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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Jan 21, 2014|

Moved to Tuesday this week due to Martin Luther King Day we once again venture inside the Simple Male Mind with LB answering a very popular question in why men always have their hand on their junk.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. I. Let's go inside the simple mail mine bring it. We did not work yesterday so normally on Monday as we go inside the symbol male mind with the help of relationship grew Lyndon byers. But we got a -- right now if you're a woman who listens to the show -- and you wonder why. He man in your life acts the way in which he acts if he does things that perplexed CO LB. Well explain it to you right now -- have to do is text your questions. The WA AF tax line which is 971. Of seven L eight. Sir my husband told me yesterday that he is sick of me calling him at work to tell him I miss him. And to see how his stay in its right I do it to show my love them why would he be bothered by that. Because some guys like me don't. Don't need that don't like that it does it get immediate did did makes you feel guilty like here you've done -- you know you don't do enough and are resilient I mean yeah. Women you won't know and I know you love might likely -- -- on human. -- women like to do that stuff kind -- exactly -- -- not a -- too many negative going to work I'm more country differently with age and frankly I don't bring me alone I don't wanna break it yet time but. You your hubby doesn't only did he give me candy and flowers on Valentine's -- right. You know I ask -- -- I guess we go to work we work hard right you know every day is a great day every you know ideology it's like. It's like it's like -- -- Christmas and presence in all that stuff. You know not for nothing if if a white Christmas a warm birthday I don't get anything that -- analog via the you know that we we hate that guilt that you are expected tempted to do it every day hello. Hey how's your day going -- yeah ran off. Really what you mean hasn't gone -- I don't I don't consider an -- hello letter -- it's forty below zero is my boss is on my ass -- 87000. Things the deal now you -- -- -- -- you're calling for ten minutes to talk about nothing when I get home what are the elements 730 after being -- -- traffic be -- -- bronze pennies with bogey and a -- Let's be honest. It's probably a fishing call and I what is really truly I think we're very weak when -- what kind of -- that the opposite like you know 1110 on a Thursday it's like we're we're gonna. -- -- office. I mean I always and I said -- when he leaves they when he gets up out of bed these live in -- house in does that really you today I love your love and building -- -- little time to go about getting a lot of blood. On LB why do men always harsh or scratch their balls because I don't I don't know what hero. But I don't I don't know where that their favorite. Spot on a woman is on under the G spiked drinks taxes suck but. I had that he lets us in any any any any any just -- when she she thinks it's comical now but if you if you pull up your. You're you know. Jonny sack. And -- and you just you just he has hold it up and you just scratch. There's a lot of -- the bottom side if -- you know what it's like. There's two feelings that I love almost as much as -- that's the Q tip in the year. And just leave you pitch I could scratch mine that's for like it five hours watching TV. That is the greatest you know you don't scratch argues scratch I usually just feels incredible okay there's -- -- it -- -- -- just think I think it almost on it besides sacks the most favorite. A feeling you out there watching and and scratch here and that's got that feeling it's calm there's a guy at work named Steve who keeps sending me emails about how we can't stand his girlfriend. We are friends that you think this means you want to date me yes it does if I don't let's not isolated typical woman she goes right to date yeah. Until I started well -- somebody else let's start with -- -- out there but let's start with a mirror and see where it goes from that but yes he's interested and it. Bomb went to wait by the way if they don't the guys throwing out the -- the steak crepe hair just -- immunities are up for pork monster will take advantage. What do -- stopped thinking it's cool to go out and get wrong with their friends. My -- -- 45. And it drives me crazy. That's -- isn't your first relationship. And I read it you never have you been dating women -- airline if I could get at. But gas field as the does that ever change till the end of the time my I -- he's always gonna wanna be out -- was a serious sit back and enjoy the ride he did you let him have his space and he enjoys dollars and you know out of the -- you know if your if your cool chick. The -- and do if you're tired your view here year old man going out with with you would. The guys all the time. Let him incursion to build a mantown put integrator in the house put -- largely over that like like my garage area you know again he doesn't care that just to park her car outside for the snowstorm coming up. Despite the garages -- -- -- literally I got a tight severe chest area outdoor cooler guy you're a big eyes big. But I -- flat screaming about a 3000 dollar Italian leather coach six I'd say I hide topped -- We're ready to roll through I have to NASCAR tires in there from from from Daytona 500 up just in case you graphite not a NASCAR by Arizona's with a memorabilia a couple of pictures -- of the kids on the walls of the artwork. All right we're going inside the simple mail -- with the help of Lyndon -- LB how soon it -- and expects acts I've been on three gates with a really cool guy again that's but he was pretty upset on Saturday night when we didn't have -- After the third dates way Leighton made this is -- they -- big burn my dad this is what my dad Tommy this is the dubbed the birds and the bees yeah. My dad's dead where condom which of course we all know that I blew that one out the window mentioned -- several times right and -- just now and rest. -- -- -- -- -- -- She was supposed to be on the -- I hit -- well -- -- any I think my dad's army wives die if they eat. They have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's is my dad said. My dad said no heavy lifting. Movie. Yeah right. First go to a Little League -- -- for a couple cocktails go to a movie that way if you don't like or you don't have to talk movies overly protective achieve -- there's really doctor again I think if you go to the you do go to the movie -- and you'll Laker. The next time cough up for good -- a nice international restaurant -- their dinner and then she NN. OB DTS now now from the beginning that we do you know from the female -- idea of what that -- like now when. It's time for her -- that's the amount of alcohol you've had their order of don't ask somebody the alcohol yet. This is it that the failure. The I never do that but this is why passage you really -- -- to experience. Like have a million radler about the recent connecting nine a couple left here why don't all the LB why do men think we want them to buy asked lingerie it's something you -- it's not what we want. I you know to me -- -- -- -- -- -- sorry I hit like me and I'm ready can't you can't win if I show up with chocolates and flowers you know I really again I. Hi IA IEA I -- yeah yeah it was really nice -- alliance came as it says 120 dollars really again. And then you show up -- -- you know lace panties in a -- perverts it's -- You know I'm not gonna happen and you know it -- just -- except that gives it its all gonna work upgrade you know yeah it's -- we're a great take him put him in your parent -- Make like you'll like him and Stromile Kazaa I cannot we get into your. I don't care for him right did you just want you -- and what you think there's a got to get a senior officers did not easy -- I don't care director government located that you TV that hey don't feel -- a second. You never warned that Brian pennies I got you for Christmas. Now was because -- -- as a because they didn't in front of the. Aren't sponsor and now this one. This text came in at about 6 point this morning and I've come back to her -- I think it's one of the odder ones that we we have received but. On my Fiat is rated as it is. My fiancee keeps asking me to touch his -- area. I'm -- it's you know I think it's weird to trim I want to know if he could be day. Oh praise I think your horizon. There's like yeah down left and I don't even like touch in my own -- so there's no way that's it's out of bounds and now I find it on the other end of that money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot different and and by the way and by the way if -- -- semester hour here who don't be pissed off that you can't just -- go out there tonight and I. Assuming you're not a -- hello my case. They're talking about -- -- -- lawyer work guy. Start or re edit ultimately had to -- your head. I'd be at work. And I got nobody calls me. Agent to call more than adaptable fired at -- -- -- -- day I picked a goal like that it was fine I had to stop your -- violate participate on the call you. Well let me tag yeah I eventually had to get it 800 number to my old old. I can afford all of the candidates -- time understanding what they weren't OK oracle. Trying to tell you know that that that she loves you yeah I think about that there always is you you you -- the call. Then -- you're in a situation we can't get the phone. Now you're -- you think and it's an emerging -- if you're thinking you're here where you can get his cool snap the leg broken -- You know yeah it sums going down you constantly and I had -- let -- -- the series is gone but if you like really. And I'd. Well that is inside that simple old male mind and have a great -- with someone who knows it well Lyndon byers.