why people -- of their coworkers number one. Co workers to always take the best vacation days so you can't get any time off we -- -- Someone who's in seniority or just happens to get to that first an exact same time not every year you get nothing. What are the best vacation -- right around the fourth of I Memorial Day before you can turn it into like an extended a case exactly they get those bastards that have kids they take the April vacation on and you anyways I'm -- -- and Christmas time I got -- they get stuck -- -- holidays. -- nerd -- I don't get much vacations so I can't relate to death. To that kind of thing -- Here's the text that says is they insist on pre cut Mallon on the list. Without on the list I think that was a number -- my seventh I remember correctly yeah -- -- that's an odd numbered 20. Elephant not in the room yeah coworkers to steal your food from the fridge well. Yeah -- he had a kid that -- that's been there for three hour now time. That really pisses people I can understand that the manager nothing worse then. You know you bring in your left over pizza for lunch and learn somebody's national weather. And it's gone yet not an eat -- time to go anywhere number three co workers -- slowing you down or make you work extra because they take this super long lunch break. And also goes for the individuals that -- out for 500 cigarette breaks and day I'll really -- you don't like the people who are going outside for cigarette break by because they don't have a right to go outside eight times a day for seven to ten minutes what you know feel if you want the you can edit. Sky where you going you can just pretend you're a smoker now. That's and that's cigarette smoker I don't know that's and we you're a smoker. A negative -- they. Now how do you feel about this list. Other parents 80 hold on -- -- bench. Yeah I think Greg good grip on the outlets did anyone say co workers sharing wedding planned. Not now on I'll wait and wait until you're spoken to a now. I don't know of issue was. Torturing you apple wired if he's serious about co workers who are constantly female co workers who are talking about their wedding plans but I can imagine. The -- would be -- in the early -- From the standpoint the you've got people that goal and that's all they do -- that -- at work and they plan their wedding and none of their actual work gets done it's like if hyperion a funnel more time of the flower vendor like where were -- but. So so getting backed up so we're gonna need you to take over some of their responsibilities. She's planning a wedding great no problem here's somebody who can't stand people who cook smelly food in the microwave like -- the worst fish. -- finish spicy food yeah. Anything with an admiral Blair the all plays reeks count. Well at the player what do you what would -- what's your what's your issue of minorities -- nothing to do minority leader c'mon don't try to paint don't credit maybe as a reason and I Ellis has burrito. How could -- be used different if you certain types of spices from places around the world the how much more. A strong sense than others. The text line is 97107. How about coworkers at randomly don't show up for work time after time after time and never get fired and -- -- -- that enables I have never. I don't know who that person is docking I have no idea that. And I flew this hot there you reasons here's somebody says they can't stand people. Who were talking this is kind of like the wedding thing for you but are talking about their personal business allow Lee yeah at a work place. Difference yourself well. This put me on my plane ride. Down to Philadelphia -- There was like a family two parents and their kid on god and they were talking about like their most intimate family issues loudly on the whole plane there's not -- like that down there and there's no need for like there is some problem like they have like a drug -- says there's -- thing. And they're going over the whole entire family thing well here injunction we're gonna kidnap her and her out of the -- the I only on the plane she's on how ironic and -- is that -- flow the -- happy doing. How do you and no concern for your own privacy. What about co workers who are related to the boss so they get special treatment about orders that are sleeps with the boxing especially. -- -- Management favorites I guess that's kind of the same thing -- you're talking about yet. Here's a texas'. If I thought it was anything goes airlines I wasn't flying anything goes airlines equipment can match -- about a you know. If you're not busy doing other important things like. You know getting lap dances than you can talk about your own personal information on anything -- they'll. Most people don't have time now he knows airlines hello Mike. I have no back on this one and it's not any specific ethnic group could lead shielding and let me. Just in my god there's one little word when when you -- certain -- and and it -- -- he wanted to -- -- -- the nevermind -- should. Like what like they are re like curry -- a way that I'm that you know Apollo yeah -- -- -- has a very strong it's not Tim Clark a crewman as some that this could -- that humans do. So they're not always the element that. So anybody who is sees somebody says yeah -- the people are -- hear about all. The food that reeks of somebody microwaves Deans. And the. Thanks that it thinks up all -- as what's worse -- my -- waiting -- the aftermath. Of the meal -- the co workers this person works with somebody -- second guesses and questions every single thing they do through her. Now. I got that. How about com. Eleven people going to the bathroom and think that they're making a personal phone call like away from their office -- there in a stall all of the -- unlike you lock in and feel like. -- has a -- and I'm like hey what's up in destruct and do still like. Unknown -- -- network I just I just wanna -- you called entry pavilion talk about this and I'm like but as the accord. The that a -- half. And an image into an elevator and down there -- what is say a first world problem. Co workers who -- your spots oh god knows they'll have parking spaces like reserved for them at the. At the workplace why -- -- -- people that can't be bothered to take the extra two seconds to Poland to the spot properly like our. Our parking garage intercom when you got to the second level. There's always some dope on the right and left it like two's basic. It's even perhaps yeah I -- there like one tire -- is it really. Not in -- Able. That I hate that and only one spot left the bank can you get into it. Hello ball. They get -- what's up on. I actually have. Wonder that early in the BMW or Mercedes parked cook couldn't pick up to blog yeah senate and I don't mean in the ass yes there's -- audio. Wonder that our coworker or talks about how great -- Couples are or you're know anybody. -- Think -- Google. Very frustrating group. Very trusted name. How about somebody who wants the -- work related problems at 5 PMR after. With the fact that I now. When you're trying to come up with -- excuses like OK well you know let's. Let's revisit this in the morning because I have a family friend the hell out of here a light to get home to now. Let's continue now that the that the perfect the coworkers you think you wanna see every picture of their child or that. -- people love looking at my Cat Power outage at a giant but they -- they -- -- -- -- look at it kitten that that you might have Tucker and -- demo that was appropriate but I like how that's what people like -- kept but is hit lately that this IA. You know. Let's see here is attacks -- don't tell me don't have your own parking spot. I get dropped off in front by the the stretch rules that everybody if you. Actually take the -- -- take the stairs it's the Democrats -- work out each day I know I could never federal -- parked on the second floor like when they say. If you'll lose some weight the new year. This error can't really loved ones and I don't know -- -- -- important equipment and Alec a pound a year Garrett. It's set in your cardiovascular health record that has downtown but the the. Visit Texas as I can't stand people who talk about work on the golf course. We can't. I -- But I'm happy about that.