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Nate Solder of the New England Patriots

Jan 17, 2014|

In the second Hill-Man Huddle we spoke with another protector of Tom Brady offensive lineman Nate Solder.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAM. It was okay. They're Hill Man Morning Show cruising this football but catch them briefer. Bay hill man I don't want. Speaking of protecting Tom Brady we have the opportunity. To speak with are now -- older right now and -- -- -- this morning is presented by Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Also presented by Putnam Investments that are proud part or the New England Patriots. Pursuing performance excellence for 75. Years and not make good morning or anybody. -- -- -- -- I mean Logan did an OK job filling in but you don't know what do you wanna encourage that correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Billy Eli you guys are booked are doing a great job you must be -- fine without all the run and run and run and plays being called by Josh McDaniels. Yeah that's been going really well event. Are you I could now do when it comes to Denver we were talking a Logan about this. You know I and I don't know if it's just. The stat that makes them you know gives people some of the talk about it or not -- You know Tom Brady's record there that the patriots record on the road plays into Sunday at all. Absolutely rock. I think it at all to do it out of play on Sunday. Yeah. They did today does that company so you're born into a stadium it's gonna be crazy crazy loud it's going to be nights how many how many plays. Do you guys get sat. Then you'll know in a row that good day that there are set up that you have in your mind that you did -- to start again. I don't think they allow them their really told us that they speak sometimes it felt like the first letter of occult. Like minutes before it they don't normally talk and it has set plays you know. Group play. Yeah I mean we talked about this you're on -- need to know basis I mean you're not allowed you're at a high level you're not allowed to know when he events and a. Yeah it would it would it would blow your mind a little -- Yeah well if you wouldn't because it's right about how little you tell all of us are like yeah. Yeah I don't really know what does that we anticipate fewer job announcement now we are we found out finally be dead before the -- series this seat jet Li's opinion guys don't know anything -- to break of ballot jackpot -- it. I the idea -- a little nervous is there's a big big time till three you in Denver AFC championship to. Our. Man it is great this is. Well you know what a -- country of playing your you know home state you know let's bring me. -- Where and when when you think about Tom Brady in the in the think about Peyton Manning and have the opportunity. Two to see Peyton play. What we're really are the differences between those two quarterback it's -- well Alex pulled out give a well explored this similarities but what are the differences between those two guys. What are the differences -- I you know what I did I don't know for sure you know. I think it off complain at all this season because some policy you know like -- needed to -- need to be in that sort of thing and and I I you know which you know what else besides him and you know I don't know where you come down and -- -- quarterback I think there's so many other factors that are gonna play this game that you know it -- there's a lot of attention given to quarterbacks but. You know you can't forget that -- special teams split a minute left Simon and doesn't have the list. Iraq did you know that Nate did the media is trying to pretend like this may be the last time Brady and and Pete match out there and it's -- some sort of legacy game and that is the case. You know how did Tom Brady is can you just reassure. Patriot nation. Where is Saddam -- Ryan mallet. As far as not being tambourine. How is you -- -- -- I love I love I love the guy he's awesome. Who -- -- I would just say were -- are we close. Up -- up. Well you know you never you never know until we get an opportunity -- you know let's call -- optimistic so I'm sure he'll be very. Now and you can you -- Can -- don't know -- -- billboards and have you ever attempted upon Daniel holds. I mean. -- some people don't say that some people here don't they don't wanna see Tom out there holding. -- I guess there. They -- -- at that option. Expense that. Tom didn't do a bad job. I was trying to grab it just does yes does he was laser show via. Yeah they always did it out right now. Yes that's true -- that is sort of well listen it's it's a huge game for you guys clearly you know Madden and clear acrylic clearly you know that the fans are behind yourself. -- do you plan on saying anything to any trash talking was Welker before this game. I'm an up -- not made it clear that it that -- the equipment. -- -- -- the the price on the did the tickets for friends. It and -- details about Jessica I know he wants out of the game how does that tell our. How I was fortunate to have a lot of friend wanted to -- but -- are minimal paper on tickets so they could if they keep. Can do it saw saw it I was asked if you can put suicide -- by Suzanne is an opportunity -- you tapped out without it I would I would -- looked. At the you just got completely highs and another I don't believe Nate has any left delving you know I. Did you say you know Hillman Iberia. I give I give all my -- but he didn't do amoled. -- but a five idealistic got locked in Iraq -- day. I try to -- Neitzel there at the New England Patriots getting ready for that game at. Three it would at 3 o'clock three running somewhere you know they sales reflected confidence in any of the flyover and -- look so up next like the -- white -- report of the morning is wrong to -- to your television show character's skin for a -- bad dream sequence. And I an area that with a racial tint is that is that -- and the controversy over one man's visible bulge. And where he is angry that he was not allowed to display all right that visible bulge that is all coming up on today's Hill Man Morning Show. Text the word take kids in 97107. To -- the WA AF free -- club get exclusive access to tickets for things we know you'll like. He's sporting events take.