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Mistress Carrie interviews Jared Ogden, Former Navy SEAL & star of Ult. Survival Alaska

Jan 15, 2014|

Jared Ogden knows how to survive, not only as a SEAL but as a TV star on Nat Geo's hit show Ultimate Survival Alaska. We talked military movies, politics, BUDS training, skydiving, football, Alaska and how "real" reality TV is, and so much more!-

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. Yeah yeah I don't -- and Joseph -- -- former eBay C -- -- didn't ex navy seal -- -- and I don't really know. What the proper way -- would dress -- -- -- proper nomenclature is for her new -- you're also one of the stars of ultimate survival last -- yes that is where I read online you've got no notice. You basically got a call and were in Alaska like 48 hours later something crazy. Yeah actually -- -- story I what is in Mexico treading at chase trucks from reference to race team in the -- like -- entered. And I brought some of the combat -- that -- -- that we work with those things picture foundation they were down there which means well. And -- guys any mail from a National Geographic producer and I thought it was an elaborate hoax from one immunities -- buddies because they would do something like that. Yeah military guys are famous for crazy practical jokes. Yeah. That you know there's there's really professionals signature block with the whole match you assemble and and mountains in the picture. I -- I know this is my -- is he's trying to you know pull at the -- gardening. Well turns out I called them and it turns out this was the real deal day. Wanted or when -- one of the military guys cancel it literally three days before production. Due to a nearly emergency and so they were looking for a -- cell site and sign up for this and then passed to do this. So I asked the producer Kevin and define me and -- Lloyd. I entered navy CO NC YouTube. And your speech that you did a speech came out and what speech you talked about. Well it turns out. I do some proponents speaking from my senator and and his his staff put in by one of speeches on YouTube in that Al. This whole thing came to be and yes 48 hours later Ireland's. In Anchorage. We were about to go the first mission. Most people with 48 hours notice would not be mentally or physically prepared to be dropped in the middle of Alaska and survive that is not normal. It may not be normal -- It's normal -- me and it really it's it's a mindset. That we have in and its developed and fine tune. In the special operations forces community we find comfort in what is aren't comparable period bottom line so this was this is right in my wheel house. I have a bunch of questions because people were so excited that I was gonna attack TO. Iran is it harder to get to become a navy seal or harder to leave it behind. For the guys -- make it through the program. Mixed it's it's harder to leave it behind I think and then you USC 80% -- -- abides. What stopper -- -- and they never -- skills obviously you know. The latter they don't know but it's a program in the lifestyle that you're. Just you'd do it in the front door. You know -- -- the mindset that I'm getting I'm gonna get -- provides a vintage -- this training or it will -- trying once you really embraced that mindset nothing. It is talks -- it that makes any sense. On that looking back in my eight years active duty and entering you know private sector. It's it it is a tough transition. It's a different mindset but having said that -- or so many overlaps and so many parallels between corporate America. And the special operations community really I'm just trying to find a bland. Some of the things I learned as Serbian -- and applying that you're. And -- some of the projects that are more. -- does civilians have you ever seen in -- television and an accurate portrayal of buds training. Before I went through but I watched every single. You know episode of this discovery channels but that's occurred -- I was just an information sponge. And I wanted to talk to everybody in orchard documentary and read every book. Bottom line. No not think captures it. Except actually throw it out and -- and it's you know of the Discovery Channel program that they made -- they did a pretty huge operated best documentary. Of this program but it's not way that he himself is not what they show you -- you eat it sucks about words. It's the stuff that the navy made an edit out. -- are there any instill. You can't capture. That level of hell on TV I mean it should -- -- it's impossible to do you gotta get out there. Speaking of military movies. What is your favorite. All time military film. And there's a lot to choose for a. There is let me let me think here. I -- just -- lone survivor. And that's not a movie. That anybody should in -- it's a tough tough movie to watch. But it's important that all Americans -- every freedom lover that we. Important that they do on this and and hear this story. That movie portrayed mentality that we all convention in special forces source -- -- but it it's also the Rangers and recuperated. -- Peter Berg is fantastic job with they're taught to watch Mary. And I applaud -- betrayal. Or you know at this determined his mission elected to share that story. All all of the men that died change we need to -- spores might -- military movie. -- -- -- here what are orders and it went from -- huge stripes fan well I am getting I'm gonna -- Q that might that have never seen you. Stripes I've never seen so I don't know what's army movie. But if you watch stripes I promise you you're gonna love and it's hilarious effect. Bloody you know -- -- -- you know on these movies Hollywood really glamorizes the military news and talk about these. Ends for me having been there having done match. It's tough to watch all these movies because I just become a -- unlike our. That guy needs to -- -- and magazine change. About to order bullets -- -- -- and age they do not make that bigger explosion c'mon guys. There is there's. And I syndrome. And go with a straighter and number. It's -- that are I critique him too much early in sort. Well as a skydiver when I watch point break and Aaron freefall for like three and a half minutes I'm like yeah -- conversation is. Accurate -- Asian there's -- answer -- -- explain -- you brought up close survivor and of course everybody's talking all things navy seal. And I wanted to ask your perspective because a few years ago. Really talk about navy seal and Navy SEALs did talk about Navy SEALs. And then we find out about seal team six in the bin Laden raid and then zero dark thirty comes out. And then you find out about you know red wings and then loan survivor comes out is good. That the rest of us know what we know about the seal community or is it not a good thing. That's a tough thing to answer. An individual basis you know I I was in the -- on the former navy seal and I'm very proud that pipes are not hostage of my -- -- So I have to continue. To go out and in redefine myself as a as a prided. Sector civilians trying to make a living. And yes that makes me attracted to certain companies and in this you know appealing for certain projects. But it's the same time edited at the bigger level. From -- government perspective now do you turn administration should not. And still being on the details of that mission. And it should've been. Reported the American public that a the team from. Tree saw or was so -- it was involved with this mission. And and eliminated the sultan bin Laden in the respects because really -- will. By identifying the force this has done mr. current targets. Were for future tax symbolic targets. And that's not a good thing in this borders are closed in over its its coming here. When you're getting ready to go out on missions what did you do listen to music wise and of course WA Amazon music stations so it if you're preparing for -- mission and -- you know just having a little bit of downtime before you got sent out. What would you listen to to kind of put your mind in that mindset where you need to be. So I actually I edit re seen as a ritual wins emissions were deliberate and we New York they were rolling and six hours or eight hours from now. I would have time to go through my process and I religiously would listen to the gambler Betsy Rogers. And that's tempers in for whom the -- Colbert by Metallica and that would -- -- Get me and my mindset where I needed to go mentally. And then. We would do it -- -- Where we would stander on fire. At or that are that are compounds and we would have army chaplain pregnancy prayer. And the fairway -- and then I would have a few seconds with god and I would always -- us. That's. You know -- Forgive me. An actor I think about you it's like get back here in I'm gonna say your name in -- whole Lotta times. In this -- dying to ask forgiveness are mess we're in instincts. And I did I would leave it I would leave it. At that and then you know do on the bird turn -- to mission -- be. Just going through the target in my head and so we we ended and and then you just from their feed off each other. To heat up the situation you get the job or. Now when you hear those songs being at home does it take you right back to where you work. Certain songs -- -- back to a specific place -- -- absolutely. Right you're those songs and there's a few others. I think you're back to the plates and I I've never reports pop up to a poll switching but I'm sure that -- what pressure does look through there would hear this song. I think it's amazing that you go through an experience of being in navy seal then you come home. And while most people would be like dude goal lay on the beach and drink Teaneck a lot as. And now all. You're in Alaska ha -- grizzly bears and before -- true -- is on glacier is I mean this just in saint. Yeah I see it it's it's a lifestyle and I really appreciate you know the being an adventure. And I'm not tune in the in the military anymore but -- -- -- Phyllis skydiver and I know you can relate to the Russians. Camaraderie that you that the drops on. In in the same way they're going on in the centuries through Alaska. In a lot of ways so that's that's always that was so calm and I -- previous career. What's the worst part even Navy SEALs got to have a pet peeve gotta have something that's completely annoying when I watch the show. I get it -- because the bugs are bigger than anything I've ever seen before what's the first part of Alaska. Well -- the bugs were horrible. No doubt about that but for me and it's probably. It was packed my day's important item it -- but students. I hate wet suits I hate -- -- more than any thing else I will sit there and how many. Iraq raged across the street for two hours just so I can get from one site to the next and keep my -- strike as opposed to just run through it and you know thirty seconds immigrant's -- I know that might sound silly but I withdrew its. Let me let you weigh in on the mindset of a civilian like me watching your TV show on my couch. Wondering. Why do. Wonder if I could pull that off. Have they ever thought about taking a bunch experts like you guys. And then like an idiotic civilian like me to see if we couldn't hit it through with you guys because -- type of idiot don't feel like I would totally -- that I had. What cherry I think you might be onto something that I would -- you to do something like that with you -- here and here is a universal truth and life. You don't know what you can do immensely -- to scriptures also are. That you can't do it. That's what you determine your virtual whether it's you know running or started having a thing or should you know. Shooting guns quickly and in precisely. -- you have to -- you're threshold and then back down from there. But we're talking about these things. We're -- my instincts brilliant and I -- an instinct -- the ability Q. Do the right thing make the right decision before you can articulate how. Or why did it and the only way that you kids students think through repetition currencies so yeah. Whether swinging a golf club or shooting guards get a get a do that 101000 times or something Q. Become -- instinct and I was about to take you beyond your threshold and it will taper back down -- and we'll see where you're really capable of and that's true -- -- and her brazen and that regular that -- people well. If Nat geo is looking for another idea for a show and you guys need a ridiculous. Novice civilian. Just -- lawyer asked -- opponent. You call me and I will be there -- -- you know I hate bugs more than anything in the world. -- you wore my short. I. I will let you know I got questions from some listeners but Doug wants to sell Sammy Hagar or David Lee -- -- van Allen. Old school old school. You know all the way old -- -- nearly all the work. Jeff wants to know because you're a person who instinctively is kind of prepared for everything through your training what five things today. Do you not leave the house without. I don't leave the house without situation awareness are at that straight from that most people don't think about -- dole -- out and I awaited a for things can cash credit cards don't always work a flashlights and wait to make heats. And you know the cigarette lighter. I wanna know what it's like to get dry harmed by Kathie Lee while wearing a grizzly bear mask on national television. -- -- -- We we had so much fun in New York City and we're quintet -- came up in and immunity grizzly bear. You know I was I was in shock and -- that -- was not a MySpace UNC might charted the grounds. Check back. It was a lot of up there in mutant cat and clean or dry -- I don't think citizens. They're just bubbly girls you know and they have so much for and and you know what they do for work they love and so I really respect. They have found that niche in in the insurance so much and in the in the providers who provide a service over -- standard in the service but. Nonetheless. They figure out formula to be something they love. It's productive and we get the work so. I think they were that they accept public personalities but -- but it certainly -- warrant absolutely. I prefer a well you know I even though we come from completely different backgrounds both have a passion for working -- -- veterans and yourself passionate that you started your own foundation so. I kind of wanted to talk about your inspiration in your trip to Walter Reed and kind of what your foundation does because you know now that there are. You know so many more soldiers coming home and being deployed. I mean there there is a veteran crisis in this country that. I really don't think most of America really even understand it's. There's a lot of different aspects and in what aegis -- you know college resting individually starting with why I created. The expatriate foundation. My inspiration to do so it was my platoon commander in our this was -- right. Second trip to Afghanistan. And on her very first spot. I think it's blown out and we don't know if he's gonna -- -- -- Seven months later be redeployed in return back. The United States and and the in his -- remarkable coverage -- is by no means starting with his recovery -- just -- -- But here is -- first or -- from being blown up sentiments earlier he's on the tarmac on his new legs. And so I spent three -- three of the next four weeks with them either San Diego or Walter Reed. During my -- deployment -- and they're really it was my first time Walter Reed because you know my friends we either come back from war on -- -- so. Walter Reed is really not a big. Part of anything we do. But it was eye opening as I -- -- different people and with so many different stories. And one incident so many different things post injury. And I was in the mindset where the end and I were costly medicine ball -- -- and then. And I thought to myself if I was -- what -- I want to do with the rest my life and my answer you know in my head was I would wanna like you rate these. And I would want to provide. Real time intelligence. To deploy it on the ground that are in the firefight I -- the information is being. And -- in I wanna. -- paid back someone entrusting ordinance on these. You know evil people in and -- good Afghans. In Afghanistan. -- but the next week asking counselors and researching different foundations aren't fuel. And I can find an organization that would help me in this hypothetical situation. Transition. From you know this this catastrophic injury. To teach me how to play you ladies and at that licensing. And -- continue to fight that way a couple weeks later. A barbecue and in my house San Diego with a barge came guys in my house. And we're just talking. About what we can. And so the concept of the foundation was born in probably eighteen -- into the night we pulled up away or. And we wrote down core values and mission statements and the next morning I refute the white workers sit -- as we're on -- filed by one. Through paperwork and that -- is. Over three years ago that you were recognized by the state California. And higher as the Bible NC street and so really our mission revolves around creating opportunities. For combat wounded. Veterans. And paid them to return to a licensed service in our organization to define service as. -- to citizenship and and Richard there's you know if you. It's an individual wants to do something in the passion about it. They're going to be successful. But a lot of organizations that exist today they're very stoke park in the -- cents. So they'll help you transition to a specific career field. But it's in my case there was -- career fuels there was an organization -- slightly east. -- and the other type organization. Where you know these groups and got -- That they take you out -- hunting fishing trips bicycle rides. On the weekend and then they drop you back off about -- For Walter -- -- -- you know these guys and girls. It's different taste of freedom. Because they fox sports. And that if they can apply the same passion that they used to get them. You a position of responsibility in combat. If they can use that same action in the private sector and do what they want to do. Insult that so there's towards the younger generation in their peers. That that's a winning formula that's really what we've created this sense we've recreated it tried. And you know moderate certainty who were -- minded individuals. And we also want to get back what we all wanna continue to serve. Which is an amazing statement because. For the rest of America. We're looking at is saying you know what you've done your share why you put your feet up and take it easy for awhile until it goes -- testament of that that kind of special people that are in our armed forces. That they have such a drive to serve that even when their military careers are over. For whatever reason they still wanna get in there answer and it's inspiring. It it absolutely -- in it's it's a favorite part of my day when I can. You know -- these conversations with different people that were. They were open and it also serves in the reference point when I think I'm having a bad day. Actually -- because. You know I've got. You know two legs two arms. No dramatic -- injuries. And and it if you look at life that way while the glasses always apple. I had experience like that in Afghanistan. Being an American woman walking around looking at these little girls. They just had the stroke of bad luck to be born in a country. That treats women in the way that it does. Absolutely. And and really -- sometimes better be lucky and good. And we were all so -- so fortunate to have been born. Incited these borders as opposed sit. You know some of these other -- radical violence places on earth that are unfortunately so common. It's something that people quickly Lee's side -- never -- to be inward because. They're only reference points. Through the work that we do is that is is CNN and Fox News. And watching. You know a movie on the big screen or played video games and it just it doesn't capture you got to be either. And after I came home and even while I was there I was broadcasting and I was talking about some of the sweet amazing people that were very happy the Americans were there. And so people like Purina which are talking about Blake all of them are terrible people there are all terrorists we should bring the military gonna drop a big bomb. So for Diallo you do. They will believe you. Tell me about what your experience was like dealing with the civilians in Afghanistan. Well I it you know a lot of people last what what can I do and and how today contributes. And I like to coincidence theory that I. I'm really if you that it is based on my experience but it there's there's protests people in the world. All right there's that people would -- that things. They're good people do bad things and there's good people who do good things we will be more successful. If we will be more successful in our efforts in making the world more peaceful when we can provide solutions. For good people. That's too bad things out of necessity. I'm through creating infrastructure. And economics and these regions and it that they don't have to grow their own they don't want to grow poppy that arsenic ID's. To support their gambling. So really it's a question of what is that international too because this is not hampering it just the coalition and just the United States states. This is an international calling what can we do in Afghanistan. To get these good people that are doing that thing out of necessity. You feed their families are we put them on attracts and its you know -- category pocket they're wrong -- in court. And exporting that. -- you do it through nation building. And it takes decades. And that this thing is gonna play out no one knows how can play out what it's going to be interest. I got a couple more questions warrior and then I'll stop grilling young and I enjoy it. -- so surrounded by reality television that nobody even really knows what's real and what's not anymore. So from the inside out of ultimate survival Alaska how to that is really real. Based on my fair limited. You insider of the TV world in Hollywood and what aren't. I think there's only one real reality show in -- you heard of Richards called cops. Are. There's there there's no production -- it you know certainly when -- -- going on -- ventures you know one leg in the next. And -- there's a production element and and they want us to take more dangerous route. But it really went -- itself well some might mean it's said that there we take anyways they absolutely but working vestiges. You know between. Stoic across the older or don't work falls. You know I mean -- oftentimes they were -- -- that same -- that you'll see dangers you know. So everything you'd be easier on the show we did so it's real the hunger is real old Israel. The beans and rice unfortunately. You know unless we -- something here or. You know some plants long wait that's what we -- And and we had a great time doing it. I love -- they think you guys are crazy meanwhile the guy in the cowboy hat. Shot of fish in a ball in almost sank his team. -- -- and you know I'd I'd look I'd let that team and I like what Tyler said about that all escapades when he -- I don't know what's more dangers have net 200 counts fish flop around in the boats or Marty with a gun. Before I let you -- I am assuming you're a football fan I -- I hit -- -- and where you're -- England. I got to ask you your picks. I want to Paris to take it and but I but I gotta say my team. Is is the Redskins and I say that not that the electorate in I'm just I'm a huge thing and RG three I have a letter Specter and his the -- wraps. And you know to see you very respectful well spoke in a good person. But since the Redskins are outs in the it was a building year for them so facts. Yeah. I expect that. -- be there but I know what you wanted to hear about it. All those obnoxious Bostonians up Pierre we just -- an excuse. To get on the duck -- again. Well actually what might what and she's -- from New England. And -- and his wife. Which year for the past insanely and so we went we would always go over -- outs of the game and I just it's it's and his wife are I would cheer for whoever the patriots were playing but it's. -- that was more urged the camaraderie that we -- together. But no I'm the past that you. I look the same outlook on Brady and that's secret program. Well Jerry and I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your incredibly busy day again gimme -- Colin and talk about the show like I said. You know I'm a huge fan and going on Twitter while watching the show and you know being able to -- people you're watching on television is awesome man. Next season of the ultimate survival ask if they weren't frozen millions and marry especially completely incapable Lyons -- gave -- -- call. Jerry you're you're on the short list and I think -- and -- All it -- listeners to please check -- MySpace page much shorter count and and at me against friendly competition with great how. And whoever has more these opinions by this inclusion of ultimate survival Alaska. The other person of the year so. You know all bikers here anyways but I -- and and you've -- but parts humor and an active. You'll be here anyway for holidays ass out of that crevasse coming up on this weekend show up anyway. But -- -- -- biggest so much have a great day and I look forward to the episode this weekend and if you ever. Make it to Boston. We either got to go shooting or skydiving. Or motorcycle riding herself and so any time I'm -- you can't. Okay -- likewise. Those -- to -- all -- sort Jack and I won't let me do it again. -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.