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James Hetfield of Metallica

Tue, 28 Jan 2014|

James Hetfield of Metallica joined the show to discuss the bands performance at the Grammy's and the release of the new Blu-Ray and DVD for Through the Never.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. How -- yeah but I always feel the need on this show to point out that this is really you and not Jim brewer. -- You're not him not yet been nice job on the grammys. Executive. 25 years since you've been up there playing that song so. Had a good time. The only thing that was missing was there was no to working with -- Miley Cyrus semi. You you to working would be something to say that are on stage here. I thought that's well speaking of 25 VA's I guess I don't feel that old but I mean -- that you think about celebrating the 25 anniversary of and justice for Holland it's it's pretty amazing that that a lot of time has passed. Well yeah -- for us as well we still think we're twenty years old and they're. Darker world at times and the reality sets in here and there with the fans are extremely. Good at reminding us. -- that happened this state or hey this is what's going hey don't forget to celebrate this. It and you know we do tend to forget that celebrate where -- and at what we've done in how people of helped us get there so it is a good reminder. Well it's funny because so you know I'm this is actually my 25 year doing this morning show -- And I tell people this and it sounds like it it it it's it's embarrassing to talk about for the radio industry. But when I first started out people would be calling all the time hey can you play Metallica and radio stations were afraid to play Metallica. Only because of the name they were afraid to say the name Mattel. Remember this it was like an and that it was like a -- played at night you know like and we yeah. It meant that so it's so weird to think about now. Chain will played at night and the reasoning there -- that's when the you know those those of the crazy look at this route but it was a correct all the good people are asleep by now. Let's -- of that that's what. So you had to know all. Well you know they've obviously it. Howard the name it just conjures up -- -- of course. All sorts. Yeah him the other people are gonna hear that on the radio on -- a lot of goat or something like that they left -- -- brewer back yeah. So it through whenever out on dvd tomorrow and wily -- very popular when it was in the theaters trying to. There's some really cool stuff the get in the dvd of the feeding the seed in the in the theater. Exactly well I mean I have a little -- -- and confronted me because nowadays you know you got Blu-ray you got Blu-ray 3-D -- to -- the you know discs on discs and so there's there's really. Basically four formats here. And you can pick and choose which one you want you know and then there's a big box that it's got a ball he can't they can just it's like me. Besides the movie as you saw in the theater or. Didn't happen deceive the theater the the extra disk on there has the trailer it's got the Beijing. It's got a full version of master of puppets. From it because you know in the theater we did see it could be you know there's it's that you know now with the narrative so. And then -- of lots of other duties and pictures of what and there the super proud of it in. We're glad that it's going to be able to get out there for for longer than whatever we can happen that would fit that. -- -- James Hatfield of Metallica's I guess than I know in December there's a story about the -- the -- war in the movie. Disappearing as things often do. With the luggage -- that the San Francisco airport that that did that ever reappear. It -- -- appeared to look it's kind of a cool little mystery. The that'll continue -- and you know I'd have to keep that as a piece of memorabilia or at least you know whatever comes of it. I think it's it's a pretty cool piece of history. But so be it you know things capita life and it's just just stuff. How much how much you want to pay for -- -- get our hands on and yeah I've -- greedy facsimile of that thing yeah. Did you ever gonna be like fifty of upon leaving immediately -- -- Siena got a video to prove it's yours you you know that memorabilia stuff you have the verified that it's yours are you on did you -- favorite concert movie going on. I guess what I was in high school a wall was kind of a real big deal and before that that would have ceased on the main -- those of this. Those of the two really remember. I'm I'm partial to the last Waltz. I don't know if you're banned thin enough for the. I'm not I -- of the band but it I did see it and you know. Obviously that -- was a lot more than just you know the last concert you true women too in depth and it was really -- you know more doc style you know talking about. What it's meant to would admit that they have and and not just. Some preview live footage. Now you are an Aerosmith fan and I wanted to who's gonna stop playing firsts is the -- and Metallica or harassment Jane. All I don't know that race. I think we we need to take into consideration. The speed of small. We -- that simply put it. That -- put a lot of energy and there's stuff or not they and they don't buy it. I think we read which helped them on the the difficulties. Deal. He hit it -- an idea what. What is where I think this is accurate you guys made history because we the first -- to plan all seven continents in one year last year. That is very true -- a crazy bucket list of mine that. It started with my boy. Lumping again historical world record books you they have ideas for kids but now it's cool you put -- through their years in the pictures as. While ago that your fingernails don't. We didn't care what yeah. Knowledge of what about don't forget about the too fat guys on the mopeds semblance one of my favorites is -- attack at a. So what I have yet but how do we get the book you know. We don't let out a spin that release a public school. In you know what happened is we had played. South Africa for the first time. And that you know while we play all the continents it was a do remember you're geography. You're -- one so that was request from -- on and it took about four years to get down there. And it would help both -- South America funding the whole thing. We were able to get down there and play and be the first they have to do that get Guinness book. A real cool thing and one of those rocket which was. -- you mentioned you're signed it into we have three kids drag it -- -- it -- it you know it as you're in Metallica but your father -- that has that changed you at all. Are absolutely free kids and one wife. This case. On the people's located three wives. I would change GP -- -- -- yes it would you assume that. Are absolutely -- yeah I mean they've picked up more things that I ever knew -- and you know I thought while I. I'm going to be the one -- teachable this stuff but they're they're doing a lot of the teaching well. Did they ever are they were listening to some things but like the aforementioned Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber somebody like oh god again I -- -- this. And kill all the time. You know -- step their jobs this post like to their generation's music announced boast about like it. Sometimes I like kit and actually put all of my adult -- can. Just the -- continued. So I didn't listening to include Q -- took -- well listen it is it's always great have you on the show and and I think Daniel has a question before you go oh yeah you guys James and one very important question. What's in the bag. Exactly the case. Well I always you know the forty answer to that is another question which is what you think is it. Exact. Yes well. He'll find out it did the it's out tomorrow and and through than ever on dvd and all the special bonus stuff and if you're lucky. May be lined up but you buy -- on the black market you can end up getting the -- yes that's the Pentagon and -- -- -- certificate of authenticity James why are we gonna see you guys are on your soon and I go to South America in the and a couple months right. Yes we're you know -- we're trying to make this record and stuff keeps happening again. -- the you know grateful to still be touring and get out there and they've been asked to do a couple of major festivals it's our first to say no so we are visiting South America were. Back to Europe. Over the summer so far there's nothing in the states as of yet but. You know work and on the record is -- high priority for us so when that happens you'll know about it Metallica appreciates your all your support out there and help domestic. You know get the message out. All right man wants a pleasure thanks a lot for coming on thank so much -- chance.