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Hill_Mail 1-21-14

Jan 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the long weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I write your hill mail message is today brought you by Cadillac of nor -- the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the -- mile or online and I Cadillac Norwood. Dot com that's Cadillac Norwood dot com. Asked for my buddy Mike acts when you go down there he's the owner and he will take extra special care of view and here are. The very best legal mail messages of the last couple of days. Title 723. Million acre. Gotten our new ball electorate on Monday it -- And that he thinks. Pelosi. Lead get a chin against the host city Dallas city. -- -- -- crowd out of L -- low -- maybe I won't happen England England. Our. Cap and that now -- They -- didn't enough where there are now aren't I mean these stupid LB comments are. I guess that chick is pretty it's that the you mentioned her on the FaceBook she she's weighing in on the conversations that are radio show is at it anywhere is worth mentioning levels Ahmanson's seems to be to feel she's being bullied. I do she's an employee and her ordinarily aches or or around her body you know what what do you -- You know responded to condit's -- that -- variants that and that should Israel that she. Former little collateral can you truly told them. They're an element where you live in order then it's called no -- Funeral yeah -- And at that -- this one. And then we got they like the return of the polar vortex -- -- back to -- are glad the week it's going to be absolutely. -- it'll be winter -- the F it'll be actually be went yeah -- yes that's right shock actually be like it normally is into January. Send all quiet 44 PM. And you know through Denver Broncos fans eagerly awaiting the start of the AFC championship football game and talk. -- one mile per day. That's awesome. Awesome -- -- you know I get a -- some did you ever really feel like. The patriots were in the acting out any time. I -- state -- -- did a great job and an Denver's defense. Did a great job. Of pressuring brimming -- got to like twice write what they -- -- the 23 downs they sacked. Yeah I mean he was married those seven -- I mean. Manny like was touched once why don't that we that was -- yeah I think they could not get anywhere near him I just it was like the whole team. You only get so psyched up for a game like that when I just never felt like. I never felt like they were in it. As -- when when Brady overthrew cattlemen for the touchdown yeah. Early you were like oh my god this this disaster this is not nor does it then and then when when you see him -- it out and you'll look and it's a patriots receiver this -- open and he throws the ball to be inside. It would have been great and then you're like. Matthew Slater. I think you know we've played receiver I know that if -- was Joseph pa and the special teams so I guess there are hoping that that's what does not go to site. A defense what I'm thinking is wow. I mean I don't know -- you know idealists and -- atlas in our I had the it was a great season hero to Tom -- rates and those appellate Jack yeah I don't you Julian gentleman who's our friend yes I have what a great review no guy deter contractors steps up. Has a career year didn't it hit an 8% on top post game interview didn't you just wanna. Doable high five yeah. For a hug and say it's it's going to be OK buddy that's got criticized kidnap foreign lose and you know especially. When you know you guys guys worked their balls are that was there that was blood and guts yeah the FC championship. Well -- -- and end up now that you know I the patriots youngest team in the NFL. -- only got a lot of guys a lot to look forward to you know I was -- I was. It was -- I got a year under their belt now in all patriots you know got an opportunity Gordon. You know I gotta love the paper today -- Larry FitzGerald I mean not only shooting for the the main man wasn't say they're going for Larry I know is that they were saying they should go for Larry FitzGerald and I mean Arizona is a lot. Among younger well Armenians you know you've got guys like hightower who played in a big game. Rookie year you've -- you've got guys who are. They have a little bit of experience now and you know I'm an adult when guys come back in the mix up. Well I think it's I think it's positive for next year and won't quiet 49 PM. There. And that now since I'm here if it did -- Sunday Sox. You know and I am there yeah he's just. Well -- it regularly got -- -- -- just like image is vivid two point I don't get to and then it would have been different maybe in your very -- you know -- -- that your strategy would have been different you wouldn't have the onside -- and get a -- out of your deepest. Make them go three in town and Brady marches down the skills and we'll just the -- -- just the Broncos limiting the than the amount of snaps the tambourine Adam but I could put my like two thirds but it is just sick if you think of going into this season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They yeah right. All right it is 758 here at WAA after WAA FHD one less robust than WK after WK FEC one -- in Boston and we are playing your hill mail messages. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call Kyle about they had Omaha -- gone there and again after eight Omaha -- 901 half oval -- -- the whole public -- it dork but you know what he played. Play great I'm Maggie and say anything bad about -- I mean any foul play Johnston died I just hope they lose to Seattle I even got the only thing that. We can all hope Barlow Amy. Okay what you aren't up. I don't mind away and I am not breastfeeding and public's help. I nerds in public. Air I heard and I very here and -- -- He's seven months now and I never ever had and you want to give me dirty looks ever head anyone say anything to me. I've -- it actually current -- yet. TD garden in a weird. -- what are the called kitty TTD garden yet I'm so -- do you ever get guys who are staring at you for an inordinate amount of time. I don't know now not so yeah I -- I mean I guess there are some people that think it's a bodily function. And bodily functions ought to be done in the -- the city of of one's own home or something however. There are other people who say it's eating. It's nourishment and nourishment is done in public -- at all -- right there Christie's people never been hammered -- outside and in -- I think I. So you're you're all in favor of it and it doesn't matter where you are you willing to take it out and in milk it. I mean at -- I'm gonna say that we all over the place I'd be glad I didn't hungry -- know. Now listen on everybody's texting in and they say these sound like a smoke show. So you must be -- you must be hot and that's why are willing to breastfeed in public. -- That's after Seattle founded the -- and I'm and I. I could conclude that the fifth. I go ahead -- did. -- -- -- 16 PM. The food in the Garret blunt but in New England Patriots. And that's Terry myself on the cover Sports Illustrated. Are becoming invisible during a championship game and we think the Hill Man Morning Show okay yeah. Think that I think they're cute. And the -- and now. I mean guy had four incredible games in a row. What he expects gonna have five moms -- you know. We hope is that we -- a little tired right we hope fortify and it catches up to eventually. Then he will. Colin -- what the word for it and outside of Korea panic. Think or. More matrimony. And comment I'm not content with nationally in fact that you forgotten how much guest appearance on -- weird. Lynch's very rich and gore urged and -- -- you don't wanna hear those in the same sentence ever not especially our dirty up up up up up up and now I knew that no. -- 08 and -- At one political opinion that it but he got it grown so big I'll let it -- it -- it. People what I had a diplomat and -- -- back and it Flacco. The -- might be -- bit wet so. Now want the patent the other Manning well don't be looking for revenue -- quarterback I couldn't pay them and. And the message to them -- him the meter was off a little bit in that. Limerick -- that was not panic and ten that are on now -- and a but I get what he's saying -- some people think that telecheck lashing out at Wes Welker. Yesterday. Who was bit crybaby issue and that he should've taken the loss like command and the the calling Wes Welker dirty is a. An activity of a sore loser. You have to get creative when trying to get someone to find yeah and that's what he's trying to kill the guy I can't wait probably what do you think 35000 I mean. I its you know it if Aqib -- doesn't get hurt it's not a cheap shot right. I keep to leaves I mean if you see the picture in the barrel today isn't he snapped moon -- pretty gave -- so once once he becomes injured it's a cheap shot. But you know sports. Host Jack you know they lose that game -- that lost that game fair and square. Does that these Belichick a sore loser because he comes out the first thing he says yesterday is is that. We did that's that dirty just hit he's ever seen -- -- well not heads again I look at it again he set himself up number one. He's the east PST east. He was walker -- to see he does like walker okay we know that he made another -- -- they don't like each other press I don't know it's a strong word but maybe they Welker broke out there -- Bigger topic is there are about the past he he he. Got the pass he rob ballot check of them and others who were all right that's the first thing that pissed them off. Then he would dead and the whole foot. Common share and he dared to try to be funny -- -- in a press conference and that he knew he wouldn't take the money needed Belichick wanted to take states or anything. Yeah an end and they keep to leave you know minus the the fact that -- got -- both AFC games this year last year potentially as a shutdown corner. And he's stepping up for guy that he wants to resigning. So it EE it's a it's a great opportunity for Bill Belichick and patriots shows support. To a guy that's going to be a free agent would prefer a big -- you cash yeah and it -- hope they keep appreciates the fact. That don't check -- threw it out there and west Walker's gonna get fine to -- Kevin twenty -- And the message. Discipline. Is yes so awesome. I grew 8 AM. Oh -- literally in the air we gave you live mega. Mood where they're at war -- so bad news good. Boo. Movement -- a group of oh. Without. They apple peaked at. And the message -- -- You know -- I think gum. Both cities. Fire in states where they have legalized marijuana Seattle and by the northwest get -- soup yeah. All blow. It it's Super. Bowl did you see I asked packers' Super Bowl. -- a week from scientists believe the picture of the football melted. -- with people. Pot plant. Well so I'm alone on the idea of -- that like a commemorative item that you can be guy my -- my friend T guarantees from various yeah she standards she twittered to me. -- Yeah how are we right now. It's a month even though I don't like Pete Carroll. Not that he ever did anything to -- personality when -- -- -- Why people don't like peca line is still positive. Like people who are always like every every second of every day they've done a pretty positive attitude and an army always smile and always. And around -- Alabama sun is always shining on -- there -- -- this morning I didn't realize that -- girl's -- -- -- -- authority this is really just in the and yeah I -- I think I got to find out -- will be -- if he. He looks enacts a hole like Yahoo! Music I I like he will yeah he's not all sixty do. I was like you know his fifties like guy that 1950s. Icon -- -- them on a -- -- problems older oldest topic again he's. And he's like. He died a few years ago. Top conflict that he noted that the I doubt -- killed about when he did capitalistic. -- analyst -- -- and better second half to five. Feet 11 AM. Want to know what you like balancing act is not. They remembered it and. And -- apparently had. Other -- and guest tonight is great puppet gun stuff -- guns and stuff yes which we should wish did you do little upgrade ski in the in the lounge and now whiskey right up until right up until they close the door that -- -- dinner after. How many runs did you get it might see twelve to fifteen how are the conditions -- at a pretty little icy in spots but you. In. -- I had didn't hate it and. -- Are currently. -- Didn't he didn't include little bit -- news EU. Boom -- it's. Yeah I was I was expecting right there are big shootout late you know -- yeah 3030. Her 31 someone. 235. Just nothing I mean it's right down no running game no passing game day is it's right down the pike I mean you know you -- you can drive there this. -- you can literally could drive in for the day sure and then drive long ride Costa peanuts. The -- is you go Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday not disappoint now now there really is. In light series what's out into a priest now. I I don't think cell right now yeah now -- that the -- LB you know me I don't -- part with the with the Benjamin CNN comment on the -- the yachts and once -- -- crash again I'm not mean I you know Alice if they got in that they have excellent again lower than. On and in a -- that probably made --