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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 16, 2014|

Another edition of Thursdays with Thorty, this week discussing his first few games after his suspension and facing Tyler Seguin in Dallas.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. -- -- -- Hill Man Morning Show presents. There's days wins already yeah. Featuring John Darden of the the Boston Bruins. -- or authority brought to you by EMD's are Ono and the PMD. -- -- and joining us now from Texas where they say everything is bigger. It is our pal John Gordon of the Boston Bruins authority. -- how is it down there and beautiful Texas. It looks sum it yeah. I have been outside yet but it but don't know looks -- -- when did you guys get in. We got a much better sex so much. So did you go out for a steak dinner I mean -- rules of -- rules in Texas. Yeah we did not to put public and -- It was pretty good Morocco under. We didn't bully any rookies and paying for the meal did you Communists -- real well. Well I think we better union. Our annual -- union meetings bags so. And it's okay bought which -- less. Really talked earlier with what it was three big -- like ten bottles a lineman and do it up right on the union. They're just -- comment yet I. -- Ledbetter at my pet. It must feel great to be back. But it does well. Regular all -- It really -- about. They keep that up there watching -- up -- -- walk all the little a little anxious in the first so McLaren. Yeah -- If art is that it not -- if you. You wait too long where you're also a second guess yourself and a lot when you'd have to do their jobs are not a GeMS well. I need one of it about six weeks. They're pretty hard in the play against -- is pretty physical guy who runs around his side what about. Ships but that they are again and maybe get the guys norm like I. You did tip where it was great nice left tied him up nicely it was awesome in -- and -- I'm now Marchand gave the assist it was very he tallied so was awesome bit. -- look it up and there. I think it would like -- now I'm so sick you get suspended the -- fifteen games and we talked the about it we don't need to go back over that again by. -- -- -- which they now are you worried at all about our elect mine -- I don't know if I should swing that hard and I I don't know a lot of I don't know if I'm gonna I wanna hurt anybody. -- -- I don't know -- these ID. Brought in on don't go on and on the blatant or try it here Ramirez felt. Is it hasn't changed at all. I did well listen I mean. I don't know if the abuse some people say too because in a bit of a lull here in me and maybe the defense isn't playing good IA I I know you probably look at it like a team thing but. You guys are struggling a little bit here. Yes. And it happened through the year we've been pretty good. In the seven years and I've been here at. We'll -- our -- if you live load is too low won't get back we get it back to basics of working target -- -- little -- could bucket -- Just got a better plan on talking about. We're aware of it. We know where did seem so what we'll get through us some hope with the or what but I. Do we actually nudge martian to I tune in -- Tyler Sagan and I thought that hit hardest thing I guess not that I have any game style I like dollar studies great player but are going to be I think you'd be. But great -- and sidelined of the game and degrade somebody dropped the mitts with most zags. I I think part should record I think give me fired at the I'm sure he likes it down and down Tyler migrate forty through what ZR 43 points in forty games are 46 games. Almost a -- -- game -- the government -- earned him his game's coming around that hey -- yeah it's kind of it's a win win for everybody though you know I authority like glue he's -- great and and and I'm Riley Smith design. You know start now what what could be a point -- game career for himself the series fifteen goals lead the team he's doing great. Dad I literally thought -- outsider coming in on the straight and he's been our best players respect. You know -- and unfortunately unfortunately hurt a little bit but he played well in America and you're right certain -- They have warmer more dangerous -- -- talk here and our -- really really well. Well. I have a spot -- assuming that's species have very good vibe out there are a we're going to play and not much but like from -- -- think you know. If there -- -- at -- perfect situation. Well you know the good thing down there -- mr. -- that this is close at 1 o'clock. Sox are going to be a -- I know hot right you're right quote regardless big bear -- so happening mark what. What's the title all those times and -- winner on. People -- the problem. Is that what it is people there -- in your -- here you know you start to be paid like I paid professionals and people don't understand you don't know restrictive and everyone soil or. Edit -- yet doesn't happen guys don't go anymore you know -- -- there could certainly -- Twitter think you know the perception of it -- -- Look well that doesn't happen anymore. Com Chris Kelly is skating is is he close to being back. I'm not -- how closely -- on a road trip. Unfortunately I think it's called 66 weeks. Spoke out formats if you just started about I would aboard a little bit sparks. Is -- he's got a bone saw it. And about but it could -- them openly backs -- rarity these are very good article reports. And then I noticed that the that that clued called out the first line. And so those guys that point lies I haven't done been providing enough production and is that I mean this is. So bothersome to guys having you guys know him pretty well so eight days I guess -- expected. I think is pretty get a call you know call hold people accountable I didn't only see a popular but it looked outside of bought her book. We all. We don't know when we're not do we have to do on. You know we we get pulled doubles -- Pretty big boys you can we can take it and usually it motivated but they don't sit there and perform a little battered. We definitely don't have the group because that. -- about a practical and a deep depression because somebody called my name we get we we got pretty characters that you'll take it motivate -- vocal. Why did he is -- -- coach guy said Lou jazz scored in a long time. Ninety and -- -- -- nine games so. Well hope hope -- you don't get the couple but I think. You know and I don't -- should be aware probably in who've been through so right now that it -- is pretty good. Is all he's a little intense -- -- if not for -- -- General word problem to have because there's you Claude Julien is in a position they're really doing things sullying change giving up. Because as a second third and fourth lines are called play an awesome. I think. Yeah that's up to be awarded in the the first -- Czech Republic has worked to get a report like that yeah the bat you. -- answer -- -- by you guys played great the other -- -- you know value kudos DOW your off fifteen games -- set you back you guys played great. We're very opportunistic. Or help us with. So -- the Sunday in Chicago that'll be fun to see those guys. Yeah yes big games like also. People do book reports and I thought Hillary we're going to be we're going to be lined up -- that's terrible this year with the flight factor and you know and get a bit. On the Sox -- kids. Elbow Tebow. Would you like. If you like the -- I don't. And you think Tom Brady here and you're a professional athlete on the on the same level as Tom Brady thirty if you. You think he's getting sick of the the the with the Brady Manning stuff pretty regulates it. I don't know what I would assume it's. It's motivated me narrowed to about this generation right so they could. Imus similarly -- because up through every time he goes up against the but I don't know where Obama also I couldn't really have before but I I think that. Maybe he -- Pickett talked about it but it's probably a little bit vulnerable. Yeah I think give you think about like bird magic and you know I mean you look at or rivalry kind of situation guys I assume are. You're right there are up for that you know. I think I think it's better that opposite -- me and whoever that nobody ever talks about it's upbeat. As far as -- him and I think. I'd say it's you know after listen athletes don't like competition I mean just put put into it. But to athletes in a room with ping pong table on the big brawl. It's just the -- coast. I'm thinking this -- like you and -- leg you think about that tonight like 22. But two highly skilled goal scorers gonna since since -- this. It got that book. Or poetic about the before it was about who's gonna get more -- Well less than from a money perspective that I feel the need to remind everybody that if you if you should score. The city of lasting credit union where you do your banking more than Greg -- foundation does its banking. We'll donate 250 dollars to the very -- foundations so beyond be on the lookout try to put it in and I and I. Yes that's a good for -- it's been six weeks since we've talked about well that's. We need to remind people. My my call tonight is the fourth line gets to balls. You like and use dash and -- part a stashes the superdome all of them. Well we've got three. But out there. -- but three. Are you I think I yeah it was it was upstairs -- and is a slapper Reitman who's who's slot area upstairs glove. Hopefully all goes well they're always out -- don't cattle are still trying to dig event. Right a lot of them actually a lot of them that thirty -- actually go upstairs there up in the a -- 300. Yeah. All right Melissa good luck tonight great to talk did crabgrass here right. Our record -- libraries. There's John Thornton. Checking in from Dallas here on the Hill Man Morning Show.