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LB's Award Winning Sports Minute

Jan 22, 2014|

Hot topics in this edition of LB's WAAF Sports Minute included the Celtics lose to the Heat in a close game in Miami and Roger Goodell's new suggestions on what to do about extra points.

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Hey -- the past history but he extended sports minute it's not in case you missed my amazing award winning sports today on the Hill Man Morning Show not for nothing here you go -- enjoy. It's. Did you. Dagger that -- NBA dot com Celtics battled. And they did beat down the stretch but. That was as good as it got heated to 82 he win 9386. Down in South Beach the king James. As printed on his Jersey for nickname night smoke degree away for 29 points eight boards. And four helpers Rondo I struggle last night he had just one point 14 minutes no rest for the big fellas. There in Washington tonight taking on the wizards tipoff is an early 7 PM start. Find CSN my Bruins dropped until Saturday when they travel affiliate take on the flyers it's a awesome -- 1 PM away game ripper. Andrew recorded and you Hamilton are allegedly -- that's great news patriots linebacker coach pepper Johnson is calling -- a career in New England. Fourteen years the big man has been here but I guess he wanted to defensive coordinator position that not -- she got. Last year so operative wants to climb the ladder and a group we've thanks for the fourteen years harper do the best we wish you well. After the record I'm all in on nine NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is he AT competition change which could be 82 point swing. Are there any plays in the game that really are not consequential and one of the issues that. This happened is that the extra point is almost automatic and you wanna add excitement -- -- There's one proposal particularly I've heard about its automatic that you get seven points we score -- touchdown. But you could potentially go for -- point either by running or passing the ball and then if you fail you're actually enough for six you lose a point. A lot of it come on board like get -- -- draft between Jerry racing Deion Sanders began yesterday primetime went down. He went with the patriots -- team taking guard Logan Mankins and special teams specialist Matthew Slater Jerry Rice. -- saints QB Drew Brees and rams defensive end Robert Quinn. The draft continues today. The game is Sunday in Honolulu Super Bowl 42 -- second a week from Sunday down in Jersey. Broncos have verses the Seahawks Japanese pitching sensation. Point five year old mass sheriff to not get well allegedly pick between the Dodgers White Sox cubs and the nods from New York. Sometime today speaking of New York gain up as Alex Rodriguez some forty players have piped up. They want Rodriguez out of a MLB PA out of the players association. Because he sued the players association. You don't think there's money college football here's a doozy Notre Dame is leaving -- and they -- new sponsorship from under armour and under armour is paying Notre Dame ninety million -- publicly at all. Many -- about the like -- dental or optical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wins over Butler Harvard -- loss to Florida Atlantic -- -- temple many 66 number fourteen UMass has Richmond tonight. Like my Jack Edwards likes to say. A Dali Lama sportsman zero point 545 on WA AF.