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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Jan 21, 2014|

In a shortened warped female brain segment today we discussed the wife who gets her mustache hair taken care of.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now -- I know it's we're doing inside the -- male mind they'll be in a fifteen it's not really inside the -- female brain dead a year but. -- there's a guy. Who was sent that email over over the weekend. About -- I guess he just learned that he is girlfriend. He goes and gets. Her mustache. Wax yes so that she looks beautiful short. And apparently it's freaking him out like because he never realized. That she had to. And ya ya like pretty much every woman on the planet -- so that's that we can now see this is a little bit shocking to me too because there are you saying that. Most. Most women have. A mustache and that that women playing god forbid your Mediterranean if you're not -- dream like you know I'm Italian -- you're like Middle -- or anything like that I mean you'd get hair everywhere and Ingram so let it go could be a full beard so -- -- -- So do -- do a lot of women do this like glue is good they want you think that there you know. Careless and beautiful naturally that's what you guys sit there completely takes along the bathroom to get ready it's like -- all the sudden looks down notices a couple of -- stray hairs on the big time -- -- Days right. So let's say I have done so you know the -- cars old though he should not. He grossed out by the -- should unionize looking online over the we can actually because there's a blogger that I follow my name's -- -- actually very lovely. The Arabian woman. And she talks about you know all these like secret here things and there was a survey. That she reference to that showed like the top. And things that women hide from their men because were in there either embarrassed they just -- to think that they don't have to deal with these problems -- and like five for six of them. Involved weird bodily hair. So this -- -- beauty site called feeling unique dot com is selling beauty stuff and they do surveys and Nady serving like 2000 when. And they want what do the big things that you hide from your man you don't want to know about it. This is kind of this is going to freak. Not me man out because they think that there. Lovely spouse or girlfriend or fiancee or whatever looks perfect out without any of this stuff -- OK now I'm ready go ahead. Well it's not thing with plucking or shaving hair on her toes. On the toe on a lot of women deal with hairy feet and it's not like. Let's -- I know I have. That's like Nino little between the two little -- local digit you know I'm not sure yeah begin a couple of a couple of -- 3 here 8 o'clock -- welcome you don't share and you can do -- -- -- didn't parent also due out laser hair removal if you're known and for -- session you can be like taking is that until right exactly so a lot of women have hairy feet yes. You're excessive but it's enough that like are now Monday in -- -- -- outside number two. This guy said his big concern plucking -- shaving here on the face ya. Mean you know upper lip with a big problem here are all bleaching it I want -- to get rid of because they don't want the peach -- -- have some women that you know down the side of the face yeah. It's already know it's the cyber maybe Gary -- Lane yeah okay modifying or maybe slightly darker here and there. I wanted body hair was number three like all over and and -- -- the trail already know -- option to have consistent problems. With nipple hair. All corners Applewhite that week what's. -- what is the. I can't keep this there's there's OK I'm the worst until you lift off when you're trying to pull an era your time there -- not are you conscious that -- I can't afford it backs and they mentioned earlier waxing your dying here in your upper -- to kind of concealed and a bit more number five removing calluses from her feet. This nobody wants your legs cut up by an -- -- Alice in the middle of the night now -- -- here's number six you're gonna find out eventually wearing its banks. Body slimming -- Well -- you -- -- ticket that any and -- yeah oh yeah come off and everything I had -- you know -- are you guys -- the they are you in just let me go to the bathroom and -- and they -- -- -- happening draft and and tomorrow on grass. Everything red marks on -- but it might just like your accountant and I noticed everything just fell on -- through the volatile women lawyers banks -- -- -- get everything lined -- in and where it should be doesn't know yet and I -- -- not really big deal -- in -- the eyebrows in the bikini line I think most -- -- interestingly enough that -- That number and nose hair. Now is there -- a lot of either a Blackberry an abundance of -- is there yeah yeah -- doesn't that offered that would. -- -- don't bother me no -- yeah that's -- scared now on it's not like we're despite its parent and it's only and that's that's a far right well that's I get a -- and there's a lot of lot of disturbed men who are listening right now had no idea now see every guy's gonna go home and see his wife for his girlfriend they look at her upper lip just a good. A little a little bit closer and see if they see any big -- listen ladies -- -- don't know this yet they're known are Shiite commercial yeah.