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Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots

Jan 17, 2014|

Offensive lineman Logan Mankins joined the Hill-Man Huddle to discuss the big AFC Championship game against the Broncos.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It was okay. There Hill Man Morning Show trees in this football. Catch them priest. Bay hill man not. Today is an old man -- would Logan Mankins before the AFC championship is presented by Toyota's official website reveals the buy a It's also presented by Putnam Investments proud partner of the New England Patriots pursuing performance excellence. Fours 75. Years and this man has has not been pursuing excellence and has achieved it. Not quite for 75 years but for an extended period of time -- our New England Patriots -- body Logan Mankins joins us bright and early this morning. How are -- Logan. Don't go guys. What are right some kind of feel like surely you're. Well that you don't look at I mean you're able to move position a position. All I know you may be playing running back -- on Sunday I mean you know I -- it lets you know when I mean. Hello I'm only a little bit bigger than gears I guess it does. Less than what a game for him last week got our are you surprised that on nine you get this you see guys in practice and you understand that it's the system and all of that but I mean that does does what he has done this year's surprise you. Well. It's just day. It's not since the group. We're we've just got after the last two recent that are really good job and you're in the business sector that he's taken it very active very blocking. And then he's. You know what he's really doing good now expert and tackles and this is move in the piles and that's remarkable the way uses didn't get -- guys and not go and there -- itself it's great to watch. Yeah I mean it's remarkable how we know what's he weigh in what do you mean moves for a guy that's a big idea that's. Yeah that's -- He -- -- good Maryland -- long coast of regular and I noticed. Celebrated a little prematurely. Everyone like would you do it so Rivera you're I'd like I do you have got -- inability at a church and over the last few weeks. The other but I look at -- breaking -- Get a -- and what what week during the season did did -- check in Josh McDaniels. Saying hey listen we are we had to dial in the running game and then take some some heat off of Tom Brady and the ragtag bunch of our receivers -- they try to put together every week it was very very concerted effort to just sit everybody down OK here's were new reduce the Ryan. And then in what what week was it. You know I don't know that they eclectic secret and classified -- out here and they don't really tell us and it's regulated -- -- usage in the huddle and run obese hunger and. Yeah you're not like even allowed to talk to everybody thought. You didn't need to know basis -- -- is that how wrong you are right to know basis. I had virtually assured -- we usually don't -- Go to bathroom and talk over the stalled. -- is there. You know this team has not won I'm not one of her for a third thinking that the stats matter a ton but this team is not one a road playoff game since 2006. And certainly. Sports authority stadium met at mile high or whatever they're calling it this week is not a place for Tom Brady is done that well. If it does that weigh on on on your mind on the on the minds of of your teammates going in there this weekend. Well. You know it is -- -- to play we play there or. You Meyer's first wrote uplifting as a nest stadium and we did lose your input media -- -- -- -- a chance to -- now we just made a few too many mistakes. But it Qatar Kuwait on for a period in. In the playoffs against charter boat birdies in the first few weeks or so -- or on the road. We're both going to be one of those and it just comes down -- execution and -- I feel what our team executes repeated it weren't so it's equally good we got a good chance. Speaking of that we surprised. That the both the Broncos and the Seahawks. Attempted to make sure that there where. No fans from New England. Alec in the Broncos case no New England fans there for the game and. Yes and -- I would do everything else I just what are -- there wouldn't want anyone out there are so. It's they're right. To refuse service to -- direct. -- cars down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Deep pockets it would like to go and enjoy -- up. Which by the way -- I will be in the stands in Denver yeah I just found out today two seconds ago big guard that move we don't work Monday so I will be getting on a flight. -- today or tomorrow morning. Did you live abroad yet kids well these -- really done -- Vietnamese are gonna yeah you know your car I think you remember we are talking to I've ever seen -- when it's not a that doesn't come off Ontario college on the -- -- or doesn't you know. -- -- Half a half. At that I really defined the word. -- -- that's why Florida -- that you think I'm a dummy why do you think I didn't -- until today we have Monday off because otherwise you wouldn't it wouldn't be here Wednesday. So let's get this guy I -- confirmation I know you can confirm this hot Tom was out. Because the shingles is that correct. Yeah I don't come here do you have ever heard of that. They actually was audio and David Kirk Barton sees regular. But he was back yesterday you can acknowledge that without getting banished to Siberia or something by the organization over there. Yeah I think I think it was reported already so good -- didn't confirm that you look here. It does at this bothered by the 24/7. Media assault on Brady vs Manning in and you know last couple of protect potentially the last time these two will ever face each other blob -- about does that bother him at all the pay attention any of that. I don't know I don't think so peace he did a good job of blocking out everything that's told. Yeah you know I had a period unity since two Brady or submitting your for the directory in. Well we draw a circle and a little field at those to tune in the circle to better one leaves and seeing the Michigan -- Yeah I thank my lucky carried by the way on the outside the circle you know that Manning would be -- Omaha the whole time is that the greatest thing in the Grammy could come up with something else -- they come up with something -- on my I love god it's great today what's gonna be some different -- -- you know. I am I is against your friends names are -- just -- like another city in Nebraska. Yeah I don't know concert overdoing this week. He's good marketing and so I'm sure. -- bring in an open now and they'll find it -- and that's trying to. As get a market did he get it did he get himself -- bud -- deal you know if he got drug dealer at a mentioning that I guess that's the official beer of the NFL so. I don't know I'm sure released just a freak you're. Yeah all right well. So you said it's tough to play there is -- that because of the altitude the fans what's what what's the deal that. There yet but it's just the fair and -- the make allowed on the offense and -- communication -- -- so. Gupta to really deliver and that's an ability that's I think so often people made up that what they are losing their third -- You know. Well listen it's -- quite amazing the guys that are or in another area -- championship game. An effort great job heart desire you guys. Brawl for all the people in this country because you guys primadonna isn't paid to patrons can you win so much. That was blood and guts this year and nine good for -- for May -- -- AFC championship but he. Faced as well. We're not -- we're gonna go to an awareness that there. Where do you come Logan where do you end up like if you looked -- did that all the all the years and all the achievements. And then everything that you guys went through this particular season. Where do you rank this one so far. Well I don't know -- It's been a good year so it's going to be at their exquisite. Hopefully we can make a victory here. All right but we'll listen good luck we'll low we'll talk to you next week underlying. I got full confidence on that all right with it. -- Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots. On the Hill Man Morning Show in this game cannot come fast enough if I die I can't wait --