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Hill-Mail 1-22-14

Jan 22, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each unit turned to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show Brazil and still made up. Throw in the with the -- that -- uncomfortable with collegiate head. -- -- -- -- On WAA. There remind Danielle the list and that she kids in and they of course include. A matrimony commitments yes commitment. All right pregnancy. Today's mail message is brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on route one in -- the auto mile or you can go online at Cadillac Norwood to. Dot com here are the very best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. People 7:21. AM. Fox. And the message they are beyond discussion yesterday about rescue it. Think topic of this -- discussion on the FaceBook page real hot button issue here you know serious mental somehow it's amazing it's amazing to me how how many people freak out about it. Currently -- -- public and public care yeah -- -- that it hear opinions yeah. And the people who -- -- -- where you'll. Like I guess they feel like it says it's a bodily function banging -- people want bodily functions to remain in M and -- courtesy of their -- But others says since they have -- from -- Take a mountain and the. -- local hello Mike. Error -- what's a typical. -- -- -- -- your references ER gyro. Witch trials yes yes yes yes I'm older I'm from honor medal stand for. And build up a out Giles Corey. Yes excellent axle the heavy metal but yeah -- be -- to death zone sounds perfect right hello Brian. Attic yet I can't eight. Guys Taylor and you know -- profit hurt my kids are well and in this Pittsburgh public school systems -- thankfully they expect great teachers that. -- school memorial. -- Sure our our street elementary where -- -- teaches it's an element useful politically called up about it to achieve a fourteen year old. It get -- at -- -- no I don't know -- open. And eleven years old Mac. So -- they would have no way of knowing. Or discovering that she was as a teacher. Doing provocative modeling on the side -- -- -- and other you know bring up. They know it and then -- -- I have break -- so it's OK Parker hopes that China India and -- our moral. Even shoot a great future would not gonna judge on now is Leo okay. Mikey -- the crap I -- thirteen year old saying that 9/11 was an inside job. Well that I -- -- -- -- I mean I I just keep thinking about her do this hilarious sense of hypocrisy is like if I saw someone gets divorced and I think they're they're no longer allowed to be a teacher. I spoke with Keating and she did listen in on our conversation earlier and enjoy it I asked if you want to join us to talk about you know situation going on but unfortunately she cannot comment okay Mike what about what LB sent. Divorce because you're the way it -- -- that -- here in Ohio moral it. I don't see that as -- the same lines barely saw a guy that mentally tortures his wife so much so she divorce is -- -- OK to be a teacher teacher I don't think that's okay well well -- more than. I -- if that's not OK then you -- -- with me if someone's divorced their their had to be divorced for it then really it was just what are the what are what are the -- just cheated on his wife and he makes him -- immoral person. I you don't know what's going on their marriage I can't I can't. Make a first -- -- what I what I. Jennifer I'm trying to figure out if you were of its although character and and now I. -- quality and I just don't think it's appropriate for her to still be doing -- you know essentially button but look at a -- opening up but a lot of guidance and willing to run out on nine -- wife and three kids can be hit a stripper and I think marriage that's -- to be that's -- and it's all public right everybody's -- know about it everybody here is Irene -- got calling and caller actually beaten her eleven year old kid can't Google you know my name on what -- August 1986. Now. How would you feel about a teacher breastfeeding in public. Would that be in Europe without their right. I'm sure they had you know dedicated its basis okay now what about cool let's talk about Walter White. What about the white was doing what what what he was doing for his family isn't she doing the exact same thing I mean you know mr. white was a little crystal map out. A little bit about -- he's a little or is there a young couple 100000 pounds that's. Almost new season five by the way you know if you get sick of my breaking battle over the years later your -- -- passion and and -- you know why together. It's its -- it's all the -- my mind because. I'm just trying to finish this thing dragon made the mistake of starting over Christmas break and now I like that as Sony much easier to go I'm -- I'm almost I'm a season fives are not -- I just started season five. So I'm you want to know glasses. Discusses -- spoiler alert. -- and on yeah I got to wrap that up and and then ninth get to the end here all right let's continue with today's hill mail messages. To me Akron 22 and again. -- record culture I feel about the what Welker is that it I think it would have been at it. I think or got. And the -- Any fines for locker yet I'm not that I've seen now. Nothing aspects are -- to represent that was our guys named Mike Pereira the he was he was side he was on sports I can use -- about that. The ball was almost in the hands of Thomason. And so that makes they -- legal and make thing at least not even a -- -- a little bit Bill Belichick is off a little bit chewed me. 724. Old man. -- narrow. -- like you're big fear that yeah. If you -- you really. That can actually get. It. And that's not how I just the first prisoners yes -- an -- I US new kittens and regardless creepy. Little bit lawyer Bruce. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- order for a little our rent -- you're right fear of what recruit them National Anthem -- C extra. Yes yes yes well you know what you -- with bill. The kick in the National Anthem that hit -- and you can get bulky. -- Yeah so -- well now Roger Goodell spoke out yesterday and wants to change the point after care can. He's got to that I guess there's 11. Potential. Change it's been suggested where you automatically get seven points for -- TD. If you go for the extra point then you get. Eight threat if you missed it you end up was sick now so are they don't make it into wrestling I think -- parent that would I think that would make it interesting that you do and you wouldn't be kicking in at the there -- -- passive rounds I think they'll make an interest thing. To me. 720. Colonel and him. Still repeating not a big problem are there particular white -- -- -- no. They probably open a couple torpedo. It will go away at it they've stayed out like. Doubt puck great there would be -- and you know we were pretty creek M breaststroke. All of want. Greg Anderson he's a great holy days. They rarely go on with -- like you know I I don't want to break and that I'm like personal vacation yes yes I want -- fire season. But the fifth seeded and only build up that episode eight yes and you can't find it anywhere from eight on. Well I've done a little research on this Netflix we'll have the final eight episodes or whatever on February 24. I believe you can also buys them. But I I hear you it's kind of a bomber like when your building toward the finale although who in the world doesn't know. What happens in that breaking bad finale at this point in on I mean I don't I don't you cannot I don't know -- -- -- -- to pass well. Update salt pills Jesse. -- -- about to -- there is the spin off better call -- yeah. I think. Smaller -- and I believe -- October November yes. Two point seven -- computer toward. Other -- is -- their their senior Canadian public that natural pick and natural function. Both lowered the act that created that they be in that spot where it's spoke and we you know certain commitment mine -- when I have a -- shot at. I don't think he can not most places that are I mean I think your -- police there who rules a Beecher something here. Was I reading about Katy Perry last night that she has given the details on. Losing her virginity yes that record in the front seat of a Volvo would -- be sixty years old yet with delicate on no -- yeah she's a role model for my dialog that. She also said Katy Perry that she's all old natural row no. They'll move enhancement now plastics there's just phenomenal press yeah early they're just they're paying so. Luckily they're heavily in building frustrating you know. Two point seven -- computer and we can't. Other about it then partner and their PP in public that natural pick and natural function. Also heard the act they've created -- state. May we are OK I want their special K but. You thought it was great and wanted to play again he certainly has finally learned today Alia a lot of aussies doing it -- -- long past -- and Elijah 18 June -- man. Another great job but a lot of sport -- -- is seventeen wrote the book and great. Like we haven't -- until he broke into areas provoked a. Don't walk into an opponent of the -- -- I mean some places this storm was not as predicted that that is that is true well. Yeah -- -- should I -- in the same the united we you are somewhere primarily so I can did you see shovel out and -- well before I went to work. Sigh I was up -- like quarter before you gaga did the same knee went out I guess he he got less than an inch you know lately and showered and have fun I don't I don't think. Straightaway -- on the coach -- 4 o'clock after he swept -- the desire to watch in the front porch in right it would be to support the cold on the second. That you would make up our collier so funny hill that's. A cop -- well yes I sign on. Obama and the wedeman grew up fourth you know why aren't. -- -- -- And now you're still gonna charge though I I know Eli -- you know a great job by those guys now it has -- insurance is still gonna dissolve or it you know. I could follow them or blocked. Got called no calls -- a rule. And then yeah. Yes you guys are a little. Light field there is on some pretty good. Katy Perry pictures from this interview that she did remarks about giving up her virginity. You see that one with a fire extinguisher I don't know why does -- turn on but mountain. May be maybe I'm like. Up secret pyro or something buffalo up 31 of those pictures for -- in a minute really pretty old. Parent if not accurate and in the parent can't. I recommend it up people even a picture employees stay home at the -- -- it -- -- under a Mac that one bit new interest that now. My -- didn't -- -- -- And anyone who can't travel. All roads have been -- at ten American knowing that -- people with no ethnic Larry Hindu I've been acting up so bad. And now it's. And -- get pounded on the -- -- -- those gadgets now -- -- in on the -- are united north to west for a five got lucky this time when you elect bill this time I will thank you for participating during hill mail today.