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LB's Award Winning Sports Minute

Jan 23, 2014|

WAAF Sports Minute with LB covered a variety of topics today including an Overtime victory for the Celtics and New England Patriot Matthew Slater going to the Pro Bowl.

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Again the -- history but he extended sports minute it's not in case you missed my amazing award winning sports today on the Hill Man Morning Show not for nothing here you go -- enjoy. His jokes -- Leon used to say can you elbow leave it. Celtics went to Washington losers of three straight and twelve of thirteen. Give me some love Dave Wallace. For the line. I got a lot of that was watching TV with a called Gerald Wallace was the man the he has to layup with two point nine seconds to go. And -- when 113 111. In overtime -- W in the W call -- gotta love it Jeff green was the stud though I drained the 39 for the how whenever fifteen next up the Oklahoma thunder and CD Kevin Durant the best two player on the planet. There is no way the Celtics will win this game I love them they're great stuff I'm a fan no -- this one is going to be a tough one bring your a game fellas just to stay close. Tipoff 730. On CS NKG and Paul Pierce. Come to the garden Sunday with the Brooklyn nets what what's their reaction was I would win KG and Paul Pierce arrive they both given. Big standing over a few best in the busting crowd yes -- -- yeah gazette and have stuck to his Australia they're currently have to -- Not not to be bummed out because they're running away with post players and he says that I was precautionary measure yesterday resting guard Rajon Rondo. -- storewide Charlotte carnation. Had the collective sigh of relief Celtics are Forbes magazine's fourth richest -- 875 million dollars great job we're prospecting company. The next to number one -- one point four billion fall by the lakers and bulls -- porous team. In the league of multi millionaires is the Milwaukee Bucks 405. Million dollars all that's that's not have the bombing. How much Suzanne owner mr. Bruins get back -- in Philly Saturday afternoon that's a 1 PM request the flyers last empty street two last night. Penguins and Sid the kid did the -- favor in the Atlantic they spank the halves of Montreal 51 last night Brad Marchand. Hi is that for those last two games he's on fire after that slow start. I just seems like everything you know sharp early on is this working for them on similar factor into anything right then erase any doubt if not for himself and then it's gets worse from there but no brilliance they're making great plays -- -- a mom on the receiving end of a whole lot of those. There weren't attracted June -- -- men -- thirty thug hug I seem to pick my Hassan -- upon now half a I NHL stadium classic weekend this year pretty cool Anaheim LA Dodger Stadium Saturday New York Rangers New York Islanders Yankee Stadium. On Sunday outdoor games of the baseball parks can't get enough that stuff big props to my by Jimmy BZ junior. Bobby -- juniors -- -- fourteen Kobe baker finalists lists so please join me and Google holy -- voting and -- vote pro voted day and for Jimmy. Is that an an amazing season again at Harvard. His sophomore season thirteen points and thirteen games UCLA EC AC rookie of the year last year a first round draft pick. I think I've been Nashville Predators and I'm not mistaken mobile updates Jerry -- scrap patriots kicker. Steve gets gusty Logan Mankins -- later on the prime time dame Deion Sanders squad. -- Sundays -- later yesterday. We know this is definitely a tremendous honor I'm humbled by the honor and I'm grateful for that acknowledgment from our word for it at the end of the day. I'd much rather be playing with my teammates moving forward -- but I'll go there and and have a chance to look back on the season and as we have a lot to think. Glass -- have some fun and Honolulu as we talked about yesterday it's unofficial -- Europe to America is the Yankees seven years 155 million dollars while he's consistent security for 25 year old and now Robert rapper Rick Ross. -- must have a massive posse he -- -- boxing champ Evander Holyfield's 109 room 45000. Square foot mansion in Atlanta. Yeah they -- any real middle CEO 425. People are people are rare thing. This swimming pool that needs 375000. Gallons a watered. -- -- How -- the price tag on that maybe. I you know when I don't know why I have done you gotta be here did the double digit million well it was it was one of those foreclosure deals are only far viewed -- and -- Holyfield is like going back. Well yeah agencies. He's in tough shape as his ex Texas longhorn Tennessee Titans quarterback. Vince -- that's yet to advance filed for bankruptcy proof that to you don't want you can't live on 39 million. Always right right now what would not Vince Young was signing like what 225 million dollar contract here and there left and right in. He's blown through all that money is that does that would have. And we're gonna alleys trying to protect Chapter Eleven protection wouldn't have left him he says he has eleven million dollars -- -- -- man they're liabilities and bills notes via. Like my -- Jack Edwards likes to -- -- and a Dali Lama sportsman zero point 545 on WA AF.