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Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh

Jan 17, 2014|

Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh called in to discuss his mayoral bet with the mayor of Denver for the AFC Title game against the Broncos.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well our new mayor has successfully. Made his first city to city sports -- -- -- It's a political and sports tradition the reality is and he joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show the mayor of the city Abbas then. Marty Walsh mr. mayor good morning. Morning guys so I predict what's going on. Not much or straddle. Use my job and I'm get ready applaud climate. You know you know once somebody starts a new job that you you can tell because they're up early on their way to where Republicans and I talked a couple years in this you're gonna be rolling -- like 10 or 11 o'clock mark you know -- answer. -- -- Listen -- a big pats -- you sitting what section carriers are your season tickets and or create 128 you were there last weekend interacts yeah. And so the the bad has been made between the city Boston in the city of Denver. Tell me tell me what you guys this -- who initiated you initiate this they initiated how does it go and he's the kind of things the. Day David big initiated first. I don't wanna -- mentioned -- option to parking here and getting the that I can't accept pac and now ironically next week who are not the carpet cement. In the -- did the mayor that is going to be my shadow. You know which got a funny and no I think I think that's that's where he cannot predict here you have given us a call that not set -- -- that's like -- quiet today. And I admit ever refer to wager on the table. And in the -- if if -- It's dead -- weights you know I have I have to wary. A Broncos Jersey one of recession. You know I have to her MM five tons of chocolate -- soaps can't be out. I have to remember we were parts of -- here are parts and not -- breaker pertaining to ever college ball like that given. They have an elaborate sort of some of also -- bauxite. In and so that that's all we -- not the other way what would happen stresses that. On the merits -- will be wearing a Tom Brady Jersey at one of the sessions actually. It's sending out. -- maker said it and I are in the senate east not nice. And and and that's Chile from bedrock. Chile what does Denver known for their chill out there -- beat Colorado is known for its beef you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah let that -- not -- LB and I never say no to food -- you're you're well we're -- I guess they probably one of the chocolate because everybody has the munchies out there because they're all hi. The quality pitch but that's what -- have a straight if its people but I have a proper -- about that -- isn't that back here. A Texan wants to know if you have do I I actually signed an interview with a view or or somebody. It was -- interview or somebody wrote about it about how are your first day at the office. You slipped away from your security team because you want to go meet everybody and they are all nervous because nobody knew where you wars I was at an actress. Don't worry be out there would have what I it's a process. In about a guy that a -- -- workarounds we took off or Robert Zoellick. And we got factor or -- -- -- realize and they wanted to leave and then pick actually gave her a security camera in a -- have a building. I'll I have I have a way and yet but I I well. Well so yeah so somebody was taxing and saying to those guys have to go to the patriots game -- He had dated big -- and enjoyed it but unfortunate that it had separate. And up in the trial. I don't think the guy in the next Mexico Mexico have a sitting -- for twenty years he's in the next -- Look at me -- -- -- it is an Airbus and and I looked like -- the first semi of Islamic. -- -- They about a minute and forty -- -- -- next he had these games for like I laughed out -- ever get defense Gaza and yet you didn't want anything to do would be for the last ten years now the mayor must have. Aren't so. -- if the let's why don't get ahead of myself in jinx anything but would you would join -- go to the super bowl of the finance and happens in New York -- All hypothetical that optical and so all pilots who want to I would that the F. The second giant's portal -- there's the colts for the -- stadium. I was you know way to break out of institutional Baltimore don't want our let -- -- -- record ritual we have as Bill Belichick say we won game and apparently the game but about what. It's sad that. That is correct that is absolutely correct. All right and non -- we get that when we get -- -- here for our first who Wednesdays with while she's -- -- up. Well -- -- -- -- Arab ups not the case today little option of listening and not. If that's up for the next that -- actually gonna -- conference but the apple thought about that. When -- get that -- -- sitting here listening rolling your eyes can not happen out here right -- gonna call me in a month now I'm all right so I don't think you're gonna have the payoff on on this that but I'm glad that you got that first that I knew. Get to make another one -- Damage so that you guys and I enjoyed it very bad. -- -- autographs I thank you America thank you mr. Ryan there's Marty Walsh the major of the city of Boston.