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Townie Throw-Down Peabody vs Saugus

Jan 22, 2014|

Peabody took on Saugus in this edition of Townie Throw-Down.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. I don't appreciate drug addicts at nine towns as. Her home. Very Hill Man Morning Show drugs and since. -- -- -- yeah visit. Our own. I'm in ten pounds and I have to rule. Third. Wrote tickets for WWE. Smackdown at the TD garden on Tuesday march 25. For the winner of today's Tony throw down tickets go on sale this Saturday. Through Ticketmaster. And adjust and is on the line first this morning I believe. Representing. -- guess is that correct Justin. -- -- -- born and re eased. Away and what they Gloria what it would do just that. Let you have. And then overnight their operator and pick -- -- cocaine -- directly got a while -- -- at the fact that years that's are you doing now what part of sagas where we're words where were you born where you grow up. Ray equipment they'll square okay. Well you are. Up against Pete who is representing. Peabody Peabody -- August today -- Well PW what what part of Peabody. I'll from the real threat at what it but he let me go -- -- the problem -- last the itself Peabody and -- that's what it really I'm okay great bulk. You know I asked you the out flyers over there. All right Justin -- is is home to the oldest barbershop in the United States at 111 years old what is that barbershop. -- I don't know what -- -- And -- going to be at that time Georgia's barbershop you are up one nothing. Pizza big well it's a graduate of Peabody high school math to bloom. Has he merged to become what to WWE. Superstar. That would be there Albert. -- bloom great guy yeah. Added. Can for bonus points are knocked it give you any but can you tell me what do what I mean he is currently wrestling under. I thought that -- and the side and -- but but you got the question right. All right Justin. Adam Sandler and the cast of grown ups too used this location inside -- any seen for -- -- That oatmeal apple field -- Only now have. People -- up and stop this morning. Up Pete please name one of the anchor stores of the North Shore mall. Yes nice job too is can you name another one. I. -- night. This is a tough one Justin or gonna weed out whether your plutonium not just American bar girls and I. In nineteen in 1975. In -- against this plant was built. And became the first. Commercially successful plant. All of its kind in the United States of America what do they do -- that plant. Third -- yes incineration generations don't. We went -- -- this program really don't I don't I'm sure but a the mass -- and my plant when I'm driving or that time night. Well listen Justin goes three for three PT got to hit this one to turn it into a tie brother. This person was the only person in -- to be pressed to death by Stalin's during the Salem -- hysteria. Thought she is. 000. Yeah. I can give you 11 point -- to answer LV I do not Giles -- really Giles Corey to lousy and Jonathan and sorry -- -- sockets are thought August comes out victorious out and talk this morning here. When it comes to the county throw down so shout out to the -- I believe that Giles Corey was the guy. During the Salem witch trials that were put in the rocks on them and they just wanted him to admit that he was a -- and they would stop the rocks on yeah and instead every time they did it bookings at. He said more more rock star rock like he can sell more because it because Libya or admit you're which they needlessly through -- I bring you this decade and outside and that they would like it would steal lie. The party here although with this yeah.