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Hill-Mail 1-28-14

Jan 28, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each unit junior talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazil and skill may help. Corporate pork -- on WA EA. With a perfectly appropriate but yes. Polar vortex is and like give a month that vortex is -- -- cities or -- what is important sea isle Florida cities. The bridge of forty don't try to act like you know yeah. Did you do that. All right we're in the middle of another board to -- play that temperature hasn't didn't load teams and maybe grabs all the way up to twenty later. All right hill mail messages today brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on route one the auto mile or on line. At Cadillac and Norwood dot com here are the best till -- messages of the last 24 hours. Under me 720 win in Indiana. Well on the Kara I don't have a right now -- -- -- -- event. Now I don't want to expect a treatment -- to three electoral Riegle Democrat. On the message fee or really bothered and eyes that discussion yesterday and by the fact that our elected officials will vote in the state. Next week to perhaps grant licenses. To illegal immigrants the group. Know that it -- -- dominant down yeah no one that on Monday 740 year old man. You know technically you don't discount if they can have illegal immigrants. -- -- -- in permanent -- that it wouldn't wanna call them I think I can't really -- take over -- I don't follow the dictionary. Everybody in congress are out there represented a walk out of everything. They order -- what would make an ally at a circle -- who read. After the operating and movie quote went to a lot of something out overnight stay -- And now. The rules are not go rules anymore now. He follows the rules anyway -- whether it's in worker. Make exceptions for exceptional people the privacy of their own nobody falls any rules anymore anyway would you do what you want. Still makes you feel good tour that's the way it goes into the wind. Here's a Texas says the matter of a big poppy after hitting 800 in the World Series -- and for more money out of the area then there but he's Ivanovic. According to this pretty. -- 0:6. AM. -- walking Jerry Remy announcement that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if you don't you're. -- -- -- Everybody. Back -- and we discussed that earlier I think most people. Can separate Jerry Remy from the awful crime that his son is alleged to have. Committed here and most people there during the discussion. Didn't think that he ought to be. Held accountable in and I'm not allowed back on baseball games because right of put -- threat until you feel. Or I don't I mean I think Renny says in an upper part of -- the Red Sox organization the experience and you know he took last season not he Steve did the right things in the if he'd -- last year that would have been a massive distraction I was in the appropriate time but I think now. It's okay come back fresh I mean -- the chair of the trial date has been set for October for his son Jared -- I think that you know I understand that it it will be difficult for the -- family and I and I am sympathetic to that -- I don't think Jerry needs to forgo his his occupation. You know as the TV. -- for the Red Sox because of -- of a grown man does something you don't really hold he can't hold parents accountable. To a degree but I don't I don't blame them you know yeah. In people have been texting well they knew about this they did that I don't know what the grammys -- and do without all come out later either in the trial or during a civil suit. All I know is that you know his son is alleged to have committed a heinous crime. -- and I'd. I don't think he needs to step away from TP because but can win the bill is a our Red Sox fans gonna think that every time they see what now watch and gave out at first may be at -- -- after that it suits. You know have become so yeah. Why don't we in nineteen land. On our. Here we go completely. Two Indian. You know I completely agree it can't go back bet that children should not impact the Eric. Like whip Eric -- apparently a car and. -- -- -- parents are cats. -- cap does something bad. She's to blame for that and I don't have to kind of baby sitter to go to for the Super Bowl festivities this weekend do what I write you know on a story about baby sitter for tonight's Bruins -- no. At the dealer lots and dry food and good and you're good your asset. Fresh litter box for march 17 and yes the go via. Text through wanted to know if I was gonna invite a list there are two to spaz is going away not just what he wants. Can you imagine -- maybe I should be that we could just to torture him prepare -- I knew who doesn't feel like who have a couple of occasions I'm trying to. It's really angry hill who used to spousal with dyed his nemesis. Our anti -- any better from angry -- you know like time -- -- -- -- -- -- stations visited by. But let's invite one -- two -- there's this the thousands -- party tonight maybe they'll do that later on this -- in the show. All right it is 759. Here at WA AF and WA AF HD one less robust that WK -- And WK AF Ph.D. one -- in Boston and we are listening to your hill mail messages. Kinks in the. All our. -- -- what about Robert -- camera can't worry. And the depth. And her Kanye West can't stand the paparazzi. Take some. Punches on who can't stand on taking pictures now. But there wedding will be telling us that most intimate moment together and a couple except for maybe. Effect are they cool latest that created northwest there were -- that. I'm one of the -- the one of the most important moment to realize getting married there and they're gonna have every single possible. Television camera there -- so it can be live money. You're gonna -- he got a trumpet but but but he can't stand the media taking your picture of them you blocking down the street not on soulless but it's okay. -- year wedding live on television. So didn't think Warren. Until I -- pop outfit black and you're recording the blatant. If you -- to a record keeping them all and I am I -- -- -- And that that not that Gary Indiana home. The family says is the portal to hell. And line Forstmann has confirmed that India -- That these people are living in the home that has the actual portal to hell and I'm petrified and I believe that's what essentially what they're saying stuff. I did tweet a picture earlier. The mysterious demon child in the window of the home that has the portal to Helena and and does the the out of my Twitter feed if you're not afraid to -- not easily scared -- a record. They galore and what's up Ricky. The question not question or comment. We should invite to stab that little going away party is best. Best front and -- whole world. Mike -- can be he would look that. I don't know -- man is enraged the lately usually -- know WA AF. This guy's got some kind of a boy tackle and -- He accused me of like peeling spasm out of jail or something like I don't know how I got talent it was allegedly are either person -- -- -- happens I don't know and now I get caught up in this somehow and I know it's I mean I love the kid now I don't wanna be part of this is nonsense -- jobs. A very good Democrat what's up John. Hey great it's hard and this -- the -- you know revenues. Jeremy was hit yes well how. Do people really failed you know that is whether -- -- or as -- results aren't. Was -- system so why didn't anybody looking at that -- -- here let me look at this system because they don't want to let him how to do what he did. Sure what was that. Texas said. The people in this state are concerned about Jerry Remy going back on NASA and but yet they elected Ted Kennedy to the senate. Time after halftime after a woman died in his vehicle -- -- -- to follow a team -- I don't know off Jerry Remy didn't -- about father. I don't know I don't know I was -- -- I was there -- -- -- you know. But if you're a bad father does that mean you you don't get your job on television it. I mean that there is probably an awful lot if you looked it. ESPN and what percentage of those guys about that father in railing better than that are on every single week and -- now. -- -- you know that guy I think he if NASA wants him there the Red Sox want them. And he's C announced its it's his job. 640 aren't they can't. It's great if you hate him. -- Every eight. Al Al Gehrig Al repeat it again some of their cold air all of what kept. I'll be poured cold that would be lazy. Yeah. And implemented a message. From the portal to hell yes on this show and I'm petrified you. Text there says they should invite Ryan mallet to power nap order Caylee is coming. So those basket bipartisanship president Julius and maybe I'm sorry. One. Plug our good morning everybody what's up Derek I've -- -- party. Did you come to the party tonight. Unfortunately on the -- well where. Not seen on the back to work -- -- Actually better. I couldn't solve the Obama -- -- all money market are now can't somebody else get on the violator or whatever for one night I mean. Not sure who -- like you'd. You know -- upgrade our. And -- -- much better much bigger. Bill collector. Of what are you brought about by I gotta get clear is not as good. If you mean a lot like is this what you identity I think it says I don't know what the problem is. I look like he's yelling about no. Granted. I would consider an -- to be considered a AAR vote after she called the yes yes but can you elaborate question yeah. I accept that guy is -- too -- -- yet I -- I call sort it out. This line is designed FaceBook third -- area. And then I want to pop up well it's really are sorely. Not sure what about. You gotta admire and he's he's upset I don't know why I'm calling -- I don't know he can go about it we got an interview now. Question here is our. Among new unleaded down record are you smarter than a then a former WA AF. Are all right tomorrow shall how many do that tonight. -- -- in nineteen. -- -- also record date or older Al get a hotel where Al formula I you have -- group public I don't. -- Recruitment program. When they recorded the voice the demon voice. Inside the portal to hell and Gary Indiana it said hey. A nanny saying I thought that was happy -- that one opportunity to speak to the world -- men and the -- in and the it it goes with well when Jesus was not a grilled cheese and everything I've got -- -- of all the things that the port than a voice from the portal of health says and it's -- eight. Would have expected something that was terrifying and and or clarify what if he as. -- -- Yeah I -- they. Are pregnant. And -- that it's. 88088. Children hi -- that's weighed two man that's a lot going on. I get all I can do to handle the cool of them through in the teenage years and really keep over the zero off god. Italian crisis after crisis after crisis back -- now it's impossible. Twenty grand old man. Note that water out there help -- god. You know -- -- -- the WA AF studios but it ark that big an option to have a according to -- a nickel back I have been in debt. Not premier removed. Yeah. Okay -- back Thursday allegedly. He is we're having some medical testing done in the California. Area. Chunks where he thinks he. Barry OK BA and we spoke at a higher if I could beat back. Wooden -- that we're giving them. He didn't like. And no woman he ended up -- -- -- -- An hour and a report. And they expect it very delicate balance in there I speak out about it and not law. -- -- And the message you now. There's a man in Kansas City. Who we inducted into the main town hall of -- earlier this morning because he ran back inside his burning home. To grab his Xbox group. Suffered burns to his body yet but saved the ax saves the expire very very Iraq -- jealously. Hopefully when he recovers from the third degree burns will be able to play. What is Xbox than -- stated. Now there are some people who have that their priorities straight and -- and this is one of those guys -- me think of anything other than like your kids are here. Your family members -- -- run back inside a house to say if you know like personal possession -- would go back in the the safe heirloom load family jewelry photo and doing -- --