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Townie Throw-Down: East Bridgewater vs West Bridgewater

Jan 28, 2014|

In a South Shore battle putting towns bearing the same name to the test in this edition of Townie Throw-Down East vs West Bridgewater.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAM. I don't appreciate drug addicts at nine towns as. Her home. Very Hill Man Morning Show trees and since. As you're wrong. -- -- out and visit our own. I'm. In and -- room. The winner. Today's -- -- throw down will receive four tickets for the New England fishing and outdoor expo. February 6 through the -- also a fifty dollar gift card for the Kidder re trading post. And it's a couple of the bridge waters doing battle today excellence the East Bridgewater. And the west bridge water and Nate is up first this morning. What Nate what up yet so Nate who are you representing today. You can do it he'd be born and raised. This then went and bought property here thirty years any particular section of town -- in the -- I grew up in the condos they let people know it down by the pardon them the auto and condos. Okay -- so -- -- all right Nate see you are representing. East Bridgewater. Annual basis directed. Who is representing West Bridgewater today hello Eric. -- born and raised -- Incredibly beautiful save -- Okay well who do what part of -- that you go up and some people have a point the preferences. It's sort. Howard street. Okay all right well here we go the winner will get four tickets for the New England fishing and outdoor -- and a fifty dollar gift card for the -- Trading post may -- first. This Davis bank robber is rumored to have stashed his fortune. In East Bridgewater before he was shocked by union agents in the mid nineteenth century who -- talking about -- -- Well you just. Fellowship mid market and neglect and get out and out. That -- up 10 -- after the hour I guess no no -- that no no I didn't at the answer is Jack turner. Jack turner is the answer yeah -- -- the tough -- All right -- This this area which is part of the Bridgewater triangle. Lies on the north east edge of town. And is known. For its many. What they -- many big night. That would -- it the -- to order triangle. What's that the resort. I just mentioned the Bridgewater triangle. This Soledad -- this particular area its name at -- it means mean the income needed -- name means the place where spirits. Well job all that. Talk a -- swamp and Gary Indiana. There -- -- -- you're correct clock c'mon. So pocket -- want all right. Dates this you have cease fire broke onto the scene in 2006. And is a friend of this show and and East Bridgewater natives. Our. Joseph laws and absolutely correct we have ourselves a 11. Guy Barack. This pizza place on -- one gulf war is all that crazy Ron and his crazy deals on big porch and that's right and those -- and pizza arrived crazier. And I still. Looks like this is. May spur you burn the potential win here. This street located next to try and gas on route eighteen provides residency shortcut to -- 106. -- sure. If we're straight I don't forget it but I guess I'm sorry. I'm sorry it is spring history. Street debt debt and that that that I left it open for -- and did in the -- -- West Bridgewater is home to the oldest standing -- -- in the commonwealth. Also known as the rectory it was built in 1662. What is its name. And I use -- did what. The Robert Parish -- No it is. It's not known for did not name for a total zero definitely rob Bartlett. That didn't keep up our act it out at 8000 and that means an eight iron today. Thank you -- today. It is much that we. Didn't you retaking the polls earlier or what we do what we do. Well. Vietnamese guy -- what you don't speak what English side up so like. -- what I'm doing Adam saying it well what are you guys doing what like what job we've built we built cabinets and -- -- desperate group that sprayed them now. And so happy -- so every everything you do with the sign language. There you know it's like I always say oh certainly trying to figure this out do you need a bigger guy who was shouting the good guy good guy to our guests yeah. Good launch smelled awful every day but he is a good guy. And tell he's gonna have a pay license pretty soon because senate courtesy of the state of Massachusetts. How I felt good rhetoric about Nate nice job representing the ED. Yeah. Today's -- east showdown here on the Hill Man Morning Show.