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Nelly Carreno of NECN

Jan 22, 2014|

The lovely Nelly Carreno of NECN gave us a call bright and early to discuss the storm that was not for North Shore residents and the ample amount of snow for the South Shore.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well even if there is not a lot of slow the live shots -- -- on -- and I believe our next I believe our next guest is doing one right now -- -- back -- are about to do line. The very beautiful nearly -- you know from New England the cable news is safe package here. And early and joining us throughout my god and -- what do you I mean it's cold out there. What are you wearing. So layer -- that is really cute I hope you have long underwear is gone. AP and out -- during a -- and now they've -- -- -- now as a woman if you Wear long John Lindsay is still have to -- some kind of but my guess frilly underwear thing underneath the -- product. I no -- carry. On the. Just call me a creeping get an a -- in Libya. And valedictory I -- now on Reynolds -- but -- harmless. I am harmless so listen. I guess see it buys it so here I sit in Brighton and basically like the roads are wet. And there's like a dusting is now. How I'd like there was a big -- of a blizzard this and that but really the South Shore is is where this is in and where they're dealing with a. And that often and then you -- and -- Any of them -- Downey and clinic that entered. OK so it's legit. So like you guys didn't blow this. We thought we did not -- we. That snapshot at the often -- opposite and it will in my her. Was it like now was this -- it's been kind of the thing. How to compete and -- -- and out and. I'm not mad at him just merely a weather away eyes light bat now and not bad situation out and I hit it that. And it. And now at every. So you can we expect that the rest of the the week is going to be snow -- -- what's what's the what's the deal didn't. Get a degree of -- on really well this is great as we build my ice rink as is this output is this a polar vortex kind of -- Actually. Lecture telling -- I didn't like a little -- on tricky. At Apollo or attacked the strike. Or cortex. Used that line. Always thought I was I was reading that you know when we get to October. Or probably going to have a lot of polar vortex babies. It all you. Do not have -- patented. -- -- Well it's all right -- didn't. Take. It on and on a daily it up and shout. And that -- -- next on -- on my. And on Monday perfect just in time for everybody to try to go back to where it. -- I played all right well so so your are you doing live shots all morning. I'm out in order two. I'm like why -- Oh right you are not great Malia. What now what will you do during the live -- do Scanlon well you know we didn't get my act and not. At all. Don't be too you know I don't like -- wanted to our -- -- of the camera guy like build up some it's like a giant snow bank behind you you can stand it you know and I mean in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys I know. It well let's -- outbreak -- out -- it so serve it out and vote so that this morning it would be fair to say. That the that the roads are just moist. -- Shed about eight up. You nailed it you as the leaders -- in LA it's -- -- the unit did you know hates that word bullies seeking instead it. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- I guess I can't I meet is -- -- just like about. Him out there on the rocks and on the street and like a -- in the morning at the roads are not connect the very -- enough credit. I'm -- Bloomberg. Taxes says now he's lasted is now he's -- with Greg is that is that laugh -- the girls do when you buy them a drink but they're all sat. I. Guess you're right about now. Yeah I'd get that vibe a little bit that like I. -- -- All right now Ali well thank you so much I've arrived I'm so glad he came on and we rule out will seal on knowingly cable news this morning in and in the near future. Okay thank you it is there is the beautiful -- and rain you know.